Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Supporting Self

Summer is here! Finally the 'heat' arrived. I so enjoy it, but in the meantime, also seek the shade of inside, funny how that works. Oh well, at least I can enjoy the outside for little bits of time.
Today I had a client where we began to speak about support. Supporting self, being supported by others and the fear of not being supported. During the session I found where the feeling of not being supported came from, and cleared it, but it gave me food for thought on my walk about "how do we support ourselves". So often we don't realize that we are not doing the things which support how we want to live, or how we want to feel, or how we want to look.
I know that as I work with dropping more in the weight department, that I do not always support that goal. Especially not yesterday when my sister (who is visiting from New Zealand) and I stopped for a 'snack' while visiting with a friend in another town and I had a 'chocolate torte'. Boy was it ever good. Not one bit of guilt, not one bit of regret. So who was I supporting by eating the torte. I would say I was supporting an aspect of me, who loves chocolate and wanted to experience this torte. But at the same time I was not supporting the goal of dropping weight.
How interesting life is we are often tied in the dualities of life. I know often I find my clients caught in a double bind, so to speak, where on one hand they believe one thing, and on the other they believe in something else which contradicts the other belief and they wonder why they are not moving ahead. This is where we often have to dig deep to discover what is below all this, what is the bottom belief, need or want.
I know I can go for long periods of time without having chocolate tortes or something similar, then all of a sudden it is as though must have that now. Is this an addiction?  I don't believe so, it just is something that comes up you say yes too.
Years ago when I was a wine drinker, I would go long periods of time without drinking at all, and then I would have one, but that would most often then begin I would have one everyday, soon to be two or three etc. The habit of drinking had returned. Then over four years ago I quit.....although sometimes I truly would like a glass, I don't. Here I'm totally supporting the inner me and not supporting the habit of a glass of wine.
Tonight, at my drop-in meditation group I'm going to pose the question to everyone "how do you support yourself?" and "do you believe you are supported?".  Perhaps we can get a conversation going which will lead to some new understandings as to how our system works to support ourselves,or our habits. Also how do we support our 'souls'. My desire - to have souls be integrated with ourselves with the love and understanding and belief in life. The feeling of excitement of being alive. Looking forward to everything which is coming our way. The soul, free, expressing and being alive. That is what I truly want to support. And if that is having a chocolate torte then so be it.
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