Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In Victoria

I know its not just me, but life seems to be going faster and faster. It only seems like yesterday when I arrived back from my trip to New Zealand, went to Regina for more Yuen Training and then last month off to Salmon Arm and Trail.
Now I'm in Victoria, where I'm facilitating (last night) a psychic party, some private consultations, yesterday, today and tomorrow and the biggy - Past Life Regression Workshop.  I'm always happy to do it all.
I have forgotten how damp and cold the coast is. I was hoping for some sunshine (the ever optimistic person) but today its overcast and cool.  I'm off very soon to have lunch with a Pentictonite who moved here some months ago. She loves it here, for various reasons, but I'll be happy to get back to my desert town of Penticton when Easter (another couple of weeks yet) is over.
No complaining though, because I set this up and so far it has been great, visiting people I have not seen for awhile, eating out (always love that) and on Wednesday after my consultation I will return to Vancouver, staying with my friend Sonia in Surrey and begin my busy pre-arranged schedule there.
It will leave me with some time for movies (see two new movie reviews - Soul Surfer and Arthur - which I have been able to see in the last few days. My hope/plan is I can see another, Hanna on Thursday, so will see how that unfolds.) Remember my movie reviews are at http://www.moviereviewswithnormacowie.blogspot.com I truly appreciate everyone who does read them.
Insights, I've had a few lately, what with Japan going through the turmoil and now the radiation scares, my heart goes out to them and ensured my donation was placed to help. I have followed the other world events via my daily visit to BBC news Internet page. I find them the most realistic and varied. Interesting times, and it all begins with us. How are we responding, how are we reacting to it all. Hopefully not with fear - which I sometimes read - but rather knowing the natural cycles of life are being exhibited.
The earth is overdue for corrections and the plates are moving. I was explaining to someone the other day, if your shoulder gets stiff in one position, you move it and it cracks and that is what is happening when the earthquakes occur, the earth is readjusting itself. A natural reaction.
I wonder why people always move into the 'negative', when there is a practical and an obvious reason for all the 'normal' earth changes. Chaos has occurred on the planet since day one. I remember reading years ago how the scientists had suddenly realized that most of the earth changes did not happen over time, but had happened suddenly - chaos - oh my. Isn't that like life, we go along and then something happens that has us sit up and take notice, bringing us up short, having to perhaps reevaluate our philosophy, our responses etc to life and ourselves.  The Tower symbol of the Tarot, which taught me 'everything adds'.
Yes these are interesting times, and I for one watch as the observer, with compassion as it how it unfolds for us all.
I wish for each one of you who reads this a knowing that all is well, a natural evolution is occurring and we are privileged to observe it - even if we don't like it all.
Blessings - have a great Easter if I don't get back to this again before then. I'm speaking next Sunday at the Spiritualist church in Burnaby on "Preparing for Easter".  I wonder what I will say? 
Lots of love
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