Thursday, December 11, 2008

Prayer for Inner Peace

Hi: I wrote the following in my last meta-zine and thought I would share it with those of you who have not subscribed to it.

Prayer For inner peace
Knowing there is a power within the universe and that power is within me I bring myself in alignment with it. I feel it as a shining light, lighting up the inner me. As it lights up the inner me, I radiate the peace that it exemplifies. I light up with such ease and breathe into the peace – the inner peace which is truly me. I allow the deepest aspect of myself to align with this peace as I release any and all worries, anxieties and concerns. I acknowledge my peace within. I breathe it, I allow it, for I know I am worthy of it. I am so thankful in being able to experience this feeling on inner peace. For it is me! My inner being radiates this peace and I am thankful. In gratitude I release this thought for it is true my inner peace radiates externally into the world. And So It Is. Amen.
For your own personal prayer email me. I will be happy to create one for you.

Norma Cowie
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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Movie watching

Thought I would post something before I go off to speak at the Celebration Centre here in Penticton. The title is "Transitions - They Happen". Don't they though! Who knows exactly what I will say, but my mind is brimming with concepts and ideas. I trust I will make sense at the end of the day. Oh just realized I have not eat breakfast yet. Not good as I'm leaving very soon.
Anyway, wanted to say that in the last week I have watched several movies. Australia - totally enjoyed it. Did not notice how long it was, the historical aspect was important not to mention the acting of Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. A must to see, if only to see some of the Australian outback look. Last night I went to see Angelia Jolie in Changling. She is a phenomenal actress and although the movie had a twist in it I was not expecting, it was well presented as Clint Eastwood direction usually is. A movie which certainly leaves you with something to think about.
Then on TV watched a The Right Stuff, the movie made about the original seven astronuts. It was a good movie (I thought) when it first came out and I enjoyed it again, especially as so many years have passed since the original seven were brought forth and changed the face of space travel (and the media promotion awareness of it). Which brings me to the time I must go as I realize some food needs to go into my stomach. I do love movies though and the opportunity of seeing well acted, with good subjects are always a treat.
Have a great day - be at peace with yourself so the world can discover it.

Norma Cowie
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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cycles Plus Bits & Pieces

We had our first snow the other day. Luckily it did not stay, although there is still snow ontop of the hills around. I also had a new fridge delivered and what a difference. I wanted one with the freezer on the bottom and now I have it. I had a little struggle with myself in how could I get a new fridge and take my trip away, but I decided I would get it anyway.
Every day brings delights and wonders, thinking and contemplating. As I go about purchasing a few Christmas Items, clothes for the trip, plus planning and working with the basic pre christmas business. Went to a wonderful local resturant for wine (don't drink anymore, but a club soda was given to me) and wonderful appetizers. Tonight I'm off to have supper with a new friend. Wednesday is my meditation class and then Thursday and Friday I will have company here. Next thing it will be Sunday when I will have a christmas pot luck here. Life is good.
I wanted to write a little of cycles as often people forget some basic cycles. If you have a cold or flu like symtoms, go back in your mind to ten (or a day or two before or after) days and check out what you did not process emotionally very well. When you remember what it was that you did not deal with emotionally, you can take yourself back there and work it through. The cold or flu symptoms will disappear. True I do it all the time.
Regardless of how people speak about three weeks, I find that six weeks is the usual cycle for change. If you are attempting to stop smoking, drinking, biting nails or any other habit (ie eating certain things) then you can usually be on track for six weeks and then you will fall off the wagon (so to speak). The cycles as I see them run like this: 6 weeks, 3 months, 9 months, 18 months and 3 years. Often a person makes it to 18months, then they seem to fall back into the old habit. The one I find the most likely to 'catch' you is three years. By three years you are not even aware or even thinking about the old habit, and then all of a sudden it has caught up with you once more. Awareness is the key here.
We are so intelligent, and the program reinstillers (my term for the reinstatement of programs) that we have seem to work with these cycles. I am never surprised when people tell me they went back smoking after a certain length of time and 9 out of 10 times it is within the cycle parameters I have listed.
These cycles are not only for habits, but also for changing. Stay clear on your new goals, keep seeing the end result and you will be surprised at how the new will begin to take place.
Have a great day! Enjoy every moment!
Be at peace with yourself and the world can then find peace.
Norma Cowie
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Akashic Records & Self Forgiveness

I was having lunch with friends yesterday (celebrating a birthday) when our converstion verred to how someone had not kept a promise. It reminded me of how in several of my soul/source connections I had found this very thing in the Akashic Records. To explain to those of you who are not familiar with my soul/source connection work, it is where I psychically remove (using a prayer method) emotional blocks which are stopping a person from creating or feeling whatever it is they want. Anyhow, ever since this technique was brought to me back in 2002, I have worked and elaborated on it. Several months ago the thought came to me that I needed to look at the Akashic Records to see if there were any blocks there. Surprise, suprise for some people there are.
How the Akashic Records show themselves to me was another surprise. When iI go there it is because it has been indicated there is a block. I ask to be shown the block, sometimes it is only one page, but there has been occasions when there has been more than one page. It is the titles of the pages which often give me a start. They definately are not what I expected when I first began visiting them. One of the page titles which recently appeared said "Word not kept". For that particular person there were five different names on them. Five different times, in other lifetimes, a verbal agreement was made, but not kept.
I don't know why I remembered this, as usually within a day I have forgotten what occurs during a session, maybe it is because I was reminded quite soon after it happened.
What I have discovered is if you have an entry on the Akashic Record you will need to forgive yourself for whatever is written there. For this particular client, I remember, they were able to forgive themselves for this and four of the five names disappeared (which is my signal it has been erased) but one name remained. When I looked (checked) further I discovered the person (soul - for I have no idea who the person is or was) that the person was holding onto the emotion that the word was not kept. It was at that moment I had to have a conversation with this other person's soul to advise (persuade) them to forgive and let go, as it was not helping them in this life. This they finally agreed to do and all five names disappeared and the title disappeared and the page became clear.
What I look for if and when the Akashic Records come up as a block is the page title and how many names are on it. I now know self forgiveness is what is important to clear the page or pages.
Recently a friend asked me if I had looked at my Akashic Records, and I realized no I had not, and wondered about that, then I realized I had not had it come up in anything I was personally releasing, which is when I go there (Akashic Records) to look.
Self Forgiveness is the big key.....we all need to forgive ourselves for whatever it is we have done in the past, now and will in the future.
Have a great day!
Norma Cowie
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Changes reflected into life

