Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Acceptance (Mental) vs Embracing (Emotional)

In life we all go through times of difficulties, hardships and sorrow.  Yet, how we handle these situations is what tempers us into being a 'strong' person, a person who realizes they can handle anything they create or comes their way. 

The Hanged Man of the Tarot, as he hangs upside down, has always represented Acceptance to me. Acceptance of things as they are. To me the Hanged Man as being No. 12 is an aspect of No. 3 the Empress, the Law of Love, which I always see as being part of acceptance and forgiveness.

A short while ago I heard a talk where the speaker delivering the talk spoke of Embracing the difficulty, the situation and while I sat there listening I realized something. Acceptance is the mental approach, (which is where I tend to hang out) while Embracing it is the emotional feeling approach. After being to look a Embracing situations, I found myself being able to dig a little deeper. Not just accepting, but totally embracing what is occurring.

Recently I had a client whose bottom line came up (the same one as I had) 'I'm not good enough". This is the mental approach.  I then explained to my client that the 'feeling' of "I'm not good enough" is "I'm unlovable". 

Now we are in the season where many of us have emotional difficulties with the holidays....either our families are gone, or we have had disappointment which we have not let go of. It is a time of embracing the situation, of not approaching it from a mental approach of acceptance, but embracing it, understanding it, forgive yourself and others and allowing the LOVE to grow within to embrace it all.

This season, embrace it all. The Love, the feeling of forgiveness, and enjoy the magic of it all.
Enjoy the season - embrace it.

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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Sorrow / Grief into Light

A few months ago I began taking some new vitamins and I can honestly say I am beginning to sleep better which means I have more energy. So instead of being absolutely out of it by mid afternoon, I often find myself having energy in the evenings wondering what to do with myself.  This is a change from the last few years. Hopefully, this will transport itself into me being able to write more in this blog.  I'm also right now working on what workshops to facilitate in the New Year, plus looking at where to travel and facilitate workshops there.

The other day, I was working on a Transformation Clearing with a regular client and she asked me about her daughter, when I discovered the daughter's soul was carrying such sorrow.  Not sadness, not grief, but deep sorrow.  As I looked deeper, I realized she had been on a planet which had blown apart. This is not the first time I have come across this, where a planet explodes.

The horror of this happening to the souls who are on the planet when this happens is quite devastating, but we must also realize that the soul is energy and therefore, as with all things (body included) it goes on.  The body will transform back into the basic molecules and atoms etc, while the soul will go and progress to 'somewhere'.  This could be another planet, a healing space, or a dimension.  As I am looking at the soul here, in present time, it means that the soul eventually arrives in the 'earth' realm.

Back to sorrow.  Sorrow is deep, it is not as movable (transformable) as grief or sadness. Only through connection to the original source does it make a big shift. This I was able to do through the Soul Origin going back and tracing all the different experiences then the soul can let go of this horror as it remembers what originally came.

This particular daughter also had a complication that the soul had split when the planet exploded, and that needed to be rejoined together, and integrated.  Quite a difference to the soul, which can shine light now.  Darkness gone!

Sorrow can be changed into Light!

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thanksgiving - the power of giving thanks

It is Thanksgiving weekend. Where does the time go these days, it seems weeks pass as though they were days. Perhaps it is my age, but others much younger tell me it seems like everything has sped up. No matter, with Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend, it means Halloween then Christmas and then another New Year. Time becomes precious with it seemly going so fast.

With thanksgiving always comes the looking at your life with what you have to be thankful for. One, that I'm still here to enjoy another one. Two my family is still intact, although my elder sister passed over earlier this year. Gratitude is what I life with. Another word for thanksgiving.

I have found that to be grateful everyday for what has been brought into your life. That to enjoy every moment for what it brings to you is so important.  In both my Secrets for Living Happily and Spiritual Principles of Wealth, I put in the same exercise of gratitude because so many people wrote and told me how it helped them.

