Saturday, November 22, 2008

Changes reflected into life

After a huge storm last night the sun is shining brightly. As I began my day watching soccer (a usual Saturday morning event) and watched the sun come out to a glorious day, I could not help but reflect how everything around us reflects life. A storm which blows in and then passes by are those crises moments, which we can handle and release (or not)and then the beautiful calm after the storm.
Interestingly enough I had a similar thought yesterday regarding my nails. Many of you know I have quit biting them and they are growing. Now I'm dealing with a different issue. I'm not used to living my life with nails. Even when I had artificial nails (which I had for many years) I kept them close cropped because I would bite them. Now they are growing and the interfere with typing, and I was doing a hands on energy healing the other day and was aware of how I had to hold my fingers diferently than I would usually, so the nails would not dig in.
Isn't that like life. We make a change and then we have to adjust to the changes. I see this all the time with clients and students who work on changing their thoughts and habits only to find they have to make many other adjustments.
By moving away from the accepted norm of the life, there are other adjustments to be made. Then comes the choice, does one want to continue and make the new a habit of awareness and being, or revert back to the familiar the old.
For me, in this I have no desire to bite, thank goodness, so I'm prepared to deal with the new. Spending time on changing nail polish, and next Friday I go and have them done professionally so they can keep them looking 'nice'.
Have fun as you change your world one step at a time. Plus I trust your weather is as nice as it is here.
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