After a huge storm last night the sun is shining brightly. As I began my day watching soccer (a usual Saturday morning event) and watched the sun come out to a glorious day, I could not help but reflect how everything around us reflects life. A storm which blows in and then passes by are those crises moments, which we can handle and release (or not)and then the beautiful calm after the storm.
Interestingly enough I had a similar thought yesterday regarding my nails. Many of you know I have quit biting them and they are growing. Now I'm dealing with a different issue. I'm not used to living my life with nails. Even when I had artificial nails (which I had for many years) I kept them close cropped because I would bite them. Now they are growing and the interfere with typing, and I was doing a hands on energy healing the other day and was aware of how I had to hold my fingers diferently than I would usually, so the nails would not dig in.
Isn't that like life. We make a change and then we have to adjust to the changes. I see this all the time with clients and students who work on changing their thoughts and habits only to find they have to make many other adjustments.
By moving away from the accepted norm of the life, there are other adjustments to be made. Then comes the choice, does one want to continue and make the new a habit of awareness and being, or revert back to the familiar the old.
For me, in this I have no desire to bite, thank goodness, so I'm prepared to deal with the new. Spending time on changing nail polish, and next Friday I go and have them done professionally so they can keep them looking 'nice'.
Have fun as you change your world one step at a time. Plus I trust your weather is as nice as it is here.
Norma Cowie
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm back

I cannot believe it is over a month since I posted anything here. I know many of you come to see what is and has been going on in my world. To catch you up, I was in Vancouver for 12 days and those 12 days were really busy with lectures, workshops and readings, so when I arrived back home I was tired and felt ungrounded. It took several days to begin to feel 'normal'.
After being home a week I went to our local Celebration Centre for the Sunday service. There I discovered several others had been feeling the same. Even though I had thought it was just me, I found out it was a general feeling amongst those of us who worked either psychically, spiritually or in healing. A good friend did some energy work on myself and others and we became more grounded and for me I began to feel more like myself. This occurred just in time for me to begin getting everything ready for my 2nd weekend of the intensive, which happened last weekend.
It is always exciting for me to teach my six month intensive and watch how people come alive, change and become more of who they truly are during the process. I'm already looking forward to the next weekend in early December.
Just a few other thoughts. I have been doing my latin dance exercise program (DVD) three times a week, and going to the pool two times and its making a difference already. I was doing quite well before I went away, but nearly two weeks of little exercise and then sitting three days in a trade show, well I was out of it (as you read above). Now though, I'm experiencing more energy and the 'desire' to do what needs to be done. I managed to plant bulbs for the spring, rake leaves plus the usual household chores (even cleaned out my car). This is a side benefit plus have had several people say "you've lost weight". Although I'm not sure about the weight, I most certainly have lost inches as tops are fitting over my hips better etc. So I'll keep dancing and swimming (today is a swim day). I also stopped biting my nails and now getting used to working with longer fingernails. I am enjoying how they look and I no longer feel embarrassed by them. (I have two which keep splitting, so I'm working on getting that sorted out).
I do have a trip planned over Christmas and New Year to London, England, then spending Christmas in Rome. I have a good friend who lives in London working on a contract, and I had promised to visit her, so off I go and she has arranged for us to visit Rome for 5 days. Plus my big excitement is I get to watch a Soccer game. Those who know me personally know I follow Liverpool, and they are playing in London just after I arrive, so my friend (also named Norma) is arranging tickets, after I was unable to get them. We also may be taking in a rugby game. Ain't life interesting.
Anyway, I want to keep working on getting this blog consistent, as I do have ideas which flicker across my mind and I ponder them, then they are gone.
Oh yes, I'm back working on my next book.
Have a great day.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Every so often I receive an email thanking me for my soul/source connection work. The following is the latest from JW in Vancouver. It is reprinted here with her permission.

Thank you so much for our first session on Tues. Wow, I was amazed at how precise and profound your insights through your prayers came through for me. Your work is probably some of the most thorough that I've ever experienced!
Immediately following our session, I felt calm, integrated, lighter (especially in my shoulders) and clear in my mind. I went for a very meditative walk in the sunshine and just enjoyed the relaxed energy that was permeating every part of me.
So, for your feedback, within a few hours afterwards on the same day, here are some of the events that took place in my life:
-the pain in my knee was eliminated
-I got a new client signed up to do some work with me
-I received a call that afternoon from a potential business partner from the UK and we spoke for one hour
-I investigated some volunteer work that was of interest to me-I got an interview for a position for the following day
-I pursued contract opportunities online with ease and have more confidence in my tasks
-My partner ... was interested in doing some work with you which I was so wanting for her I'm on a new journey Norma.
When I called you, I was stressed because I had the pressure of everything in my career needing to count and I was paralyzed with fear about my financial position and my life career transitions. Now, I'm moving forward and taking the steps to create what I really want to experience in my life/career. What a gift your work has had on me Norma. I feel so much gratitude for the opportunity to work with you. I'd like to continue this work in about one month's time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hadron Collider

I forgot to say, I was not surprised to hear that the Hadron Collider was shut down for several weeks due to technical difficulties. I'm in pray that the highest and best for the planet occurs around this experiment. I trust you are joined with me in this.

Home Again!!