This is how it goes:
When you go to bed, raise your thoughts upward to the universal source energy and say a 'thank you' for everything you enjoyed during the day. There has to be one thing you were happy about. Say 'thank you' for that. There may have been many enjoyments and so you say thank you for each one.
Also, in the morning when you wake up, raise your thoughts to the universal source energy and say 'Good morning, I will have a good day. Let good things come to me, let good things go from me. I give thanks. I give thanks. I give thanks.

Have a great thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

From Timorth - Joy

March 24, 2013
Joy is a wonderful feeling that many people mistrust. Like feeling happy it does not stay for most people very long, therefore they mistrust it.
To feel joy is to feel a warm bubble of exuberance inside. It has you see life in a different way. You become optimistic, you become full of life -
Joy - an emotion, a feeling which you need to sustain the notion, the belief life is 'good' and 'worthwhile'

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From Timorth - Be open to new ideas

March 23, 2013

Be open to new ideas even when they do not fit in with your beliefs or awareness of feelings. Every thought stated has someone else's beliefs and energies behind them. Therefore, listen, accept and then decide what you want to do with them. Do not react before hearing. Do not reject out of hand, but rather, allow yourself to consider the thought and energy behind what has been stated. As you take a breath, you will find it will be easier to reply without judgment. This leaves you more in command of you and your life.

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From Timorth - Love

March 19, 2013

Timorth writes:

Love is an energy which creates a softness, an understanding of acceptance, a tolerance of self or another being.
To love is to accept and understand another unconditionally, which creates a warmth and a feeling of loveness.
To not love is to not see the person as connected to the one true power and source of being. To only see them as their selves, their personality - their outer being, rather than the truth of who they are.
Connected to the source.

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From Timorth - Life

A wee while ago I taught a class on 'Connecting to your Guide'.  One technique was automatic writing.  I'm sharing some of the writings that I received from my guide Timorth.
March 17, 2013.

Life is a joy, a given honour, which is to be respected.  Do not take for granted the living breath you are given. Through your breath you are reinforced on all levels. Your cells vibrate in knowing they are alive.
Aliveness, an awareness of truth - an awareness of feeling. You can choose to be happy or sad, no matter it is feeling of aliveness. God is Good!  It means all aliveness is connected and brings forth joy of life - unless someone chooses to not be joyous but rather sink into despair - which creates loss of connection.
Remember, all beings, human or animal are connected through the vibration that runs through all things. A life that brings joy to self and others helps to create a more stronger vibration for those in despair to reach out too.
One must reach out. Then the new vibration comes in and all will be as one.

March 18, 2013
Be vigilant in all things especially your thoughts about others. Always see them in love - see their beauty and even when it is clouded and hard to see, know you are at one and therefore know the light of connection is in all things including people. Send, see and be loving accepting and your true purpose will be realized. 

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Changing Perspectives

During the last months I have been quite upset when I have read books and seen movies which have held the vision of many of us humans being wiped out.  I found the thought form of this which I have heard from time to time (most well done is the documentary movie - Thrive). I just did not want the thought form to be a common place thought as I know that's how we create. 

Dan Brown's book Inferno, truly began my frustration at this thought, which then seem to be followed by the book by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge Zoo and Brad Pitt's movie World War Z. Then I went to see the movie Pacific Rim (see movie review where once more I was confronted with the idea of the world population being destroyed.

It was during the movie Pacific Rim I had a realization, a change of perspective, through a bit of dialogue. Perhaps I needed to read it, see it and hear it that one more time, but this time I got it. Although Inferno was about over population, the other book, and movies were really about pollution. How we are destroying our environment and the results of this.  Sitting there in the theatre, it was like a light went on.  Immediately, a lot of my anger/frustration at this idea being put out there about our population being killed off fell away (thank goodness) and I felt more peaceful when I realized it was a statement against using petroleum products and the affect it has on the environment. 

Reading Zoo, really shows how petroleum products can affect our world in a whole different way, plus it has some wonderful comments about the history of earth and its inhabitants. Sometimes you think you are reading a novel an inside it has all sorts of wonderful bits of information. Zoo is like that.

