Monday, October 10, 2011

I Love TeachingTarot

Yesterday I completed teaching a three day Tarot course. I'm also half way through teaching Tarot one night a week for 3 hours. I'm enjoy teaching it either way. There is something about going over the basics, telling the story of the symbology which always brings me back into contact with why I love the Tarot.
Its been over 40 years since I took my first journey with the Tarot, and it still inspires me. It is the basis of my personal philosophy and it has taught me so much about human nature, the how and whys of why were are like we are. I see it represented constantly with my clients.
I love teaching the Tarot as the beginning of my Plug into your Personal, Psychic and Spiritual Power Intensive, because not only does the Tarot give you a wonderful philosophy to work with, it also begins to develop the psychic muscle while advising you of how you respond to your life. Therefore, two birds with one throw of the cards so to speak. It lays down a wonderful basic for my Intensive students.
It warms my heart when I hear my students say how the Tarot has opened their eyes, or how they are in awe of what they are learning from it. Yes, I love teaching Tarot because it gives my students and opportunity for more, more knowledge, more awareness and most of all, a great sense of who they really are.
I do not write many blogs about the Tarot because it is such a part of my life. All my psychic Tarot card Readings and Teaching are done with the symbology of the Rider Waite Deck. Although I use the Universal Deck its the same symbology. Those symbols are a part of me, yet this last weekend one of the students asked me something regarding the colors on the Queen of Swords, and I honestly had never noticed it before. So even after all these years you can still see something new or different. Yes another reason why I love teaching it. New eyes, new awareness and new perspectives are brought to each and every class whether it be in 3 days or over eight weeks.
Got to say I Love Teaching Tarot.

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Small Decisions Affect My Day!

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. After battling my cough/cold I was feeling better, but not great. The day turned out to be gray and raining, so I decided to drive to Kelowna and catch two movies which were not on locally.
So off I went, leaving with enough time to stop at a bank and deposit some checks which needed to be put into my account. Usually when going north, I use the bank at West Bank (or West Kelowna as it is now known - hard to break the habit of calling it West Bank) but when I got there it was raining. Knowing that I would get damp just getting out of my car, I decided to proceed onto Kelowna and the bank there.
I arrived at where the bank is and walked into the bank, and here is where a second decision was made. Do I use the machines in the foyer, or go on into the bank. Quickly I looked at the line up at the machines and inside the bank and decided it would be quicker to do it inside the bank (unusual as that may be) and I walked in.
As I walked in a girl walked in just before me. She decided to go around the walkway, whereas (knowing I wanted to go and get to my movie) I cut across and stood in front of her. Almost immediately the window in front of me opened up. I was going to walk up to the window but something said no wait....lucky thing. Next thing I know people are coming from the back waving papers, talking behind the counter and everything comes to a standstill, and then they lock the doors I had just walked in and it is announced that they had just been robbed. Well we were all in shock. We did not hear a thing, did not see a thing, although two of the tellers (especially the one who served him - yes it was a him - but I did not see him, even though we must have passed somehow) had a good description. It was the window which opened up right before me. Eventually they were going to check the counter for finger prints. So luckily I did not go up and place my purse on the counter (which I would normally have done).
Well now we are in lockdown - waiting for the police. I'm thinking, "what am I doing here?" I could have gone to the machine and I would have been long on my way. It seemed to take forever for the police to come, the staff provided seats for those of us in the bank and we waited while person after person (I could not believe how many people came to the doors of the bank) were turned away.
When the policeman arrived, he advised us that there had been another bank robbery five minutes away just before 'ours' had been reported.  Soon another policeman arrives and then another five minutes and the third (a female officer) arrives.
All this time and I'm thinking two things, I'm going to miss my movie and why am I really here. I had made three distinct decisions to be in this place at this time at this time, so why. I looked around the others, was there a reason, I could not find one, could not 'feel' one. I was just there.
Finally, I said to one of the policemen who had come out of the back office "how long are we going to be here" and when he replied, "I'm just going to speak to you now" I told him "I did not see anything, I could not tell you if it was a man or woman" and he said "you can go". Music to my eyes. Walked out, got back in my car, drove to the movie house bought my tickets and sat in the theatre just as the feature was going to begin. What an interesting event.
On my way back to Penticton I was thinking about it, as to what was the reason I was there, when it dawned on me. Today I'm speaking on Past Lives in which I talk about how important Past Lives are to our decisions. But I truly did not have any practical thing to use as how decisions affect us. Now I have one. So this am, I will be speaking on my experiences and then linking it to Past Lives.  In a few days, I'm trusting you will be able to listen to the talk at I have to record it and then have my web master post it. 
I trust you will have a good day and notice the small decisions you make, usually they don't take you into a bank where a bank robbery has just occurred.
Oh yes, my other blog will have the movie reviews which I will be doing right after this before heading off to speak.
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