Just a quick note .... Home after a week in Alberta. I'm always so happy to pull into my parking spot and look at my delightful area in which I live and wonder, why do I go away. But go away I do to work mostly. I had decided to travel to Alberta (first Edmonton, then Calgary)but a circituous route which took me 2 days of around seven hours driving each day, sometimes going very fast (thank goodness I was not caught). My eyes feasted on the Rocky Mountains though and loved it. In Edmonton I had a busy, and profitable day doing personal readings, finishing in the evening with a Psychic Party for 13 people. Next day, up and off to Calgary (shopping a bit first). On the way to Calgary an interesting thing happened, we had to detour, and when arriving in Calgary I was telling Cecelia how far we had to drive in this detour. I believe a petrol truck had overturned on Hwy 2 (from Edmonton to Calgary). Anyway, that was nothing, on the way home from Calgary yesterday, just before Lake Louise (on Hwy 1 coming west)we were stopped and a very nice gentleman got to tell us (car by car) that there had been a rock slide and to go where I wanted to (Golden - which would then let me over Rogers Pass to Revelstoke and then home to Penticton) that I had to go to Radium Hot Springs and then go up the valley to Golden. Well this is a detour of over 100 kms. So I think it probably added a good 1 1/2 hours onto my trip - considering I probably had about 100 kms to go the regular way. I got to think / contemplate about detours and look at the many I have done in my life. Luckily I was given a long story on tape which kept me amused all the way home (including the detour) so my contemplations were short. But think about how often we do detour off our chosen path, or forget our life missions etc.
For those of you who read this and get my meta-zine will know I am working on growing my fingernails. After a life of biting, I figure its the next thing to tackle. I realize I usually bite them when driving and thinking. So put gloves on my hands for those first two days. After that I did not seem to need them. Perhaps when we go to break a habit, and we have done the work which fuels the habit, then we just need to make sure that we are unable to do it. I was surprising how often that first day I put my hands up to my mouth, less the second, the third I was busy, the fourth - driving to Calgary - did not seem a big issue, nor coming home. Now I will keep myself aware and if I find I'm putting them in my mouth for whatever reason if possible I will put my gloves back on till my hands know for sure .... the answer is NO FINGERS IN MOUTH. Mind you I have found I need to have tooh picks handy.
Ah life, anyway, this was going to be short to say how happy I am being home. Away again on Friday for a small Expo only 3 - 4 hours away. Life is good!

Friday, September 12, 2008

In this moment

Thank you for all of you who made a comment to me, mostly personally, about my last blog. The days have gone by so fast since I wrote it. I thought I would have had several other entries, but I have not done so. I have been preparing for this weekend where I have a private student all weekend, plus getting ready to go to Alberta for exhibit in the Body Soul & Spirit Expo. So the days seem to get eaten up, and I don't get to write in my blog. It seems every day there is something which is interesting, or a new thought, or new idea germenates for me to consider, but they don't get written about. Now I'm going to be away and I won't be able to do so anyway.
At the moment, I have just completed and submitted my answer to the Votto game quiz. Some of you are aware I play this game daily (when I'm home) and I like to solve the problem (quiz). Especially now that if you solve it you share in the prize for the day. If anyone wants to check this out (I have so much fun with this - more than I ever imagined I would) you can go to
Plus my friend Norma who is currently living in England and whom I planning on visiting over Christmas has just completed a phone call with me and I'm working on getting an email ready which gives her information on a soccer game I want to see while there. Plus she is looking into going to Southern Spain for a few days and I want to visit Rome (life is full of interesting things).
Then I just had a phone call from a client, which needed a 'prayer' to realign and create relaxation and ease in her life.
All this in 15 minutes. Life certainly has its moments. Soon I will be out the door to go meet friends for dinner and take one to see my wonderful friend Ted - the crystal healer here in Penticton who does great work.
Also I was lucky today to fill up my car with gas at the old price. Yesterday when I was out I had the inner nudging to fill up my tank (I leave Monday for the beginning of the big drive) and I talked myself out of it. Then this morning I woke up to the news the gas price was going up 13 cents today. I gave myself a mental kick for not listening, then while I was out, there was the old price at the gas station I often use. So I'm gassed and ready to go.
So must away, life is good, the sun is shining, and although for those who get my meta-zine have read its fallish, its very pleasant out. Its just me, who loves the heat who misses the hotter weather. I look forward to seeing friends and clients both in Edmonton & Calgary next week.
You enjoy.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Are You Aware? Important!

Hi: Are you aware that scientists on September 10th will turn on the large Hadron Collider, which is designed to replicate the conditions that existed a fraction of a second after the Big Bang. The creators of this Collider hope it will unlock the secrets of how the universe began. However, opponents fear the machine, which will smash subatomic particles together at high speed and generate temperatures of more than a trillion degrees centigrade, might create a miniature black hole that could tear the earth apart. A law suite has been lodged at the European Court for Human Rights against the 20 countries funding the project.
When I first read about this experiment, I had a funny feeling about it, with the thought, this sounds ominious, but did not go any further. Then I read an article in the Province paper (Vancouver B.C. paper) October 31st. There was some interesting circumstances that I even saw this paper, let alone read the article). Some of the article I have copied for the above papagraph. In the article, Prof. Otto Rosier, scientist is quoted as saying "It is quite plausible that these little black holes survive and will grow exponentially and eat the planet from the inside".
Can you believe that scientists, countries or whomever are willing to gamble with earth, our home. No wonder many of us who send energy to the earth and work towards healing the earth have picked up concern and worry. As one person who does not give into fear factors or thoughts of fear, this has me concerned. The 20 countries (if you can image 20 countries are backing this) simply want to find out something, not knowing the what the results, which could effect us all, will be. Curiosity is fine, but I think personally this is dangerous to do. I have spoken with some friends who work on the energy fields and we have decided that we want to disrupt this experiment so it does not work effectively.
As humans we blew up Atlantis due to unconcern of humanity, and this could be a repeat. Does not cancer eat us up from the inside and now this experiment could, possibly eat up the planet upon which we live. If you knew by doing something which could possibly hurt you (well I guess people do by smoking - no judgement here) would you do it? Well I guess science is taking the stand they need to know and to heck with the possibility of destroying that in which we live.
The article also reports that although this is turned on September 10th, it will be a number of weeks before the first collision.
Also reported is that Prof. Rossler claims that in the worst-case scenario the earth could be sucked inside out within four years of a black hole forming. Do scientists not read about predictions .... 2012. By my counting 2008 plus 4 equals 2012. So lets join together, knowing this will either be stopped, or at least not work!
250 490 0654

Monday, August 04, 2008

The importance of Sound

Hi: finally my energy seems to be returning. Just when I was beginning to think I would never get up to speed I'm having a regular day. yeah!!!!
A week ago Friday we had a monthly message night, where people's guides come and give them a message and answer their questions. One of the people present asked about her next step and the information which came back was interesting. i'm typing this from memory, so some of the words may be different, but the meaning is the same. They said she needed to use 'sound' to take her to the next vibration. That it would be hard to get there on her own, but following the 'sound' she would be able to get there. The guide went on to explain how through history sound has been used to clear energy and create space. in particular they mentioned that in England every little village had church bells which rang out, and that used to 'clear' the village of stagnet energy.
I had not thought of that myself, but it made sense. When I go ghost busting, I take my bell with me as often it is not a ghost they have but old, stuck energy and the sound from my bell, or even my hand clapping can release the old stale energy.
anyway, that Friday night, we had a small group, but the messages and the answers to the questions were powerful. I know I spent the next few days processing what had been said. I have come to enjoy these evenings, not only for the knowledge gained but an opportunity to join in the peacefulness which comes to me as I channel people's guides.
Also today, because my energy is flowing .... I actually did some work on my next book. Another yeah!!
Have a great day!