In case you don't read my review on Pacific Rim (I think the longest I have ever done because I have a lot of perspectives that I had from it) one of the things I found interesting was that in Pacific Rim, there has to be two people who have to come together as one mind in order to propel these large iron machines. They called it 'drifting'. Being in the present, and working the machines as one. 

The evening I saw this movie I was facilitating a small group for a Channeling Your Guide evening. This is where I allow each person's guide to come in and use my voice to give them a message. It was the same as 'drifting'. It was similar anyway. I have to be in the present. I have to have no thoughts of my own in order to the guide coming in to use my voice. Also, during the evening, two messages came through for two different participants where a change of perspective was necessary for their lives.  Normally, that message would not have registered with me, but because I had already had a change of perspective that day, I listened to what was being said (I sit back in my mind when these channel sessions are occurring so I do hear, but usually don't remember) and I smiled to myself.

Yes, right now we are needing to change perspective. The vibration of the planet and therefore, us humans is going through a change, and we need to let go of old ideas, concepts, beliefs and judgments and move into a more open and responsive awareness.

We can sometimes become stuck on one idea, not moving or changing it, and therefore we miss out on information. I was stuck on how the thought form of our population being killed off was growing, and missing that often people were working to make the point of what we are doing to the environment is doing harm to us and the animals on this lovely planet of ours. Thus killing ourselves off.

Suggestion, take a look around and see where you may be stuck on a perspective that is old, or if you feel angry/frustrated about something, you may be stuck there.  Changing Perspective, is something I will be looking at in other areas of my life too. 

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Thursday, June 06, 2013

A Book which supports what I see at Soul Origins!

When describing the Soul Origins showing up in my Soul Origin readings/clearings I was directed to the book Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton, PhD Published 2011 by Llewellyn Worldwide.  ISBN13:978-1-56718-499-0 or ISBN 10: 1-56718-499-5 specifically pages 125 to 133.

Upon reading the following on Page 125 it was similar to what I have seen over and over.  I am going to stop where it completes what I perceive, but the paragraph goes on to describe a nursery, which to date I have not seen. For more information on this, please get the book and read it.

This is what I see when I take the Soul I'm working with back to the origin.
"My soul was created out of a great irregular cloudy mass. I was expelled as a tiny particle of energy...."

I have not seen that it is irregular, but I do see the large (usually just a little bit of the curve of it) and see the bubble of the Soul being released. It is a very, very light yellow mixture within the bubble (cloudy, almost white).  It did my heart good to read this....that is what I see.

In his book (which I have not totally read) the souls seem to go to a nursery. On page 130 Michael Newton writes, "Note:  I have heard from a few other subjects that one of the basic reasons each soul is different from the other is that after the Source "breaks off" energy fragments to create a soul, what is left of the original mass becomes infinitesimally altered so it is not exactly the same as before. Thus the source is like a divine mother who would never create twin children."

He then on page 132 states:
"Before continuing with the evolution of a soul's progress, I should list what differences I have learned about their existence once they are created.   
1, There are energy fragments which appear to return to the energy mass that created them before they even reach the nursery, I do not know the reason for their being aborted. Others who do reach the nursery, are unable to handle learning "to be" on an individual basis during early maturation. Later they7 are associated with collective functions and, from what I can determine, never leave the spirit world.

2. There are energy fragments who have individual soul essences that are not inclined, or have the necessary mental fabric to incarnate in physical form on any world. They are often found on mental worlds, and they also appear to move easily between dimensions.

3. There are energy fragments with individual soul essences who incarnate only on physical worlds. These souls may well receive training in the spirit world with mental spheres between lives. I do not find them as interdimensional travelers.

4. There are energy fragments who are souls with the ability and inclination to incarnate and function as individuals in all types of physical and mental environments. This does not necessarily give them more or less enlightenment than other soul types. However, their wide range of practical experience positions them for many specialization opportunities and assignments or responsibility."

I think I have been reading for the last group, as I have seen not only planets, but also spaces both of varying degrees.  And so I learn more about Souls and their Origin and their journeys..   

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Shadow Self Overshadows a Life.

