Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to Normal Again

I am so happy to report that after several weeks of being laid low with my disk, I am now able to sit most of the day, walk and experience very little pain.  I'm back seeing clients regularly plus getting ready for my trip to New Zealand.  I still get quite tired, but I'm working on not over doing it.
I have a lot of people to thank for my speedy recovery. Most people take three months to recover from what I had. I've done it in a month. My chiropractor Dr. Ron Rose has done an incredible job. I'm still visiting him three times a week as he keeps working on other aspects of my spine. I have four more visits before I fly. I also must thank Ted Lund who came over and worked on my energetics and has kept that up from afar. June Hope who has twice come and worked on the nervous system, which helped me incredibly. I noticed a huge jump in my disk wellness after each visit. She will be coming again on Thursday and will check me over. Then Jayson Taylor ran into me last Friday when I was super tired after doing three different chores out and about. He immediately brought me one of his Amethyst Bio Mats to use (inferred heat). I immediately felt a difference in how I slept, plus how I felt. Not as tired, and most certainly I had energy once again. Since then I decided to purchase one and use it for a short time every day. The wonderful sleeps I'm having is worth it. Most of all though is my new roommate Linda Price, who arrived the day after I was rendered incapable of anything who looked after me wonderfully well. She drove me to the Chiropractor, made sure I took my pills and had food. She made it possible for me to recuperate.  Thanks also to all the friends who bought food, phoned, sent healing etc.....
Now I have just over a week before I leave for New Zealand. I will be teaching all day Saturday (making up for the last day of my four day Psychic/Intuitive Spiritual Development Intensive, which I had to postpone due to the pain I was experiencing). I'm getting caught up with everything which was not done for the month I have been laid up, plus get ready for my journey.
I am quite fortunate in that my teaching/lecturing schedule does not begin in New Zealand until after the first three weeks.  I also have a good friend joining me for a week, so will be doing some sightseeing to show her the countryside etc. Then after I wave bye to her (she is staying in Australia) I will immediately begin working in Auckland, then Napier and then back to Russell.  The one thing I will need to be aware of is my energy levels. As I find as I'm doing more each day, I get quite tired, especially if I have to deal with several people during the day.  Clients I seem fine, but then most of them are on the telephone.
What have I discovered during this time?  This is a question I get asked in many different forms. Mostly once again the wonder of friends. How they came and supported me bringing me their different modalities to help. The reason why this happened now, I'm not sure, but it seemed to be about letting go, letting go on many different levels. Mostly, this is an old  injury raising its head, just like the fan in my furnace decided to quit, so did the disk. As Dr. Ron, the Chiropractor (magic man) says, this is old and could have happened anytime.  At least I'm getting myself sorted out. 
I am looking forward to what is coming. I'm looking forward to my trip (I was not sure I was going to be able to make the flight) and then I'm looking forward to coming back to my Spring Schedule coming up. 
A new back, a new me.
Blessings to everyone
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Healing Process

Recovering from any trauma takes time, we all know that, but somehow we want results (at least I do) quicker than they sometimes come. After spending three weeks flat on my back I began to be able to sit for longer and longer periods of time. The acute pain gone, mobility coming back, and of course I over did it. Sitting way too long as I had clients, visitors and just sitting to eat or drink or watch TV - anything rather than lying flat. 
Now I'm able to sit, and I am sitting most of the day, I even drove my car for the first time yesterday. That was a freedom feeling, but my left hip is still not right. Dr Ron the Chiropractor says my disk is good (thank goodness for that) but I'm still not 'stable' whatever that means -- so my thought is not to overdo it. But, when you have been out of commission for three weeks, and the paperwork is piling up, and you are leaving for New Zealand Feb 3rd you do want to do thing. So the balance of doing vs resting begins to take shape.  I know if I overdo it, I will go backwards, yet I want to be able to get certain things done. Balance.
Now, when learning the Tarot so many years ago, three words my teacher pounded at us were, Balance, Reason & Control. Over the years, I have changed the word control to Command. To be in Command of yourself, your reactions, your feelings (by understanding/accepting them). Reason, use your God given gift of a mind, but Balance....well, I have not always been in Balance, but I do strive for the ability. I always remember that to walk we need to go out of balance, so balance to me is the ever moving parts. Going from front to back, going side to side, doing and resting. The key is to do it gently and easily - not extremes. Its the doing and resting I'm balancing right now. Do I wait till I feel the muscles in my back tighten, or do I rest before that occurs. What needs to occur is to rest before that occurs. So short bits of doing, interspersed with longer periods of rest. That is what I'm working on right now.  Also, I'm hoping to begin to be able to read - difficult to do with a book when lying flat. The TV is getting tiresome. (Now, that is a good thing for a self proclaimed TV addict). 
The Healing Process is definitely on its way big time in my body, in my mind, in my everything. Several of my healing friends who have worked on me all say the same thing. Watch out for the changes coming. So the Healing Process is a letting go of the old and the allowing of the new.
Well, must go now and rest.....
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Friday, January 06, 2012

What Is Your Goal This Year!

