Thursday, May 29, 2008

Past Life Regressionist, conscious mind, subconscious mind.

Last weekend I held the 2nd 'Become a Past Life Regressionist' weekend and must say everyone seemed to have a great experience. Most went back into past lives and resolved their own issues while at the same time learning the technique and returned home ready to begin practicing with family and friends. It may be one course, besides my intensive (six month course beginning in October) I will keep teaching, as there seems to be a need for people to learn an effective, easy method of transforming blocks using past lives. Several people wanted to come but were unable to come on the dates I had, so remember if you are interested let me know or keep an eye on my schedule on the web.
Its often interesting how you come to learn or see some things. Last night at the drop in meditation group, we used medicine cards and as we were only a small group we each picked three cards and made our own stories up around them before going into meditation. I had three like everyone else, as when I was in meditation realized all three had fear of the outside. This set me back a step I can tell you. I have noticed (you will have too if you read about my story of going through the snow storms) that I've been more fearful regarding my body than previously. A friend pointed out to me when I was discussing it with her before, that even though I had a spinal and therefore could not feel when I received my last knee surgery, that my body did. And Monday I go for my other knee surgery. After the meditation I made an appointment with myself to work on releasing the body fear, so trustingly when I go in on Monday I will be absolutely fearless and my body in alignment with what is going to happen to it. I thought I was there with it before, but guess I missed something. If you are reading this before Monday June 2nd, please send thoughts of ease and speedy recovery.
I was also reminded of something in a session today. I have often used the example of driving a bus when talking about the conscious being in command of the subconscious. Today when I was reading for a client I found the analogy of driving the bus was not working. This was a person who was too driven, not enough ease. All of a sudden I saw it, the consious mind steers, while the subconsious drives. How come it took all these years to realize my analogy was not the best. Perhaps because I have never had a person who argued with me before and I had to 'work' to find the 'right' words to explain what I was meaning. Therefore from now on the conscious mind steers while the subconscious drives. The subconscious is synomous with the engine of the bus, not the steering of the bus - that is the consciousnesses job.
As you can see I've been busy, figuring and getting ready to go and be laid up for minumum of 2 weeks. Plus I'm speaking on Sunday, and need to get that sorted in my head too!
Have a great day! Life is good! 24 degress here today, it was a short & t shirt day -- yesterday I mowed the lawn - exhausted afterwards, but do you know how many years its been since I have been able to do physical things like that - lots! I was excited.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Keeping the 'High Watch'

Somehow the days just slip by. What with coming home after weeks on the road with only a few days in between out of town travels and of course working long hours while away, rest time was required. Also last week my friend Anne was here and we worked on the yard. Tuesday she took the bus back to Vancouver and I have been endeavoring to catch up with office and other paper work, plus fitting in clients not to mention just resting. But that is not what I want to write about here. It is about how I nearly lost my way (again).
I had become very upset with the Military Dictatorship in Burma as to how they were not responding to their people’s needs. I have kept an eye on this country, since watching the moving Beyond Rangoon with Patricia Arquette. It is a movie I accidently found and enjoyed it so much that I bought a copy. What I enjoyed in it was the political comment about Aung San Suu Kyi the woman who won the 1991 nobel peace prize but is kept under house arrest.
Then in fall last year it was reported this military dictatorship fired and killed monks who were protesting. This was just as I was getting busy traveling with work and did not follow it too closely but felt upset when I heard about it. Then came the cyclone.
I was angry, upset and thought someone should do something about the military dictator in charge of Burma. It seemed to me he did not think about his people. Then last Wednesday night, after my meditation group was over I mentioned this and to my surprise (I think I was hoping someone would shed some light on my state of thought) most agreed with me. But one woman (who I totally admire and have since thanked) took a breath, asked what time is it, and said “oh my, I have to go, busy day tomorrow”. As she walked into my kitchen and I gave her a hug goodbye, I got it!!!!
I realized that I had left the ‘high road’ of non judgment and had fallen into the trench of judging and holding onto resentment and anger. I remembered one of my personal lessons right now is non-judgment and here I was in super judgment. I wanted revenge or retribution for what I was judging as ‘sins against humanity’. After that hug, in the following second I let it all go, and moved into the awareness of acceptance and instead of wanting this dictator tried and hanged, to trusting he would be open to the world’s help for his people.
Two days later it was reported he was willing to allow in more aid works (if they came from other Asian countries – but it was a beginning) and since then, there seems to be even more openings happening. Everyday I send out the prayer that he will be open to accept the help in order to aid his people.
Another thought which crossed my mind when I realized how easy it was to get into revenge and not trust the higher process, came from the movie Munich, in which the assassins began to realize no matter who they killed off there was another person, if not worse than the one they killed to take their place.
Oh yes, how easy it is to fall into the trench of judgment and revenge. How easy it is to forget the ‘high watch’. But then again just one person, without realizing it can also make a difference. When I thanked my friend, she had not even realized what she had done. I believe subconsciously she did not want to go where I was, and was removing herself and that was all I needed to be reminded. I cannot possibly know what is truly happening. All I can do is accept and love and keep the high watch.
I trust you will join me in knowing the world dictators who perpetrate crimes against humanity will see the light and see it is not the way to treat their own or other peoples.
Norma Cowie
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Past Lives & Past Life Regression

I was surprised and pleased to see that Oprah did a show on Past Lives on Tuesday, May 13th. Not only as a Past Life Regressionist do I know the value of past lives, but also because I realize that Oprah’s show reaches millions. Right now millions of people will be considering the value of this wonderful tool to explore why and how we are as we are.
I have lead groups in past life regression for many years, on several continents, utilizing, not hypnosis, but a visual meditation technique which I was inspirationally given, and for most it works. In my groups I usually have 90% of the group (no matter the size) experience something relating to a past life. Individually 100% works.
Often in groups, because the past life regression is not being individually lead, a person will block through either coughing or having some other body reaction, so they will not see the process through to the end. With my technique it is easy to visit a past life, all you need to do is allow yourself to see the pictures/memories you are giving yourself. One important step is not to analyze what you are seeing while seeing it. The analytical mind can disrupt the process.
In my model, all our early decisions regarding life and ourselves come from past lives. I discovered that when we encounter a feeling/emotion we reach back in our memory banks to when we last experienced that feeling. Then we remake the decision we last made. Therefore, all early decisions are past life based.
This has been supported when doing an inner child process, wherein I have a memory look at their memories as they proceed back, all of a sudden the child will jump from this present life into a past life. This is why I teach my students how to transform past lives before working with their own inner child memories. (My book Connecting to the Light explains the Inner Child transformation process).
Past Lives hold so many keys to who we are. By releasing – especially the guilt, regret and emotions we are holding onto at the time of death we can release ourselves from many feelings, fears and or decisions we are making from this life. I have discovered that the death process is the most important. Because when the ‘light’ comes for you, you need to be able to receive the love contained within the ‘light’. If you feel guilty, regretful or are holding onto an emotion, you will not receive the ‘light’ fully and therefore not complete the transition as easily as you would like to.
No matter what occurs during a life, it is the death process, with which I work the most. Having the lifetime my client is looking at release whatever is blocking them from receiving the love of the ‘light’. Then when the blocked energy of that lifetime is released, the client can look to see where in their body, in this lifetime, they are holding onto that energy, (they always find it) and bring the ‘light’ to themselves in this life and let go of whatever the blocks were.
Interestingly, next weekend I’m teaching several people how to become a Past Life Regressionist. I’m also finally working on a book on Past Life Regression. Perhaps the time has come once more, thanks to Oprah, for the energy of Past Lives to surface and become a household topic.
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