Friday, July 18, 2008


Summer continues. Visitors are all gone. I’m feeling more like myself with each passing week and finally I am able to catch up on bits and pieces (like my blog). So many thoughts and events – even though small have occurred and because I have not been keeping track I discover they get lost as the days go by. The aging process no doubt.
I have had some most interesting Soul/Source Connection sessions in between visitors in the last few weeks.
One of the most fascinating was a client who when I went back to reconnect her with the source I realized that she had been sent here as a penalty – just as we used to send people off to Australia, souls get sent here to do their sentence. This is not the first time I have run into this, so once I knew what it was about, I was able to move the energy and eventually, when we got to that part of releasing the ‘sentencing contract’ which had been made there was no opposition.
I remember when I first ran into the energy of someone being ‘sent’ here, I found it hard to comprehend, but since then I have had several clients with the energy of being sent off to the wonderful planet earth to work off their ‘crime’. I am becoming familiar with the ins and outs of it all.
Mostly what I have found is that people do not have their contracts cancelled, and consequently live on under the original edict/contract. Of course, like us all, they also create new blocks on their soul which when removed makes a huge difference to their lives here. I have over the years often gone in front of tribunals (on the etheric) and pleaded a case (It feels like I’m a lawyer in these cases) to have contracts made null and void or changed in order for my clients to be able to live more free and have happiness within their lives.
Besides contracts I often find oaths and vows that have been made along the way (especially during the ‘Christian’ dominate years, when we were monks, priests or nuns) which need to be released. Imagine how the vow of poverty from the 13th or 15th century can have an effect today. Well it can, and if you are attempting to have abundance in your life and you have a vow or oath of poverty running the show it does not work well.
I always enter a Soul/Source Connection session with a sense of excitement as who knows what I’m going to discover. Mostly it is fairly routine, but every now and again I discover something really interesting. The individual soul journey is something to behold no matter what.
Have a great day!
Remember beginning October 3rd
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friends and Excitement

Its been nearly a month since I left to have my second knee operation. I’m happy to report that I’m now back on track, with knee exercises happening and everything is working well. Although I had a horrible reaction to the morphine which was given to me after the operation and while I’m still having a few effects, on the whole I’m back on track.
I must thank my friends for all their support and healing they sent. Christina’s email healing group, every bit helps and then when I was in hospital Kaayla Tomlyn came to give me Reiki healing the night of the surgery and was back the next morning to do it again, and walked in when I was in the throws of the reaction to the morphine (not pretty). Bless her though she hung in there. Then my friend Alice Brock discovered I was still in hospital when I should have already left. She dropped everything and came to work on my digestive system which had shut down and got everything moving well enough for me to go home the next morning. My friend Sonia whose place I was staying at, drove me back and forth to the hospital (a good ½ - ¾ hour drive), plus looked after me, feed me and ensure all was well with me for 2 weeks (which included the three night stay in hospital). This included taking me back twice more to the hospital for Psiotherapy. Then Margaret-Anne Nerada came and gave me more Reiki, Lynn Armor (another Reiki Master) who happened to be visiting from Vancouver Island dropped in and we went and had lunch (by this time it was great to get out of the house). She said “I’ve been sending healing and boy are you sopping it up”. This comment I have heard from many since my return home, especially by other out of town friends. Yes, I definitely sopped it up and needed to that first week in particular. My friend Anne visited me several times and as always lifted my spirits. My daughter Bridget came and took me to a medical clinic as I had developed an itchy rash all around the knee (turned out a reaction to the bandages they had put on me). Then my friend Vida Crawford flew in from Edmonton so she could drive me back home to Penticton and she stayed several days to ensure I was able to cope with everything. Once here my friend Ted, the wonderful crystal healer gave me a treatment, which helped too. I have also received Reiki from Roger at the Celebration Centre twice, and felt the changes immediately, plus Martha stayed behind after my meditation group last night and gave me healing. It all helps and I still need quite a bit as the inflammation goes down. I am definately on the mend though. To all my friends I give a huge Thank You whether you gave me healing in person or via the air waves. Thank You.
I had a few people say they checked this blog to see how I was doing, and the truth was I did not have the energy to sit and work very long on the computer, plus my knee would begin to hurt after around 10 minutes. So getting my emails updated was the first priority. Plus I did not feel very creative at all. But now I’m getting back to normal and have longer and longer periods of energy and concentration.
I had an exciting event in the last few days when I won $200.00 (you would have thought it was a million at the amount of excitement it generated) from an online quiz Votto, I have been playing daily. I could not believe I had won it, but a friend Kaayla phoned to say so and when I checked yes I had. It’s quite fun every day checking Votto to see what the quiz is and if I can figure it out. It is said that it is good for the brain, well brain or not, I have enjoyed having something to look forward to which is different and feel wonderful every day I do solve it. It just happened I was the first one to solve the quiz on that particular day. Today’s one was hard. I don’t think I got it. I know though it’s good for my brain to try and figure out. If you want to check this game out you can go to Play the demo game and see how much fun it is.
My plan is to write here more … plus my meta-zine needs to come out very soon. Plus stuff for my website. Also need to get back and work on my book. Lots of creativity needs to happen very soon. You have a good day! Thanks for checking out this blog!
Norma Cowie
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Past Life Regressionist, conscious mind, subconscious mind.