I have just completed a transformation clearing session on having the Soul become whole and complete. (This is something often chosen after a client has been their soul impression drawing).
What was interesting in the drawing is that it was very dull, as though a darkness was over it, and tight, in other words, tall and slender, rather than being round and full.

One of the blocks shown as to why the Soul was not whole and complete was the Shadow Self. The High and Earth selves were also shown as blocks, but before I began working with the Selves, I was working with the Chakras, moving through the ones shown as blocks, when I got to the Crown Chakra, there was this dark, overbearing presence, which would not clear. (I had already found several what I call 'distractors', meaning my attention wanders - something that does not normally happen, so felt there was something, but thought it had to do with attachments, which was also shown as a block).

When this dark overbearing energy would not transform, or leave, (which is what normally happens when I encounter an attachment, or energies blocking, I called up my support workers and we took this energy away. Once the energy was removed, then the crown chakra blossomed and the whole chakra system lit up beautifully, the sweet, innocence and beautifulness of the soul radiated.

When it was time to work with the Selves, the High and Earth Selves made their connection just fine and all went well. Time to go to the Shadow Self and nothing, it took me a second to realize that the energy I sent away had been the Shadow Self, so had to do some rechecking, to discover what had happened. I then was able to dissolve the old Shadow Self and create the new Shadow Self with the original programming to ensure there was balance between the High, Earth and Shadow. What a great feeling and my client also mentioned things felt different.

The Shadow Selves job is to keep the connection to Source/God energy strong at all times, to remind us when we forget. I often find though we use it as a garbage disposal. We throw feelings in particular we don't want to feel on it. I often see it dark and full of 'lint'. Old emotions which we either have judgments on or we just don't want to accept and deal with. Usually I spend time cleaning it off, before reconnecting it and all is well. This had been a whole different case.

The Shadow Self had decided it needed to protect my client, to the point, it overshadowed her, controlling her environment. I had said to her while working with the Crown Chakra "do you feel like you have been watched, overshadowed so to speak" and her reply was "oh yes".  I'm sure now that the Shadow Self has been put back into its normal place with its job intact, she will feel a lot better to be the beautiful being she truly is.

This is one reason I love the transformation clearing work I do, you just never know what you are going to encounter.  This client has chosen to do my summer special, so we will have more transformation clearing work to do in the next few weeks, of which I'm glad, because I know there is still more (not with the Shadow) but with other aspects of her.  I must say it was the first time I have run into an out of control Shadow Self. Usually, they are just overburdened but all the 'stuff' they have to carry.

I'm happy I have been lead to do this work, so I can 'clear' these kind of out of control energies which have such an effect on the life, without them realizing what is causing their pain.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Past Life Regressions

Today is the last day of a three day workshop which I am faciliating for people learning to become a Past Life Regressionist.  Past Life Regressions was the second technique I learned. Reading the Tarot being the first. I have found undersanding about Past Lives, and the affect they have on this present one has been important in all the other modalities I have come to work with.
It has been a pleasure to watch these participants come in and learn how to lead another through emotional and difficult situations to create the result desired. A letting go of the guilt, regret, strong emotions, plus decisions that we made in that particular life.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Catch up Comments

