Monday, November 29, 2010

Calgary Intensive Completed

I'm finally home. While in Calgary for the seven day Psychic Intuitive Development Intensive the weather was very cold. One morning when I began the car to take me to the hotel it groaned when I turned the key. Then it turned over and began running, I looked up at the dash and it says -29. Yes it was cold. -20 I can handle well, but -29 is way too cold. Through the cold, we had our seven day course. Five people participated and by the time they did their practicum 7 days later, they were able to read strangers using the crystal ball, stones, buttons, dark mirror and they each draw a person's aura and spoke to it.  The comments from the 'clients' were as follows:
It was great! Really enjoyed all the readings.
Everyone had something to say that resonated with me.

Very satisfying, interesting and I honestly found it soothing. Great intuitiveness for me!. Everyone hit “the nail on the head” – accurate – loved it.
Wonderful experience. This was great, everyone touched on different parts of my life. Everyone did very well.
I was like a proud mama watching them, I took some videos and photos of them, so will hopefully have some I can publish.  I am still getting my new computer sorted out, ie taking pictures from my camera etc, hopefully the next few days I will be able to figure out some of this. But I'm quite tired from the traveling. It took me 9 1/2 hours to drive home yesterday. That's without much stopping. Just wanted to make sure I got home safe and sound. It was snowing when I left Calgary. Luckily by Banff the snow had stopped and the roads were fairly clear most of the way. I still drove quite slowly though.
Now I am working away at moving through emails, putting things away and also getting orders mailed. Both through the slow mail and an ebook.
I managed a small walk today, but it was small as the wind shield is very cold. So a small walk it was. I  missed my walks as the days were quite long 9.30 - 5.30 and by the time we got back to Deanne's where Eleanor and I were staying it was dark, cold and all I wanted to do was eat supper and rest.
I did not get to see as many movies as I wanted to, but did put out one movie review that several of us went to see on the Wednesday night. We all enjoyed it, even though, surprisingly several reviews I have read (by men) were not so favourable.  I hope to get to see a couple now that I'm back home.
I do love teaching and speaking, and some of the comments from the 'students' follow:
This week for me was amazing...the seven days gave me understanding and clarity of my natural gifts....the knowledge I have learnt in seven days takes most people a lifetime...I wish I would have had this workshop years ago.
I found that not only was my intuitiveness opened was a personal transformation/integration of  myself. 
This week was more than I had ever thought it could be...I feel whole, complete, shiny and bright. Thank you for the new outlook on my life. 
This class has been truly life changing. I find myself filled with childlike excitement to move on to the next phase of my growth utilizing my new found tools...You have saved me thousands of dollars and years of therapy.
Your teachings are priceless. 
It is always a great feeling when your 'students' enjoy learning from you. I have come home to get ready for Christmas and work with my clients. I'm truly blessed.

Norma Cowie
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Psychic Intensive Going Well

Hi: a quick note to say, even though the temperatures have been very cold, the temperature in our room for the Psychic Intuitive Development Intensive is a bit cool, the progress made by the students is great. I'm enjoying watching them move from one thing to the other transforming along the way.  They have now done their basic psychic system and read, aura drawings, crystal ball and stones.  Now we are on Chakras and they will keep on going for the buttons, and dark mirror.  Oh yes, the pendulum which most knew is coming along well too.  So far and I presume it will continue it has been fun and great.
Blessings to all -- the temperature is a bit higher today.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Calgary - cold & snow & ice

