Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12th - Pride

I have been thinking lately about how proud I am of two people who have been studying with me. It was almost simultaneously that they both struck out with strength and belief in themselves. Like a mother, I felt proud of them. Willing to take a chance, willing to believe that they can achieve their goals. How great that is!

As a mother I have felt pride in watching my children grow and achieve in their lives. As a teacher I have also felt pride in watching my students achieve. The dictionary states pride is: 1. a feeling on honor and self-respect 2. a sense of personal worth 3. Satisfaction or pleasure in one’s own or another’s success and achievements etc. Over the years people have come and studied with me from all pathways of life. Some have come into my six month intensive, others have come to my weekly drop in evenings. The ones in the six month intensive most certainly have created changes and exhibited their growth into their lives in many ways, but over the years I have also watched many who for various reasons did not enter into the larger program, succeed as they grasped the fundamentals of metaphysics and the laws and lessons as I have come to understand from the Tarot.

Today, it feels wonderful to be able to feel pride once more as two people embark on another step of their lives. It warms my heart, and I am humbled, to know I am still of service to people. I do not say I am the only reason these two wonderful woman have made a change, but I feel I’ve had a small part in it, of which I’m grateful.

Pride has a place in our world, to means we feel good about what we have done and created.
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