Last weekend I held the 2nd 'Become a Past Life Regressionist' weekend and must say everyone seemed to have a great experience. Most went back into past lives and resolved their own issues while at the same time learning the technique and returned home ready to begin practicing with family and friends. It may be one course, besides my intensive (six month course beginning in October) I will keep teaching, as there seems to be a need for people to learn an effective, easy method of transforming blocks using past lives. Several people wanted to come but were unable to come on the dates I had, so remember if you are interested let me know or keep an eye on my schedule on the web.
Its often interesting how you come to learn or see some things. Last night at the drop in meditation group, we used medicine cards and as we were only a small group we each picked three cards and made our own stories up around them before going into meditation. I had three like everyone else, as when I was in meditation realized all three had fear of the outside. This set me back a step I can tell you. I have noticed (you will have too if you read about my story of going through the snow storms) that I've been more fearful regarding my body than previously. A friend pointed out to me when I was discussing it with her before, that even though I had a spinal and therefore could not feel when I received my last knee surgery, that my body did. And Monday I go for my other knee surgery. After the meditation I made an appointment with myself to work on releasing the body fear, so trustingly when I go in on Monday I will be absolutely fearless and my body in alignment with what is going to happen to it. I thought I was there with it before, but guess I missed something. If you are reading this before Monday June 2nd, please send thoughts of ease and speedy recovery.
I was also reminded of something in a session today. I have often used the example of driving a bus when talking about the conscious being in command of the subconscious. Today when I was reading for a client I found the analogy of driving the bus was not working. This was a person who was too driven, not enough ease. All of a sudden I saw it, the consious mind steers, while the subconsious drives. How come it took all these years to realize my analogy was not the best. Perhaps because I have never had a person who argued with me before and I had to 'work' to find the 'right' words to explain what I was meaning. Therefore from now on the conscious mind steers while the subconscious drives. The subconscious is synomous with the engine of the bus, not the steering of the bus - that is the consciousnesses job.
As you can see I've been busy, figuring and getting ready to go and be laid up for minumum of 2 weeks. Plus I'm speaking on Sunday, and need to get that sorted in my head too!
Have a great day! Life is good! 24 degress here today, it was a short & t shirt day -- yesterday I mowed the lawn - exhausted afterwards, but do you know how many years its been since I have been able to do physical things like that - lots! I was excited.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Keeping the 'High Watch'

Somehow the days just slip by. What with coming home after weeks on the road with only a few days in between out of town travels and of course working long hours while away, rest time was required. Also last week my friend Anne was here and we worked on the yard. Tuesday she took the bus back to Vancouver and I have been endeavoring to catch up with office and other paper work, plus fitting in clients not to mention just resting. But that is not what I want to write about here. It is about how I nearly lost my way (again).
I had become very upset with the Military Dictatorship in Burma as to how they were not responding to their people’s needs. I have kept an eye on this country, since watching the moving Beyond Rangoon with Patricia Arquette. It is a movie I accidently found and enjoyed it so much that I bought a copy. What I enjoyed in it was the political comment about Aung San Suu Kyi the woman who won the 1991 nobel peace prize but is kept under house arrest.
Then in fall last year it was reported this military dictatorship fired and killed monks who were protesting. This was just as I was getting busy traveling with work and did not follow it too closely but felt upset when I heard about it. Then came the cyclone.
I was angry, upset and thought someone should do something about the military dictator in charge of Burma. It seemed to me he did not think about his people. Then last Wednesday night, after my meditation group was over I mentioned this and to my surprise (I think I was hoping someone would shed some light on my state of thought) most agreed with me. But one woman (who I totally admire and have since thanked) took a breath, asked what time is it, and said “oh my, I have to go, busy day tomorrow”. As she walked into my kitchen and I gave her a hug goodbye, I got it!!!!
I realized that I had left the ‘high road’ of non judgment and had fallen into the trench of judging and holding onto resentment and anger. I remembered one of my personal lessons right now is non-judgment and here I was in super judgment. I wanted revenge or retribution for what I was judging as ‘sins against humanity’. After that hug, in the following second I let it all go, and moved into the awareness of acceptance and instead of wanting this dictator tried and hanged, to trusting he would be open to the world’s help for his people.
Two days later it was reported he was willing to allow in more aid works (if they came from other Asian countries – but it was a beginning) and since then, there seems to be even more openings happening. Everyday I send out the prayer that he will be open to accept the help in order to aid his people.
Another thought which crossed my mind when I realized how easy it was to get into revenge and not trust the higher process, came from the movie Munich, in which the assassins began to realize no matter who they killed off there was another person, if not worse than the one they killed to take their place.
Oh yes, how easy it is to fall into the trench of judgment and revenge. How easy it is to forget the ‘high watch’. But then again just one person, without realizing it can also make a difference. When I thanked my friend, she had not even realized what she had done. I believe subconsciously she did not want to go where I was, and was removing herself and that was all I needed to be reminded. I cannot possibly know what is truly happening. All I can do is accept and love and keep the high watch.
I trust you will join me in knowing the world dictators who perpetrate crimes against humanity will see the light and see it is not the way to treat their own or other peoples.
Norma Cowie
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Past Lives & Past Life Regression

I was surprised and pleased to see that Oprah did a show on Past Lives on Tuesday, May 13th. Not only as a Past Life Regressionist do I know the value of past lives, but also because I realize that Oprah’s show reaches millions. Right now millions of people will be considering the value of this wonderful tool to explore why and how we are as we are.
I have lead groups in past life regression for many years, on several continents, utilizing, not hypnosis, but a visual meditation technique which I was inspirationally given, and for most it works. In my groups I usually have 90% of the group (no matter the size) experience something relating to a past life. Individually 100% works.
Often in groups, because the past life regression is not being individually lead, a person will block through either coughing or having some other body reaction, so they will not see the process through to the end. With my technique it is easy to visit a past life, all you need to do is allow yourself to see the pictures/memories you are giving yourself. One important step is not to analyze what you are seeing while seeing it. The analytical mind can disrupt the process.
In my model, all our early decisions regarding life and ourselves come from past lives. I discovered that when we encounter a feeling/emotion we reach back in our memory banks to when we last experienced that feeling. Then we remake the decision we last made. Therefore, all early decisions are past life based.
This has been supported when doing an inner child process, wherein I have a memory look at their memories as they proceed back, all of a sudden the child will jump from this present life into a past life. This is why I teach my students how to transform past lives before working with their own inner child memories. (My book Connecting to the Light explains the Inner Child transformation process).
Past Lives hold so many keys to who we are. By releasing – especially the guilt, regret and emotions we are holding onto at the time of death we can release ourselves from many feelings, fears and or decisions we are making from this life. I have discovered that the death process is the most important. Because when the ‘light’ comes for you, you need to be able to receive the love contained within the ‘light’. If you feel guilty, regretful or are holding onto an emotion, you will not receive the ‘light’ fully and therefore not complete the transition as easily as you would like to.
No matter what occurs during a life, it is the death process, with which I work the most. Having the lifetime my client is looking at release whatever is blocking them from receiving the love of the ‘light’. Then when the blocked energy of that lifetime is released, the client can look to see where in their body, in this lifetime, they are holding onto that energy, (they always find it) and bring the ‘light’ to themselves in this life and let go of whatever the blocks were.
Interestingly, next weekend I’m teaching several people how to become a Past Life Regressionist. I’m also finally working on a book on Past Life Regression. Perhaps the time has come once more, thanks to Oprah, for the energy of Past Lives to surface and become a household topic.
Norma Cowie 250 490 0654