I'm just back from Edmonton and Vancouver.  I love being able to combine work and visiting friends and family.  Edmonton I was staying with my friend Vida and we managed a some wonderful trips, inbetween a 'channeling your guide' evening, and some private consultations we fit in a a visit for lunch with friends in Red Deer. The most important was visiting Princess Diana's Collection, which was being displayed in the West Edmonton Mall.  That was worth the visit alone. Seeing her jewellery and clothes, including the infamous wedding dress. What a beauty it is in real!  I could not believe how small her feet were, in relation to her 5'10" size.  Of course I shed some tears at the video of the funeral, I was not alone in that, and they had kleenezs well placed.  Thank goodness. We also went to see Iron Man 3, in 3D. (check out the movie review at  I was able to post some of the journey on my regular facebook page, but unable until today to post of my professional page For some reason my connection with my IPhone would not work, but through Twitter I was able to post and I know that goes onto my regular Facebook page.
I was in Vancouver for Mother's Day, which also coincided with my arrival in Canada 50 years ago, so my two children and myself spent a large part of the day together, having supper in Horseshoe Bay, were my daughter is setting up a second therapy clinic. She has a large on in Vancouver and managers close to 20 therapists there.  She wanted us to see what she was doing, and the meal in the resturant was great!  It was a wonderful day for me.
Now I'm back home, I'm getting everything sorted out and also the yard is calling. I bought two new rose bushes on the way home plus some basil and tomatoes.  They all need planting.  The sky is beautifully clear today, so it will he a hot lovely day. 
This coming week I will be getting ready for the Past Life Regressionist Course which begins next Friday thru Sunday.  Have several people signed up, would like one more.  Anyone out there wants to learn how to be a Past Life Regressionist and have the three days available, let me know.
I am feeling so much more healthier and ready to move on.  Managed to drop nearly 50 lbs in weight this year, and I'm sure that has a large part to play.
Have done several more Soul Origin reading/clearings. More interesting information emerging. Will need to write it out also.
Blessings to you all.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Soul Origin Experiences.

My wonder and learning continues with the Soul Origins Readings/Clearings.  I recently have done three more of them, and the one thing I have found is that you never know what is going to come up
What I love is when I mention the feeling I am perceiving my clients are able to say 'I can relate to that' or 'I feel that'. When I have confirmation, then I know I'm on the 'right track' so to speak.

One of the soul sessions I found the soul was incredibly bored, and found everything 'boring' and thought of humans as 'rats in a maze'. Interestingly enough my client related totally.  Trustingly by bringing in a new awareness she will find herself relating to humanity a little different.

Another soul session was with a client who I have done a number of clearings and past life regressions with. As we followed the soul back to the beginning, I remembered some of the past life regressions we had done.  They were relevant and explained a lot of what my client still felt, over responsibility, etc. Once we had the soul back to the beginning, there was a huge shift, the colors changed and a feeling of immense 'expanding' (my words for it) occurred. My client said she felt the shift and after discussing several of the thoughts and feelings she experiences after we were complete, her consciousness grew into the awareness.  I do find that the consciousness must also expand into the new ideas and concepts. Truly, the expansion of awareness, the non judgement, the excitement of coming to understand the different planets and dimensions is always a rewarding experience.

My last client was something very different. She brought with her a soul who showed me could not go back before the earth reincarnations (she had not done any clearing work with me) until we cleared some past lives and then when I thought we had it all, the soul showed me one life where she had hid in a cave.  Once that life was cleared then we could progress back.  Back to a green body, with scale like skin, living on a planet that was mostly water.  They could breathe underwater. What impressed me is the gentleness of these people.  She was there for ten turns (lives).  Then we progressed back to a planet which was volcanoes. The ferocity of this planet is something I find hard to explain, gas everywhere and when I looked at these huge people with faces like a snout (reminding me of gas masks). Again these were gentle people, afraid they would become extinct, due to the explosions and the long gestation period of their young.  But the working together, supporting each other and the gentleness it was  incredibly wonderful.  When I asked the soul if it was ready to go back to the beginning it was nervous, scared, so it took me to what I would call a dimension, where fairy like beings were. Again gentleness, and movement. The soul got bored there and had moved on (eventually arriving at the volcano planet - definitely not boring when you did not know if the land you were standing on was going to explode with a gas (hot steam) which would kill you.  Once we were at the fairyland (as I call it) then the soul was ready to go back.  It had been afraid of being emerged with it again and therefore losing its identify. Plus not being good enough, as though it has not done well enough. I was able to reassure it we were not returning it, but remembering how it felt to be connected. Once it was connected again, it remembered the non judgement and how accepted it was. Then the soul gladly remembered, letting go quite a few restrictions and then we pulled that energy through to the present life and integrated it. 
Through conversation after, my client got to see how her present life was represented in all that I had explained.  I was left once again with wonder at the beauty, the gentleness and the total being of the soul.

