Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Healing Process

Recovering from any trauma takes time, we all know that, but somehow we want results (at least I do) quicker than they sometimes come. After spending three weeks flat on my back I began to be able to sit for longer and longer periods of time. The acute pain gone, mobility coming back, and of course I over did it. Sitting way too long as I had clients, visitors and just sitting to eat or drink or watch TV - anything rather than lying flat. 
Now I'm able to sit, and I am sitting most of the day, I even drove my car for the first time yesterday. That was a freedom feeling, but my left hip is still not right. Dr Ron the Chiropractor says my disk is good (thank goodness for that) but I'm still not 'stable' whatever that means -- so my thought is not to overdo it. But, when you have been out of commission for three weeks, and the paperwork is piling up, and you are leaving for New Zealand Feb 3rd you do want to do thing. So the balance of doing vs resting begins to take shape.  I know if I overdo it, I will go backwards, yet I want to be able to get certain things done. Balance.
Now, when learning the Tarot so many years ago, three words my teacher pounded at us were, Balance, Reason & Control. Over the years, I have changed the word control to Command. To be in Command of yourself, your reactions, your feelings (by understanding/accepting them). Reason, use your God given gift of a mind, but Balance....well, I have not always been in Balance, but I do strive for the ability. I always remember that to walk we need to go out of balance, so balance to me is the ever moving parts. Going from front to back, going side to side, doing and resting. The key is to do it gently and easily - not extremes. Its the doing and resting I'm balancing right now. Do I wait till I feel the muscles in my back tighten, or do I rest before that occurs. What needs to occur is to rest before that occurs. So short bits of doing, interspersed with longer periods of rest. That is what I'm working on right now.  Also, I'm hoping to begin to be able to read - difficult to do with a book when lying flat. The TV is getting tiresome. (Now, that is a good thing for a self proclaimed TV addict). 
The Healing Process is definitely on its way big time in my body, in my mind, in my everything. Several of my healing friends who have worked on me all say the same thing. Watch out for the changes coming. So the Healing Process is a letting go of the old and the allowing of the new.
Well, must go now and rest.....
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