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grief - my understanding at this time

Last weekend at the Spring Festival of Awareness in Naramata, B.C. I facilitated a workshop on Past Life Regression. It is a workshop I enjoy presenting and over the years have had wonderful results with groups of people seeing themselves in other places and times. This year it became clear as the workshop progressed that many people were dealing with Grief. I asked how many people where dealing with grief and to my surprise a lot of people put their hands up. I did not take a count of hands, but I was surprised by the number who put their hands up. In a room of over 40 people, there was a lot definitely over ¼ and possibly 1/3 of them.
As grief is not an emotion I spend a lot of time in, I decided to go inside to my inner teachers and ask about it. I went and spent some time by myself and found out the following.
First I need to explain I have a model around sadness (depression) and anger. It goes like this. Outside there is a situation over which we can respond in two ways, either sad or mad. If you go through the feelings, you come helplessness, (in other words you feel helpless about the situation). Going down through helplessness, you come to unworthiness, (you will feel unworthy of the situation being any different than it is). If you drop through the unworthiness, then you come to source/love/connection. Once you have made the connection with the source energy and feel the love you do not feel unworthy anymore, therefore you are not helpless and can make a different decision about the situation which will take you away from the sad or mad energy. This is the model I teach.
Grief as we know has steps, there is the sad, there is the mad etc. But, I was shown grief was all of the feelings of sad, mad and helplessness all mixed up together, but the major effect was there was no changing the situation. In unexpected death, or anything else which is sudden there is no control. Therefore, the feeling of helplessness moves to the maximum degree, you are unable to change anything. All you can do is accept what has occurred, which you may not want or be able to do. If you do not have a strong spiritual base and an understanding of the bigger picture, you can get lost in the grief for a long time, until life itself slowly fills in so much space the grief becomes a thin layer (sometimes 7 – 10 years) within. The loss is never forgotten, it is always there. In fact for many if they do give up their grief they have betrayed themselves (or the person they have lost).
I feel all you can do is aid people to accept and give them time. Realizing you do not control all aspects of your life can be devastating for many people. Even though you may realize you cannot control everything in your life, somehow you do not expect your life to change from what you think it ‘should’ be.
Grief … we all experience it sometime or other, but for me thank goodness I do know there is a bigger picture, of which I do not always understand, but know it exists and I trust it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

What's Your Story - are you addicted!

Recently I was having a conversation with another metaphysical healer and shaman when we began discussing how hard it is for some of our clients to let go of their ‘story’. I was mentioning how in lectures I often say “if you find yourself repeating the same story more than three times you are addicted to the story …. But I have more than three friends.” This usually gets a laugh, but in truth it is no laughing matter.
We are addicted to our stories. I remember some of the stories’ I have had to let go of. My weight was a result of my genetics – I never mentioned that I ate chocolate cookies late at night because I was unhappy. I went bankrupt because of 911 - even though it was the beginning, it is not the whole story. Another story was I was depressed because of my then husband and what he was doing – never mind I was not holding my own power. Once I began to realize how my ‘stories’ were excuses I made for not accepting responsibility for my actions I began letting go of a lot of ‘old stories’. Even today I listen to my conversations and if I find I am repeating the same ‘story’ over and over, to different friends I know I’m blocked by that ‘story’ and need to release the ‘energy’ around the story and assume responsibility for myself. I endeavor to let the stories go and be in the present.
Mind you, some stories I do retell in order to make a point, especially when teaching. After all my life’s experiences do have value, as everyone’s does. The main aspect of any story is. are you still emotionally involved with the story or the outcome. If you are, then an aspect of you is trapped in that time zone and as long as you keep repeating it – the story – the event – the situation – you will be refueling it. Letting go of the emotion, the blame, the regret, the guilt, whatever the emotion is tied to the memory of the story is was is important. You need to be free to remember the events of your life with ease – not discomfort.
An example of this could be for many years different people told me by my personality, behaviors, even my eyes (dots on them) I had been sexually abused. I had no memory of this at all and thought they were crazy. Then one day I had a spontaneous memory, as I followed an abandonment energy, of being sexually abused when I was only 2 ½. Luckily at that time I had my inner child process and with the aid of a student who lived close, we were able to transform the energy very efficiently and other memories which came up later I was able to handle the same way. Transformation of the emotional energy definitely is the key. The story, which I could have used as to why I had not been as successful as I wanted to be, or as happy as I wanted, or have as successful relationships as I wanted was let go quickly. I assumed responsibility and proceeded ahead with my life. (My Energy Release tape and Connecting to the Light book helps in transforming the energy around memories).
Thank goodness I had the knowledge by the time I did have my memory of it, I knew enough how to let go and not be bound by the event. I hear people who 20, 30, 40 and longer years later still recall events like they were yesterday. Transformation of the energy has not been completed. They are addicted to the story and the aftermath. They do not look towards the future and what they want to achieve, they consistently look backwards to what was.
At the bottom of my meta-zine which I email out every other month, I have written “we are a product of our past, we are not our past”. This is because every day is a new day and we all can choose to let the story of the past go and move ahead and create new stories, which in their turn need to be let go.
Therefore, it is important to observe which story you are telling today. Is it a current one, or an old one? Is it something which holds you back from being all that you can be, or is it one which supports and enlivens you in all ways? Yes, you are a product of your history, but it is not who you really are! You are a divine being having this experience and therefore need to release it and come to understand your strengths and have faith in you and life.
Most important - life is here for us to enjoy – therefore we need to enjoy it! Everyday, is a new day and we need to enjoy it with all the possibilities it gives us without our personal stories pulling us backward. The future is where it is at! So let us drop the old stories and create new ones.
Norma Cowie
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13th - Ego

Lately I seem to be hearing the word ego again. People discussing other people or even their own selves will say “It’s mine/their ego”. Yet if you ask them to explain what ego is they really don’t know. They assume it is the ‘enemy’. Therefore, I thought it was time to give my perspective on the ‘ego’ subject. My students hear it, but now it is time to write about it.

First, several years ago I created the model that what we call ego is really our ‘defensive mechanism’. Our personal program to keep whatever we feel is vulnerable about safe. The ego therefore will do anything and everything to keep us safe. It will defend through behavior and attitude to ensure we don’t look stupid, less than, or more than, or anything else which the program created (usually when we are very small) senses there is danger to the self or our self image.

