Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm back

I cannot believe it is over a month since I posted anything here. I know many of you come to see what is and has been going on in my world. To catch you up, I was in Vancouver for 12 days and those 12 days were really busy with lectures, workshops and readings, so when I arrived back home I was tired and felt ungrounded. It took several days to begin to feel 'normal'.
After being home a week I went to our local Celebration Centre for the Sunday service. There I discovered several others had been feeling the same. Even though I had thought it was just me, I found out it was a general feeling amongst those of us who worked either psychically, spiritually or in healing. A good friend did some energy work on myself and others and we became more grounded and for me I began to feel more like myself. This occurred just in time for me to begin getting everything ready for my 2nd weekend of the intensive, which happened last weekend.
It is always exciting for me to teach my six month intensive and watch how people come alive, change and become more of who they truly are during the process. I'm already looking forward to the next weekend in early December.
Just a few other thoughts. I have been doing my latin dance exercise program (DVD) three times a week, and going to the pool two times and its making a difference already. I was doing quite well before I went away, but nearly two weeks of little exercise and then sitting three days in a trade show, well I was out of it (as you read above). Now though, I'm experiencing more energy and the 'desire' to do what needs to be done. I managed to plant bulbs for the spring, rake leaves plus the usual household chores (even cleaned out my car). This is a side benefit plus have had several people say "you've lost weight". Although I'm not sure about the weight, I most certainly have lost inches as tops are fitting over my hips better etc. So I'll keep dancing and swimming (today is a swim day). I also stopped biting my nails and now getting used to working with longer fingernails. I am enjoying how they look and I no longer feel embarrassed by them. (I have two which keep splitting, so I'm working on getting that sorted out).
I do have a trip planned over Christmas and New Year to London, England, then spending Christmas in Rome. I have a good friend who lives in London working on a contract, and I had promised to visit her, so off I go and she has arranged for us to visit Rome for 5 days. Plus my big excitement is I get to watch a Soccer game. Those who know me personally know I follow Liverpool, and they are playing in London just after I arrive, so my friend (also named Norma) is arranging tickets, after I was unable to get them. We also may be taking in a rugby game. Ain't life interesting.
Anyway, I want to keep working on getting this blog consistent, as I do have ideas which flicker across my mind and I ponder them, then they are gone.
Oh yes, I'm back working on my next book.
Have a great day.

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