Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jan 26th - Hope and Acceptance

How quickly time flies! I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted something here. This morning I awoke quite early and as my knee seems to complain (less as the days go by) when I’m in bed too long, I got up and lay on the chesterfield. I pulled up the blinds and watched the most beautiful sunrise occur. The colors as the crept into the sky began and slowly grew larger and bolder and more beautiful with every minute. It definitely was like a new day was dawning. It filled me with HOPE! Hope for what I’m not sure, the future, my life, everyone’s life. All of it. All I knew was it filled me with the feeling of Hope.
Last night I received three calls from regular clients. All from different parts of North America. Each one having their own crisis. Two of them I spoke with as the called before my channeling evening began. The third one came in during the evening and I spoke with her this morning. I knew something energetically was going on. During the day I had at the last minute changed my mind about where I was going and ended up in a restaurant having a very late lunch, when in walked two women who recognized me from over 25 years ago (I may be older and fatter, but guess I’m still me). They also had moved up here – to the next biggest city south down the valley in which I live, at the same time as me. While we caught up with the bits and pieces of our lives they mentioned that this weekend energies would be changing. I often take bits of information like this with a grain of salt, as energies are changing all the time, but I paid attention because it seemed strange that I had run into these two women on this day.
Then I’m home getting ready for the channeling evening and the phone goes. Two people phoning close together in personal crisis. Then during the channeling evening, the message of hope for the participants which came through from their guides, each one receiving uplifting messages to go forward in strength. And then this morning the sunrise. Yes a definite energy shift is occurring!
During this last week I had also noticed that whether I was doing a reading or a soul/source connection that the message was acceptance, acceptance, acceptance. Sometimes this message was accompanied by something else, but primarily the main message was acceptance. Now sometimes when a message comes through over and over I also know it has meaning for me. But here I believe the bigger picture was unfolding. For me acceptance as me, myself and I and ‘get on with it’. For others, whatever the issue is at hand, acceptance is the main key. I have come to understand that until we acceptance whatever it is 100% we are unable to change it, because we are unable to decide to what to do account it. But, when we accept 100% we are free to decide what we want to do. It sounds simple but isn’t. We tend to want things our own way, and have the end result we want. Life simply does not work like that. At least not most of the time for most people.
Acceptance of what is 100%, decide what you want to do and then proceed forward.
After-all, there is HOPE!!! The sunrise had it all ….. HOPE is there!
Have a great day!
Norma Cowie
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