As my back gets better and I can sit for longer periods of time I am able to get writing on my blog.  My daily emails always takes some time, but now I am able to sit for longer periods I can get some thoughts down to share.  I have titled this 'What Is Your Goal This Year" because as it is the beginning of the year, this is when we usually set our goals of what we want to achieve.  Interestingly, I have not been able to think too much, as yet, as to how I want the year will shape up for me, even though I have events planned through to the Fall. Its the non physical feeling, the happiness, the travel, the feeling of being a supportive, encouraging person that is top of my goal list right now. First to myself as I recuperate into a new vibration, and then to my friends and clients.

Clients...even though I'm spending a lot of time on my back, I am either reading or clearing one person per day. Sometimes two people are on my daily list. I find right now that is sufficient for me. I have cancelled my meditation group until further notice as I cannot sit comfortably for 2 hours, and my last intensive day has been rescheduled for the 28th when I need to be better as I fly to NZ on the 3rd Feb.

What I am discovering right now with my clients is a lot of anxiety showing up, plus their control programs. Personal control programs are something which are often one of the last things to show up when we begin transforming energy. Why you may ask, that is because it is not comprised of your energy. Mostly, control programs come from another (or several) person's energy. It is their beliefs and attitudes that you take on. They tend to be created in order to 'protect' or 'save' you from danger or perceived danger. The programs are insidious. Often intertwined with other systems always deflecting away when a person gets close to 'exposing' them. In fact that is often how I find them. It is when I get distracted away from my questioning or looking at energy. All of a sudden I find my mind is onto something else. This is the key that there is a control program at foot. Now I know its there and often I can isolate it and transform it. But sometimes it can refuse to transform. This is because it is another's energy - not yours and the program does not care about you it only wants to do what it was programed for. Your own programming is transformed easily because the energy is yours and loves you. Control programs, comprised of another's energy does not transform because you want it too. Therefore,when this occurs, my clients need to become very conscious, very aware of what the program does, so they can choose to have it gone.

As a transformational therapist it can be frustrating when you run into these control programs, because I want the person to be totally 100% clear of whatever is holding them back from creating what they want. But, control programs can interfere with this process. They need to be removed yes, but the client has to know and see them for what they are and therefore able to have a huge desire to see them gone. As I move into a Coaching role, coaching the person so they can see how the program works and blocks them, we are able to release them and transform the energy which attracted them in the first place. Success!

What Is Your Goal This Year? - hopefully one of them is to become clear. Clear of any personal control programs. Clear of anything that restricts you from becoming you! And therefore you proceed ahead creating what you want.

I give thanks that their are people who want to move on with their lives, because even as I lie here most of the day, I can help them, one person at a time to become clear and get on doing what they want with their lives.

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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  2012 is upon us. Add it up and it will come to a 5.  Yes, we are entering a five year, a year of expansion and movement. A year where you need to know your priorities and be able to say no. That is the universal year - this one we are now in. What is your personal year? Just add your month and day plus the five for the universal year and you will have your personal year.  Want to know more, email me, I will give you some more advice on what your personal year means to you.
I trust you had a wonderful Christmas season. The reason why I have not been blogging or sending out ecards etc, is because as I was completing my four day Psychic/Intuitive Development Intensive, one of my disks decided to protrude which resulted in much pain and me having to postpone the last day plus the final night of the Numerology class. I'm still recovering two weeks later.
I was fortunate on many levels. I found a wonderful chiropractor here Ron Rose, who is very knowledgeable and had me out of severe pain within a few days, he even came in on his holidays to give me treatments so I could function easily. Functioning meant lying on the chesterfield without pain and being able to walk from the living room to the bedroom without pain. Slowly each day a little better and now I can actually sit a short while to type on my portable computer. Heaven. Answering emails with your computer on your chest is not fun and for some reason my IPhone would not answer the emails from it when they were sent to my 'shaw' account (which most are). Luckily my GMail worked and so was able to answer them much more easily.
I was supposed to speak at the Celebration Centre (plus do readings) this am, but woke up with my hip extra sore and the pain did not go away so cancelled as I did not want to jeopardize my recovery. This is because I did too much yesterday. Why you may ask! Well, we woke up (my new roommate Linda - that's another story for another day) woke up to the furnace fan totally busted. It was minus 3 and no heat except two heaters. I have one in the living room and one in the kitchen, so off we went to visit Canadian Tire where we bought three small oil based heaters and put them in the bedrooms and bathroom and jacked all five heaters up high.  Today our house has been warm and we are cosy.  Thank goodness for oil heaters. But, the walking around, plus sitting up for quite a few longer sessions, I just overdid it. So I know I can't do that, but at least we have heat.  Oh by the way, did not leave the Centre in a lurch, my friend Aggie, who was the chairperson and I had been discussing this on the phone and we knew this might happen, so all was covered. I just felt bad that I had to make that decision.
So now, here we are its New Years Day Evening and Linda and I are sitting here watching 27 dresses, while we work on our respective laptops. 
Wishing you all the very best for the coming year.  Enjoy!!!!

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