Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Jan 9th - new beginning 2008

Here it is the 9th January and finally I’m getting to begin working with my Blog. I’ve promised myself (something I rarely do) that I would be consistent. I have lots of thoughts, concepts and I just do not always share them, and then when it is time for the meta-zine to come out I have forgotten most of them. I know the blog concept helps with that, some days you have great insights, sometimes not so great, but no body will get to read them if I don’t sit here and put something down.
Well its been a month since my knee was done, and the first 2 weeks were great, very little pain, everything went super great (thanks to all the healers who were sending me energy) now I am endeavoring to get the knee to stretch and work properly. I have had more pain and discomfort in the last four weeks as I begin to stretch it and walk etc. than I did in the first two. Sometimes the knee is fine and then there is major discomfort. Yesterday I went to see the psiotherapist (a lovely young man – how good can that be for an older woman) anyway he’s put me on a regime which I am committing to do, as I know I have to get this knee working right. So three times a day I have lots to do and then I go back to see him tomorrow. Lets hope by then I have a little more movement in it.
A funny thing happened to me which opened up a whole new contemplation – its my brain – somewhere in there it decided it did not want my knee to do things, it did not want to feel discomfort etc. Luke – the psiotherapist told me that even though you have had an anesthetic, the brain knows it is hurting, cuts off that part of the (for me) leg. It explained quite a bit, so I’m now talking to my brain to stop it, let go and allow the knee to function that it will not be hurt, have no pain etc. Aren’t we something, the brain definitely has its own ideas. On Friday I’m going to see my Body Talk friend Lisa, so will ask her if there is anything she can do to get my brain to let go – its always helpful to get a second opinion and I’m a bit close to this.
My Tarot cards today were, 4 of wands, star and hermit. Therefore I take from this I’m on the right track, use my knowledge and listen to me. I am certainly giving myself a regime to work with right now, and I know I have to keep to it. I also know I know my own answers, even when I don’t like them and I need to listen. Therefore, this day, Wednesday, when I have my meditation group this evening I will listen to me!!! My inner voice, my inner me. And as the song says “I will survive”.
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