Friday, March 14, 2008

What's Your Story - are you addicted!

Recently I was having a conversation with another metaphysical healer and shaman when we began discussing how hard it is for some of our clients to let go of their ‘story’. I was mentioning how in lectures I often say “if you find yourself repeating the same story more than three times you are addicted to the story …. But I have more than three friends.” This usually gets a laugh, but in truth it is no laughing matter.
We are addicted to our stories. I remember some of the stories’ I have had to let go of. My weight was a result of my genetics – I never mentioned that I ate chocolate cookies late at night because I was unhappy. I went bankrupt because of 911 - even though it was the beginning, it is not the whole story. Another story was I was depressed because of my then husband and what he was doing – never mind I was not holding my own power. Once I began to realize how my ‘stories’ were excuses I made for not accepting responsibility for my actions I began letting go of a lot of ‘old stories’. Even today I listen to my conversations and if I find I am repeating the same ‘story’ over and over, to different friends I know I’m blocked by that ‘story’ and need to release the ‘energy’ around the story and assume responsibility for myself. I endeavor to let the stories go and be in the present.
Mind you, some stories I do retell in order to make a point, especially when teaching. After all my life’s experiences do have value, as everyone’s does. The main aspect of any story is. are you still emotionally involved with the story or the outcome. If you are, then an aspect of you is trapped in that time zone and as long as you keep repeating it – the story – the event – the situation – you will be refueling it. Letting go of the emotion, the blame, the regret, the guilt, whatever the emotion is tied to the memory of the story is was is important. You need to be free to remember the events of your life with ease – not discomfort.
An example of this could be for many years different people told me by my personality, behaviors, even my eyes (dots on them) I had been sexually abused. I had no memory of this at all and thought they were crazy. Then one day I had a spontaneous memory, as I followed an abandonment energy, of being sexually abused when I was only 2 ½. Luckily at that time I had my inner child process and with the aid of a student who lived close, we were able to transform the energy very efficiently and other memories which came up later I was able to handle the same way. Transformation of the emotional energy definitely is the key. The story, which I could have used as to why I had not been as successful as I wanted to be, or as happy as I wanted, or have as successful relationships as I wanted was let go quickly. I assumed responsibility and proceeded ahead with my life. (My Energy Release tape and Connecting to the Light book helps in transforming the energy around memories).
Thank goodness I had the knowledge by the time I did have my memory of it, I knew enough how to let go and not be bound by the event. I hear people who 20, 30, 40 and longer years later still recall events like they were yesterday. Transformation of the energy has not been completed. They are addicted to the story and the aftermath. They do not look towards the future and what they want to achieve, they consistently look backwards to what was.
At the bottom of my meta-zine which I email out every other month, I have written “we are a product of our past, we are not our past”. This is because every day is a new day and we all can choose to let the story of the past go and move ahead and create new stories, which in their turn need to be let go.
Therefore, it is important to observe which story you are telling today. Is it a current one, or an old one? Is it something which holds you back from being all that you can be, or is it one which supports and enlivens you in all ways? Yes, you are a product of your history, but it is not who you really are! You are a divine being having this experience and therefore need to release it and come to understand your strengths and have faith in you and life.
Most important - life is here for us to enjoy – therefore we need to enjoy it! Everyday, is a new day and we need to enjoy it with all the possibilities it gives us without our personal stories pulling us backward. The future is where it is at! So let us drop the old stories and create new ones.
Norma Cowie
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13th - Ego

Lately I seem to be hearing the word ego again. People discussing other people or even their own selves will say “It’s mine/their ego”. Yet if you ask them to explain what ego is they really don’t know. They assume it is the ‘enemy’. Therefore, I thought it was time to give my perspective on the ‘ego’ subject. My students hear it, but now it is time to write about it.

First, several years ago I created the model that what we call ego is really our ‘defensive mechanism’. Our personal program to keep whatever we feel is vulnerable about safe. The ego therefore will do anything and everything to keep us safe. It will defend through behavior and attitude to ensure we don’t look stupid, less than, or more than, or anything else which the program created (usually when we are very small) senses there is danger to the self or our self image.

Therefore, the ego is not the enemy it is an aspect of self, which can be disassembled and transformed into new supportive energy. What I have discovered is that it is not always just one program, but a series of personal programs linked together to protect. Once you begin to transform these personal programs, you begin to be more open, hear others better, be not so defensive in situations and in affect become accessible to people around you in a whole different way.

My suggestion is take an inner look next time you feel defensive and note how you defend yourself. Some people just do it inwardly, their inner dialogue will make the other person wrong and themselves right. Sometimes though it will be a behavior which will get triggered. I know I used to have a habit when something came ‘to close to home’ I would shut down and emotionally disappear. I would hardly hear what was being said and I would change the subject. This resulted in me not being able to access my feelings on what has been said, nor the person speaking with me feeling heard. As I transformed my ego, the defensive mechanism if I do find myself having some criticism coming my way and I feel ‘threatened in some way’ I just breathe and inwardly reassure myself I’m loved and listen. Often I have found that the criticism has validity which I needed to know about. Mostly I have found though, as the personal programs were transformed. I did not have those experiences. Remember if you have a program which has a job to defend you, it must create the situation in order for it to defend. Once the program has a new job, then the situations do not need to arise. My book Connecting to the Light, lays out a process to transform programs and change their jobs.

These personal programs can many and can be very subtle and it is only by creating an observer of yourself that you can step outside and notice how the defending program (ego) is actually working. This happens when you enter self growth and begin to become aware, and it continues to happen as you peel off the layers of defensive attitudes, as the personal programs get disassembled and transformed. Therefore, I suggest you begin to embrace your ego’s as they have served you todate. They have done the job you have given them, and they are good workers for you and when you transform them and give them new jobs they will work just as effectively.
Norma Cowie
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12th - Pride

I have been thinking lately about how proud I am of two people who have been studying with me. It was almost simultaneously that they both struck out with strength and belief in themselves. Like a mother, I felt proud of them. Willing to take a chance, willing to believe that they can achieve their goals. How great that is!

As a mother I have felt pride in watching my children grow and achieve in their lives. As a teacher I have also felt pride in watching my students achieve. The dictionary states pride is: 1. a feeling on honor and self-respect 2. a sense of personal worth 3. Satisfaction or pleasure in one’s own or another’s success and achievements etc. Over the years people have come and studied with me from all pathways of life. Some have come into my six month intensive, others have come to my weekly drop in evenings. The ones in the six month intensive most certainly have created changes and exhibited their growth into their lives in many ways, but over the years I have also watched many who for various reasons did not enter into the larger program, succeed as they grasped the fundamentals of metaphysics and the laws and lessons as I have come to understand from the Tarot.

Today, it feels wonderful to be able to feel pride once more as two people embark on another step of their lives. It warms my heart, and I am humbled, to know I am still of service to people. I do not say I am the only reason these two wonderful woman have made a change, but I feel I’ve had a small part in it, of which I’m grateful.

Pride has a place in our world, to means we feel good about what we have done and created.
Norma Cowie
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