Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Akashic Records & Self Forgiveness

I was having lunch with friends yesterday (celebrating a birthday) when our converstion verred to how someone had not kept a promise. It reminded me of how in several of my soul/source connections I had found this very thing in the Akashic Records. To explain to those of you who are not familiar with my soul/source connection work, it is where I psychically remove (using a prayer method) emotional blocks which are stopping a person from creating or feeling whatever it is they want. Anyhow, ever since this technique was brought to me back in 2002, I have worked and elaborated on it. Several months ago the thought came to me that I needed to look at the Akashic Records to see if there were any blocks there. Surprise, suprise for some people there are.
How the Akashic Records show themselves to me was another surprise. When iI go there it is because it has been indicated there is a block. I ask to be shown the block, sometimes it is only one page, but there has been occasions when there has been more than one page. It is the titles of the pages which often give me a start. They definately are not what I expected when I first began visiting them. One of the page titles which recently appeared said "Word not kept". For that particular person there were five different names on them. Five different times, in other lifetimes, a verbal agreement was made, but not kept.
I don't know why I remembered this, as usually within a day I have forgotten what occurs during a session, maybe it is because I was reminded quite soon after it happened.
What I have discovered is if you have an entry on the Akashic Record you will need to forgive yourself for whatever is written there. For this particular client, I remember, they were able to forgive themselves for this and four of the five names disappeared (which is my signal it has been erased) but one name remained. When I looked (checked) further I discovered the person (soul - for I have no idea who the person is or was) that the person was holding onto the emotion that the word was not kept. It was at that moment I had to have a conversation with this other person's soul to advise (persuade) them to forgive and let go, as it was not helping them in this life. This they finally agreed to do and all five names disappeared and the title disappeared and the page became clear.
What I look for if and when the Akashic Records come up as a block is the page title and how many names are on it. I now know self forgiveness is what is important to clear the page or pages.
Recently a friend asked me if I had looked at my Akashic Records, and I realized no I had not, and wondered about that, then I realized I had not had it come up in anything I was personally releasing, which is when I go there (Akashic Records) to look.
Self Forgiveness is the big key.....we all need to forgive ourselves for whatever it is we have done in the past, now and will in the future.
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