Friday, January 06, 2012

What Is Your Goal This Year!

As my back gets better and I can sit for longer periods of time I am able to get writing on my blog.  My daily emails always takes some time, but now I am able to sit for longer periods I can get some thoughts down to share.  I have titled this 'What Is Your Goal This Year" because as it is the beginning of the year, this is when we usually set our goals of what we want to achieve.  Interestingly, I have not been able to think too much, as yet, as to how I want the year will shape up for me, even though I have events planned through to the Fall. Its the non physical feeling, the happiness, the travel, the feeling of being a supportive, encouraging person that is top of my goal list right now. First to myself as I recuperate into a new vibration, and then to my friends and clients.

Clients...even though I'm spending a lot of time on my back, I am either reading or clearing one person per day. Sometimes two people are on my daily list. I find right now that is sufficient for me. I have cancelled my meditation group until further notice as I cannot sit comfortably for 2 hours, and my last intensive day has been rescheduled for the 28th when I need to be better as I fly to NZ on the 3rd Feb.

What I am discovering right now with my clients is a lot of anxiety showing up, plus their control programs. Personal control programs are something which are often one of the last things to show up when we begin transforming energy. Why you may ask, that is because it is not comprised of your energy. Mostly, control programs come from another (or several) person's energy. It is their beliefs and attitudes that you take on. They tend to be created in order to 'protect' or 'save' you from danger or perceived danger. The programs are insidious. Often intertwined with other systems always deflecting away when a person gets close to 'exposing' them. In fact that is often how I find them. It is when I get distracted away from my questioning or looking at energy. All of a sudden I find my mind is onto something else. This is the key that there is a control program at foot. Now I know its there and often I can isolate it and transform it. But sometimes it can refuse to transform. This is because it is another's energy - not yours and the program does not care about you it only wants to do what it was programed for. Your own programming is transformed easily because the energy is yours and loves you. Control programs, comprised of another's energy does not transform because you want it too. Therefore,when this occurs, my clients need to become very conscious, very aware of what the program does, so they can choose to have it gone.

As a transformational therapist it can be frustrating when you run into these control programs, because I want the person to be totally 100% clear of whatever is holding them back from creating what they want. But, control programs can interfere with this process. They need to be removed yes, but the client has to know and see them for what they are and therefore able to have a huge desire to see them gone. As I move into a Coaching role, coaching the person so they can see how the program works and blocks them, we are able to release them and transform the energy which attracted them in the first place. Success!

What Is Your Goal This Year? - hopefully one of them is to become clear. Clear of any personal control programs. Clear of anything that restricts you from becoming you! And therefore you proceed ahead creating what you want.

I give thanks that their are people who want to move on with their lives, because even as I lie here most of the day, I can help them, one person at a time to become clear and get on doing what they want with their lives.

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