We all know God works in mysterious ways, well I ended up driving to Calgary in a rented car. (If you connected to me on Facebook you would know the chaos which surrounded me about leaving to come here). Anyway, as I know many of you who read this are not connected on Facebook, I will give you a quick breakdown. When in Vancouver I had a car accident which resulted in some minor damage (I thought) to my right headlight. I saw the autobody people when I returned home and advised I wanted the car ready to drive to Calgary. It got approved by the ICBC person who looked at it, and then we were waiting for parts. Then I took it to be 'winterized' for the journey, as I could see by the weather forecast Calgary was in for cold, snowy weather. 
After it had the winterizing package down which included rotating the wheels, I went to Kelowna to see the wonderful massage therapist I have found there. Caycee is one of the best I have ever had and has done wonders with my back, right shoulder and other parts of my body. The car drove terribly there and back (only 1 hour north). 
I went back to the garage and told them about the vibration as I would not be able to drive to Calgary with the vibration. They said I just probably needed the tires balanced.  OK says me, go ahead.  Well within 15 minutes 'the man' I don't know his name called me to come look.  The whole frame had been moved, so there was much more damage done than expected.  'The man" told me,"take it back to the autobody people, because this car will not make it to Calgary as is".
Now, before going further I want to make this point, up to where 'the man' looked at the car, three people had looked at the vehicle and not one of them had picked up this other problem .  It should have been picked up when I had the car winterized at least, or the ICBC Insurance guy should have noticed, but no one had. 
So here I am midday Wednesday, with my plan of leaving for Calgary the next morning up in the air.  No problem, Steve and Paul of the autobody company, get on the phone, the ICBC man comes over declares my car undriveable, and because I have a 'road star' program (something I have bought for years and not ever used) I could get a rental while it is in the shop. 
So Thursday morning, I'm picking up this Subaru with the all wheel drive, and everything else you want and at 9.45am I am on the road.  The trip was done slower than usual - 10 hours - but the roads were clear, I had a patch of blue sky leading the way, and when the moon came out it was a beautiful big, nearly full  moon which lit up the road wonderfully well. I was well looked after.
God working in mysterious ways. the truth is my car probably should not be driving here in snow and ice, and now I have this lovely little white car which handles well, is warm and has the bells and whistles. I may have to pay some extra monies, because the rental is only good until they fix up my car, but they are waiting for a part from Japan, so hopefully it will be a few days before it arrives.  Plus they found another problem with a tie rod which needs to be fixed not covered. So when I get back safe and sound from the journey, next Monday -- I will get everything straightened up and then have my car for around the local area.
Now, Calgary - 24 at night, up to -10 during the day. Went out in the car for a short while this afternoon, and all I could think of was get myself back to my friend Deanne's house. The major roads are fine, but the way onto the highways are terrible.  I had a couple of times I skidded when I applied the breaks, and was glad of the all wheel drive.  But my nervous system did not like it.
I will be driving to and from here where I am staying, to the Hotel where the workshop is taking place this next week, as my course begins tomorrow morning. I'll be doing my usual praying while driving.
Eleanor is arriving here sometime this evening.  We are trusting the roads are like I had.Clear without snow.  I will know when she gets here. I'm waiting for her phone call to let me know how she is doing.
Now that I'm connected on my trusty computer online. I will be able to let you know how the Psychic Intuitive Development Intensive course goes. 
Then next Sunday I will making my way home.
Lots of blessings to you all.
PS  I had hoped to go see several movies the two days I've had here, but with the weather being so cold and the roads being so awful, I haven't.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

November rolls on-chakras-time

It's Remembrance Day, and I'm having a rest day (well sort of).  Two clients on the phone this am, my walk with Jeanne at one. Shopping for the Intensive weekend after the walk and catching up with emails have been interspersed with finishing a Nora Roberts Novel, watching a movie and soon watching Gray's Anatomy. Yes a very fruitful day for me. A relaxing one. Seems like since I got back from Vancouver it has been go, go, go, and when I realized I was a bit wound up, I decided I needed to kick back a bit and not worry if the filing isn't done, or still some of the programs are not working right on the computer. Also implementing some of my techniques when I feel stressed for time. Stating to myself "Time is my friend" plus "There is always more than enough time".  It seemed liked right away I relaxed and began reading and just feeling better. Yes, life seems quite good right now.
Yesterday I was able to use Skype on my new computer and it worked really well until for some reason my connection to my niece in New Zealand was cut off.  No matter how I tried I could not get the connection back, so that was that. But at least I know this Skype works 10 times better than my last computer and I feel quite comfortable in doing Skype connections now.
I did have something I wanted to report though. last Friday night, while Anne was still here, I had two other friends in  for supper. Aggie and Trish. Sometime during the evening Trish asked us if we had heard about another 'negative' Chakra system. Aggie and I looked at each other and said no.  Later than evening I asked my guide RaMa if there was another 'negative' chakra system.  this was his reply:
Remembering, that the chakra system that I work with is like streams of energy which are connected "Plug into" a "grid" around we tend to work from the front to the back, even though the energy system is 360o all around.  RaMa said that the front part of the chakra systems was the 'positive' side and the back entry was the 'negative' side. It was like a battery, the positive and negative, and therefore worked as such. Both sides need to be plugged in to make the 'charge' the energy work effectively.
Thanks RaMa it explained a lot and I once again appreciated my wonderful internal teacher.
This last week I have been working with four clients a day, rather than two or three plus fitting in my walk and I have found that I have not had enough time for all the other things I tend to do. So once I'm back from Calgary (leaving next Thursday to begin my seven day intensive on the Sunday) I will go back, if possible to two clients (maybe three) a day. But sometimes fitting in their time available with mine means morning clients (when I like working with them) and evening (or late after noon clients).  At least I truly have found out what works best for me.
Last Sunday I spoke at the Celebration Centre on Creating Magic and taped it on my mp3 player. So I do have CD's of two talks now.  If you are interested at all in getting them I can mail them to you for $10.00 (postage, cds etc).
I'm hoping my car gets fixed up early next week so I'm all set for Calgary (from my accident in Vancouver) luckily it does not stop me from driving, but it is an indicator light, and I don't think its a very good idea to travel with it not working, especially as it looks like the winter weather might arrive soon. It was very cold walking today. Jeanne and I said the wind factor along our lake must have been below zero. I know its the coldest we have felt so far. 
Guess that's brought us up todate. 
What a month, disappearing fast and when I get back its December and my usual, Christmas Tea Party and Christmas Pot Luck Supper all awaiting to be hosted.  Christmas decorations will be gotten I'm staying in the present and thinking about my future. (What my little accident was about).  Already agreed to go to Vernon for their Health & Wellness Fair in the beginning of March. 
Must away, Gray's is going to begin very soon.
Love to all
Norma Cowie
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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Home with new computer!