Therefore, the ego is not the enemy it is an aspect of self, which can be disassembled and transformed into new supportive energy. What I have discovered is that it is not always just one program, but a series of personal programs linked together to protect. Once you begin to transform these personal programs, you begin to be more open, hear others better, be not so defensive in situations and in affect become accessible to people around you in a whole different way.

My suggestion is take an inner look next time you feel defensive and note how you defend yourself. Some people just do it inwardly, their inner dialogue will make the other person wrong and themselves right. Sometimes though it will be a behavior which will get triggered. I know I used to have a habit when something came ‘to close to home’ I would shut down and emotionally disappear. I would hardly hear what was being said and I would change the subject. This resulted in me not being able to access my feelings on what has been said, nor the person speaking with me feeling heard. As I transformed my ego, the defensive mechanism if I do find myself having some criticism coming my way and I feel ‘threatened in some way’ I just breathe and inwardly reassure myself I’m loved and listen. Often I have found that the criticism has validity which I needed to know about. Mostly I have found though, as the personal programs were transformed. I did not have those experiences. Remember if you have a program which has a job to defend you, it must create the situation in order for it to defend. Once the program has a new job, then the situations do not need to arise. My book Connecting to the Light, lays out a process to transform programs and change their jobs.

These personal programs can many and can be very subtle and it is only by creating an observer of yourself that you can step outside and notice how the defending program (ego) is actually working. This happens when you enter self growth and begin to become aware, and it continues to happen as you peel off the layers of defensive attitudes, as the personal programs get disassembled and transformed. Therefore, I suggest you begin to embrace your ego’s as they have served you todate. They have done the job you have given them, and they are good workers for you and when you transform them and give them new jobs they will work just as effectively.
Norma Cowie
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12th - Pride

I have been thinking lately about how proud I am of two people who have been studying with me. It was almost simultaneously that they both struck out with strength and belief in themselves. Like a mother, I felt proud of them. Willing to take a chance, willing to believe that they can achieve their goals. How great that is!

As a mother I have felt pride in watching my children grow and achieve in their lives. As a teacher I have also felt pride in watching my students achieve. The dictionary states pride is: 1. a feeling on honor and self-respect 2. a sense of personal worth 3. Satisfaction or pleasure in one’s own or another’s success and achievements etc. Over the years people have come and studied with me from all pathways of life. Some have come into my six month intensive, others have come to my weekly drop in evenings. The ones in the six month intensive most certainly have created changes and exhibited their growth into their lives in many ways, but over the years I have also watched many who for various reasons did not enter into the larger program, succeed as they grasped the fundamentals of metaphysics and the laws and lessons as I have come to understand from the Tarot.

Today, it feels wonderful to be able to feel pride once more as two people embark on another step of their lives. It warms my heart, and I am humbled, to know I am still of service to people. I do not say I am the only reason these two wonderful woman have made a change, but I feel I’ve had a small part in it, of which I’m grateful.

Pride has a place in our world, to means we feel good about what we have done and created.
Norma Cowie
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jan 26th - Hope and Acceptance

How quickly time flies! I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted something here. This morning I awoke quite early and as my knee seems to complain (less as the days go by) when I’m in bed too long, I got up and lay on the chesterfield. I pulled up the blinds and watched the most beautiful sunrise occur. The colors as the crept into the sky began and slowly grew larger and bolder and more beautiful with every minute. It definitely was like a new day was dawning. It filled me with HOPE! Hope for what I’m not sure, the future, my life, everyone’s life. All of it. All I knew was it filled me with the feeling of Hope.
Last night I received three calls from regular clients. All from different parts of North America. Each one having their own crisis. Two of them I spoke with as the called before my channeling evening began. The third one came in during the evening and I spoke with her this morning. I knew something energetically was going on. During the day I had at the last minute changed my mind about where I was going and ended up in a restaurant having a very late lunch, when in walked two women who recognized me from over 25 years ago (I may be older and fatter, but guess I’m still me). They also had moved up here – to the next biggest city south down the valley in which I live, at the same time as me. While we caught up with the bits and pieces of our lives they mentioned that this weekend energies would be changing. I often take bits of information like this with a grain of salt, as energies are changing all the time, but I paid attention because it seemed strange that I had run into these two women on this day.
Then I’m home getting ready for the channeling evening and the phone goes. Two people phoning close together in personal crisis. Then during the channeling evening, the message of hope for the participants which came through from their guides, each one receiving uplifting messages to go forward in strength. And then this morning the sunrise. Yes a definite energy shift is occurring!
During this last week I had also noticed that whether I was doing a reading or a soul/source connection that the message was acceptance, acceptance, acceptance. Sometimes this message was accompanied by something else, but primarily the main message was acceptance. Now sometimes when a message comes through over and over I also know it has meaning for me. But here I believe the bigger picture was unfolding. For me acceptance as me, myself and I and ‘get on with it’. For others, whatever the issue is at hand, acceptance is the main key. I have come to understand that until we acceptance whatever it is 100% we are unable to change it, because we are unable to decide to what to do account it. But, when we accept 100% we are free to decide what we want to do. It sounds simple but isn’t. We tend to want things our own way, and have the end result we want. Life simply does not work like that. At least not most of the time for most people.
Acceptance of what is 100%, decide what you want to do and then proceed forward.
After-all, there is HOPE!!! The sunrise had it all ….. HOPE is there!
Have a great day!
Norma Cowie
250 490 0654

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jan 17th - Crop Circles

I am presently reading a book about Crop Circles, which was loaned to me by my friend Lisa. I was never interested in Crop Circles until a few months ago I watched a DVD documentary of them. I had not realized the most beautiful designs which had been made by the ‘circlemakers’. Up until the evening of watching the documentary I had only envisioned they made ‘circles’. Little did I realize these circles were not only the most beautiful designs, but held mathematical mysteries and spoke volumes about the meaning of the universe. Several of the ‘circles’ I absolutely loved. Some of the designs I saw seemed to speak to me personally. They had meaning to me. Even if I truly did not understand what message the designs were conveying, they seemed to speak to me. It was these particular designs which sparked my interest.
As I knew my friend Lisa was interested in Crop Circles I spoke to her about the program and she loaned me what she considered was the best book she had come across. Secrets in the Fields – The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles by Freddy Silva. Although I have not completed the book, he does proceed step by step through the history and the unfolding of these circles. He also explores the hoaxes and the different people and governments who have attempted to bebunk these circles as all being man made. As Freddy Silva adequately points out, there is no way man can have made the majority of these.
I would suggest if you are interested in learning more and you like reading, this book is definitely enlightening on this subject of crop circles. Or look for the documentary which talks about the Crop Circles. I am sure you will enjoy the designs plus the information contained within it.
I know I will be continuing reading Freddy Silva’s book in the next few days.
Norma Cowie
250 490 0654

