Monday, June 18, 2012

Mid June catchup

For me it is hard to believe it is June 18th.  I had intended to blog quite regularly, as I recuperate and get stronger. Then I had my wrists and hands become sore, especially my left hand, which made it hard to type for any extended period. Finally I was diagnosed with gout in my knuckle of the fore finger on my left hand. The Dr. gave me some pills which made me feel very ill so stopped taking them and resorted to the web. Cherries and Celery Seed Tea, which I have been eating and drinking, plus I have been putting Caster Oil on at night (that I thought of myself seeing Caster Oil seems to be an Edgar Cayce must). Seems to be working, as it feels a little better and not so swollen.
What is strange is that everything they say contributes to gout I do not do. I do not drink alcohal,  I do not drink coffee, and I have basically have not had any red meat. So have come to the conclusion it has something to do with my lympathic system, which I'm also working with.
Last Thursday I went and had my first visit with a Feldenkrais Therapist and found that very interesting and I'm back there again this morning. I left feeling there maybe hope. After all these months I was beginning to wonder, but Lynn, the therapist gave me what I thought was a 'right on' synopsis of what had happened to me. So lets see what happens with the next few sessions. If I can get back to 'normal' I will be so happy.
In the meantime, I have begun my Wednesday night drop-in evenings again, and plan on going back into the market - with help from my friend Crista and her daughter.  That will begin the long weekend in July. I will see how I do.  I'm still having trouble sitting for longish period of time, and hopefully the Feldenkrais sessions will solve that problem - along with the lympathic massages I'm doing.
Anyway, enough of illnesses and recovery - seems like many of us are going through stuff though, as I had a call from a friend who I have not spoken to for ages and she also had been facing health challenges. Maybe it is our age....those of us who have lived hard working or doing, being brought up our nervous systems a break.
I have had some interesting clients lately.  One who I have worked with to the point of not seeing too much more I could do, suddenly showed that she had been 'cursed' when she was little by another girl at school. I could see it quite plainly. What was interesting, is that we could not figure out why the work was not holding or that my client was not able to maintain the feeling she was wanting to experience. All of a sudden I could see it plain as day. So releasing the energy thrown at her, will make the difference. It will be easier now.
Also, another client showed that part of her issue was held on her soul. What emerged was there was great sorrow on her soul as she had to leave her original planet as it was dying and she knew that it would never be the same again. This she brought to earth and of course then began to create sorrow here. What a relief to have that gone. She is now beginning to feel joy.
Oh yes, I do love my work.  I have had several readings around relationships lately. Often needing to advise that they were not going to work. That is always sad, as we want to hear what we want to hear. But in the end they always feel better as they ACCEPT what they know inside is true, but want it different.
Well my hand is really hurting, so must go.
Lots of love to all!

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