Hi there: well the 10 days in Vancouver finally ended. Talk about busy. Mary, so sorry I did not have more time to talk with you when you dropped by unexpectedly to the talk on the Thursday night.  It had been a long day, driving in from Penticton, setting up my booth at the Womens Show, with the help of Bridget thank goodness, arriving at my friend Sonia's place - setting up there - and then driving to Burnaby to speak, and there you were.  I had to go see Rob, my computer guy afterwards, so driving there in the rain was no fun, but it was done and home in bed before midnight as the show began the next day. Anyway, would have loved to spend more time chatting, but it was good to see you & Linda!!!
So highlights of the trip:  the Women's Show I was super busy on the Friday, and slowish on Saturday & Sunday. Spent money, purchasing this and that - as always its like being in the ShowMart building at the PNE.  I was happy to tear down on Sunday night and head back to Sonia's. My thought was "I don't want to have to do this anymore". At least not take everything, tables, chairs products and me.
Monday I had a wonderful day visiting with my friends Anne, Alice and  we had lunch with Sylvain (used to be Olivia). She has a lovely apartment in White Rock with a water view. Afterwards a trip to WalMart and then dropping Alice back at her place, Anne and I went to the Rob's the computer man (first of many trips for me over the next few days).  Then we went to the movie RED for  me it was the 2nd time, but its a great movie and I love it. Talk about laugh, back to Rob's and then dropped Anne home and then me back to Sonias.
Tuesday, visiting again, lunch with Rita (always a delight) tea with Janet in Tsawwassen, then to the Natural Comfort where I had a massage with Beverley, supper with her and Pat and then a evening of channeling with 13 people.  Lots of interesting information coming through for each person from their individual guide.
Wednesday, clients came to Sonia's place to see me. One did not show up and I was quite glad on one hand, but sad on another because so many people had been turned away due to lack of time available for appointments. Glad because I was quite tired and new I had a workshop to do that evening. Managed a quick visit in with Sylvie and Sonia's daughter Cia before leaving for the workshop. Past Life Regression workshop I thought went quite well, and most, as usual, got some visual information.
Thursday, drove into Vancouver, visited with Bridget quickly, then went and did three readings and then off to pick up my granddaughters from school, visited them for a while. Had supper with them and Melanie, and then McKayla was off and then Rob arrived home in time to say Hi/Bye when we was off taking Kiera to soccer and Melanie off to pick McKayla and me off to Rob the computer man where I picked up my new laptop plus monitor. I was glad to be able to watch tv before heading to bed. I'm glad I don't have little kids, the schedules my son and his wife keep.
Friday, got away around 8.45, picked up Anne who decided to come back with me for a week's break and drove home.
Home....well if you ever have gotten a new computer you will know what it is like. I still have some programs to put in but after nearly a week I have it operational and can do most of what I want.  a couple of Rob on the line has helped. But love my new monitor - its big and makes it easy for me to see. (My facebook page has recorded that part).
I  took the weekend to recuperate from the busy, busy, busy trip - long days etc. Sunday Anne and I drove to Osyoos for lunch, Tuesday we went to Kelowna, as I had chiropractor and massage appointments.
Oh yes, on my way home from the workshop, last Wednesday I ran into a car. So did a slight bit of damage on my car which needs to get fixed before I leave for Calgary in two weeks.  So I just remembered as I came to today, Wednesday, when I'm back to clients (one cancelling - boohoo) and walking with Jeannie (coming up in half an hour) which I enjoy and have missed. So later today I will be taking the car in.
All in all, its good to be back home in my own bed, and back to my sort of regular schedule.
Trust your last few weeks have been pleasant and enjoyable too.

Norma Cowie
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