Monday, January 14, 2008

Jan 14 2008, Winter and the Death symbol

It is wild and windy today. The good news for me is that all the snow and ice from the roadways around my home has gone and I can walk out there with ease. As walking is a prescribed activity for getting my knee back into shape I like this a lot. Earlier when I was walking I was looking at all the trees in there winter nakedness and it made me think of the Death symbol of the Tarot. The trees are reduced to the bare bones of themselves and they are awaiting the signal of spring when they will begin to burst out in new leaves, coming forth into a renewed life. In the meantime, there they are being blown about in the wind, standing tall and strong.
The Death symbol is so similar. Life takes us and throws us around and we are reduced the essence of ourselves (the bare bones) and then we keep on and we slowly and surely rebuild ourselves, our lives and proceed onward. We walk step by step, day by day into Spring, the newness of the next adventure, the next step of the journey of life. It is those moments when we are bare, that is the most precarious, do we surrender to the weight of non-achieving, or do we go on ahead, step by step and rebuild.
As I look back over my life, there have been several times when I have had to accept what has occurred, pick myself up and shake myself off and start all over again. The one thing I truly hope for, is that I have come to understand whatever it was that I needed to learn from whatever the experience was. Sometimes I realize I did not, but often I did. And so I have grown in many areas, and keep growing in others.
Death, the letting go and becoming resilient to the stresses of life and continuing on with love and understanding I will get wherever it is I’m heading.
Oh life is good … even when the wind is blowing with a cold bite.
Norma Cowie
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jan 10th - allowing

Today it is snowing, gentle soft snow flakes flowing down. As my first winter in the Okanagan, it is my first with ‘real’ snow. The coastal snow mostly is wet and heavy. I just love how I go out and the snow leaves my car with ease and there is something wonderfully beautiful about how it gently comes on down. Fresh, soft and gently landing. It sparks the thought of ‘do we land softly’ in life, or do we make things ‘hard’ for ourselves? I like to think I walk through life with ease, but as I look back on my roadway, I can see how I have made it hard for myself. I made it hard because I did not trust the process or listen to my heart. I thought I needed to know the steps rather than the final destination. This is what I’m practicing here, in this new environment. Know what I want, and let go of how I’m going to get there.
Last night at the meditation group, we used Goddess Cards and I (once again) got Sige the goddess of silence. This time though, I had the most wonderful ‘heart’ meditation. I was filled with universal love, and I went out beyond the stars to the edge of the universe and beamed love onto the planet. It was the ‘silence’ place. I was shown how everything begins and the intent of the thought, the energy behind it brings about manifestation. It was all there. Love manifesting all around on this planet.
Today as I look at my Tarot Cards Knight of Cups, Page of Swords, Death I see how it reflects what occurred last night and what is happening with my progress around the rehabilitation of my knee. My rehabilitation is much slower than I would like and I have to be patient. I go back to see the psiotherapist this afternoon, but my frustration is obvious to me with my inability to move my knee like I want. Anyway, back on subject, the Knight of Cups states you are heading ahead slowly and surely towards the goal, the Death symbol, very similarly stating you are leaving behind the old heading towards the new with a ways to go. It’s the Page of Swords which draws my attention. I need to let go, relax, and become more at one with the ‘heart’ knowing I will reach my destination. I will get there, be patient and let go. Allow the process to occur. I know the end result I want, therefore all I need to do is let go.
How many of us today need to ‘let go’. No matter what it is which is drawing our attention back towards the past we need to let go. It could be an attitude we have, it could be a memory which keeps popping up (showing we have not ‘cleared’ the emotion around it), and it could be a thought which says ‘I can’t do it’.
No matter, the relaxation, the letting will allow the future to unfold as it needs to for our best. Trust. Trusting the process. So today we let go and allow. We allow the day to unfold as it will.
Norma Cowie
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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Jan 9th - new beginning 2008

Here it is the 9th January and finally I’m getting to begin working with my Blog. I’ve promised myself (something I rarely do) that I would be consistent. I have lots of thoughts, concepts and I just do not always share them, and then when it is time for the meta-zine to come out I have forgotten most of them. I know the blog concept helps with that, some days you have great insights, sometimes not so great, but no body will get to read them if I don’t sit here and put something down.
Well its been a month since my knee was done, and the first 2 weeks were great, very little pain, everything went super great (thanks to all the healers who were sending me energy) now I am endeavoring to get the knee to stretch and work properly. I have had more pain and discomfort in the last four weeks as I begin to stretch it and walk etc. than I did in the first two. Sometimes the knee is fine and then there is major discomfort. Yesterday I went to see the psiotherapist (a lovely young man – how good can that be for an older woman) anyway he’s put me on a regime which I am committing to do, as I know I have to get this knee working right. So three times a day I have lots to do and then I go back to see him tomorrow. Lets hope by then I have a little more movement in it.
A funny thing happened to me which opened up a whole new contemplation – its my brain – somewhere in there it decided it did not want my knee to do things, it did not want to feel discomfort etc. Luke – the psiotherapist told me that even though you have had an anesthetic, the brain knows it is hurting, cuts off that part of the (for me) leg. It explained quite a bit, so I’m now talking to my brain to stop it, let go and allow the knee to function that it will not be hurt, have no pain etc. Aren’t we something, the brain definitely has its own ideas. On Friday I’m going to see my Body Talk friend Lisa, so will ask her if there is anything she can do to get my brain to let go – its always helpful to get a second opinion and I’m a bit close to this.
My Tarot cards today were, 4 of wands, star and hermit. Therefore I take from this I’m on the right track, use my knowledge and listen to me. I am certainly giving myself a regime to work with right now, and I know I have to keep to it. I also know I know my own answers, even when I don’t like them and I need to listen. Therefore, this day, Wednesday, when I have my meditation group this evening I will listen to me!!! My inner voice, my inner me. And as the song says “I will survive”.
Norma Cowie
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