Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thanksgiving - the power of giving thanks

It is Thanksgiving weekend. Where does the time go these days, it seems weeks pass as though they were days. Perhaps it is my age, but others much younger tell me it seems like everything has sped up. No matter, with Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend, it means Halloween then Christmas and then another New Year. Time becomes precious with it seemly going so fast.

With thanksgiving always comes the looking at your life with what you have to be thankful for. One, that I'm still here to enjoy another one. Two my family is still intact, although my elder sister passed over earlier this year. Gratitude is what I life with. Another word for thanksgiving.

I have found that to be grateful everyday for what has been brought into your life. That to enjoy every moment for what it brings to you is so important.  In both my Secrets for Living Happily and Spiritual Principles of Wealth, I put in the same exercise of gratitude because so many people wrote and told me how it helped them.

This is how it goes:
When you go to bed, raise your thoughts upward to the universal source energy and say a 'thank you' for everything you enjoyed during the day. There has to be one thing you were happy about. Say 'thank you' for that. There may have been many enjoyments and so you say thank you for each one.
Also, in the morning when you wake up, raise your thoughts to the universal source energy and say 'Good morning, I will have a good day. Let good things come to me, let good things go from me. I give thanks. I give thanks. I give thanks.

Have a great thanksgiving!

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