Sunday, July 05, 2009

Psychic Warrior

I just completed reading Psychic Warrior by David Morehouse. I was fascinated and did not want to put it down. Although his story about becoming a remote viewer and working for the U.S. government shows he has a phenomenal ability, the explanations he writes about with his encounter with his Angel, the different dimensions and the endless struggle between light and dark I thought were very thought provoking and just wanted to keep reading until I had finished it.
I enjoyed it so much that I have ordered a CD set of remote viewing. I'm trusting that it will hone the ability I utilize with my soul/source connection work. I wanted to get a birthday present, so this is it. (Better than a new dryer).
I will keep you apprised as to how it goes. Yahooo a new project to work with. I was kind of lose ends, after completing the last book "Many Lives, Many Ways of Remembering Them". Plus I'm feeling the best I have felt in years, so was ready to get my teeth into some learning. And then this comes along. The universe does have its moments.
Have a great, exciting day.
Norma Cowie
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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Where do we come from?

One aspect of my work is doing "Soul/Source Connections" in which I do psychic emotional surgery, clearing decisions and blocks created since the beginning of the soul when they first spring into physical form here on earth to experience the many and various lives.
As explained in my website on the Soul/Source Connection sessions I felt like my life had lead me on a path which brought this technique together. But that is not what I'm talking about here. What I want to put forth is something I keep running into. At first I did not put too much stock in it, thinking it was rare, but have discovered it is not rare, in fact it is quite common.
We as soul's have come from somewhere. In the book "Initiation" by Elizabeth Haich, which I read many years ago was when I first experienced the idea of people coming from another planet to inhabit earth, where these beings mingled with the original inhabitants. (I highly recommend this book if you have not read it).
Since then I have read, heard about, or experienced different scenarios, which explains how individual souls progress through space and time.
In 2006, when doing a Soul/Source Connection, I ran across my first 'contract' which related to a person being sent here to experience earth. This was my first encounter with beings saying I could not change the contract (this was when I was exploring what the contract was about and wanted to change it). Now I would handle this differently, but then I came to an arrangement that the contract would be changed somewhat.
Since then I ran into this over and over. First it would appear as a contract which showed up as a block for what the person was desiring in their life. I would ask to see the contract and as time when by I became proficient in negotiating (who thought I would become a space lawyer) a releasing of the said contract.
Then I began to discover that some souls were sent here as a punishment. Needless to say I had some difficulty when first encountering this, but after I experienced it many times, I began to realize more souls than we know or suspect have been sent here as punishment. The only thing I can relate it to is when Britain sent their criminals to Australia and U.S. (People forget they were also sent to U.S but they were). I believe they are sent here because of this being an emotional planet and is dense and the soul has to work through the emotionality.
It is as though the original sentence was given, say 1,000 years, only to be forgotten, never re cindered. These contracts are easy to transform and erase. They are old and there time is up. It is the contracts where the soul has been sent here to check out earth (spy - no just report). These contracts I have not always been able to erase. But usually, I discovered what has happened, is over time, the soul (person I'm unblocking so they can create what they want) has not kept up their end of the contract, i.e. sending back information. Sometimes this means I need to create a way in which they can in this life send this information back, then it appears everything falls into place.
So where do these souls (including ours) come from. Seems to me from many different parts of the cosmos. Some from planets, some from dimensions. I have learned when I'm looking at how the soul feels about coming to this planet if there is anxiety (which I sometimes find) rather than the usual excitement about their new adventure, I go further back to see what the anxiety is about and transform that.
I have had experience with where do we originally come from through my Past Life Regression work, and many different dimensions and planets have been experienced by clients who wanted to see for themselves where they hailed from.
Mostly though, it has been through my Soul/Source Connection work that I have learned the most about 'space' and the souls coming here to experience life on earth.
Have a great day!
Norma Cowie
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