Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Past Lives & Past Life Regression

I was surprised and pleased to see that Oprah did a show on Past Lives on Tuesday, May 13th. Not only as a Past Life Regressionist do I know the value of past lives, but also because I realize that Oprah’s show reaches millions. Right now millions of people will be considering the value of this wonderful tool to explore why and how we are as we are.
I have lead groups in past life regression for many years, on several continents, utilizing, not hypnosis, but a visual meditation technique which I was inspirationally given, and for most it works. In my groups I usually have 90% of the group (no matter the size) experience something relating to a past life. Individually 100% works.
Often in groups, because the past life regression is not being individually lead, a person will block through either coughing or having some other body reaction, so they will not see the process through to the end. With my technique it is easy to visit a past life, all you need to do is allow yourself to see the pictures/memories you are giving yourself. One important step is not to analyze what you are seeing while seeing it. The analytical mind can disrupt the process.
In my model, all our early decisions regarding life and ourselves come from past lives. I discovered that when we encounter a feeling/emotion we reach back in our memory banks to when we last experienced that feeling. Then we remake the decision we last made. Therefore, all early decisions are past life based.
This has been supported when doing an inner child process, wherein I have a memory look at their memories as they proceed back, all of a sudden the child will jump from this present life into a past life. This is why I teach my students how to transform past lives before working with their own inner child memories. (My book Connecting to the Light explains the Inner Child transformation process).
Past Lives hold so many keys to who we are. By releasing – especially the guilt, regret and emotions we are holding onto at the time of death we can release ourselves from many feelings, fears and or decisions we are making from this life. I have discovered that the death process is the most important. Because when the ‘light’ comes for you, you need to be able to receive the love contained within the ‘light’. If you feel guilty, regretful or are holding onto an emotion, you will not receive the ‘light’ fully and therefore not complete the transition as easily as you would like to.
No matter what occurs during a life, it is the death process, with which I work the most. Having the lifetime my client is looking at release whatever is blocking them from receiving the love of the ‘light’. Then when the blocked energy of that lifetime is released, the client can look to see where in their body, in this lifetime, they are holding onto that energy, (they always find it) and bring the ‘light’ to themselves in this life and let go of whatever the blocks were.
Interestingly, next weekend I’m teaching several people how to become a Past Life Regressionist. I’m also finally working on a book on Past Life Regression. Perhaps the time has come once more, thanks to Oprah, for the energy of Past Lives to surface and become a household topic.
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