I'm loving doing these soul origin readings/clearings. Every time something new comes up. I still have not done enough to begin to see a pattern, but I'm certainly learning about different planets and dimensions and how other beings interreact.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Connecting and Channeling Your Guide

This Saturday was the first day for a two day (one this month and one next month) two hour long workshop titled Connecting and Channeling Your Guide.  I am also going to be doing a three hour workshop in Tsawwassen in May.  I have been asked repeatedly if I would do this and as often happens the people who ask for the workshop, do not appear, but others do.  I had six in this workshop. Five in person, and one, who had come down with a cold, by Skype. Hopefully, she will join us in person next month.
First I spoke about guides, what are they and how they work, and how we can discover if it is 'guide' speaking to us, or our own voice.  Then after a meditation to connect with the guide, we all began to write what they said to us. Almost all of us got something insightful or inspirational, which of course is what a guide is to do.  By practicising this, their automatic writing skills will be honed.
The two hours went fast and they group went home with their notebooks and instructions to do a short time with their guide every day, and write out what they say.  Next month when we get together again, we will see who is willing to let their guide energy through enough to 'speak' through them. 
I look forward to seeing how the trust and understanding grows between each of them and their guides when we all convene again.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

More Soul Origin Stories

I recently did two more Soul Origin readings/clearings and once more was astounded with what I found. It is so exciting to do these because not only is it uncharted waters for me, what I’m discovering is teaching me a lot.

One story evolved as I tuned in I could not ‘feel anything’ and was wondering ‘what, what’s happening’ when I asked my client, "do you often feel not connected to anything" as soon as she replied ‘yes’, then I knew I was on the right track, so decided we needed to go back to when the soul first came to earth (a pivotal point in these readings). Once there, I realized the soul was only mildly interested in this journey of earth (and I’m looking for enthusiasm, love of life and joy). When I said we need to go back before this, the soul informed me, it could not do that because it was in three pieces. Upon checking, I found one just hanging out, and one attached to a male and this left me in a quandary. I was not sure what to do, so I asked inside and was told what to do, so brought the man’s soul piece in and once the three pieces were at one, we were able to go back.

Now, came the second thing I had not run into. Here, in this space, there were globes of souls just hanging out. I could not find a structure, or anything or anyone who was in command of this place, but there were lots of these soul globes just being there. The significant feeling all through this was weariness. Just weary. As I observed, trying to get a handle on what and where this place I was in was, I realized that every now and again a globe would leave, but again could not figure out how come it knew to leave, or even where to go, so decided we needed to go back further.

Again, an interesting thing occurred. It was like the planet, place or dimension this soul had been on was diminishing - like when you read about an old star dying. This place was slowly dying and the souls knew they could not stay there and would have to leave. Sadness yes, but mostly weary of it all. So back some more, when finally I found a place where the life, or times the soul was in, was happy, fulfilled and feeling great. Ah, now I have something I can bring back. So consolidating that feeling, I began the journey back to the present. Bringing back the enthusiasm for existence, also adding some excitement about ‘newness’, we went through the diminishing, into the globes and then back into the earth vibration. This time, quite different, enthusiastic about experiencing the differences here on earth.

When I integrated everything here and now, my client said she felt ‘really good’. Will check back in with her in a couple of weeks to see how she is doing with this new soul integration.

The last one I did was again so very different. This was with a client I have done a lot of transformation/clearing work with and whose life has changed a great deal over time we have spent working together. Now she was ready to experience this ‘last piece’. And what a piece it was. Upon going back to the coming to earth point, there was curiosity as to what was here, and then as I went back again, I felt like I was in a place, which I could only explain as 1600 Venice. The way the beings were dressed were like our ‘court days’. Very little, if any facial expressions and everyone was only interested in status and possessions.

Then going back further, I found myself experiencing a place were it appeared soul’s were created. Beautiful energy, beautiful beings. I would say it felt like angelic energy. Totally gentle, absolutely without any judgements at all, soft, gentle, energy. I wrote down on my work sheet - Angel of Light, as that was the only way I could explain it. Then as I brought this beautiful energy back through time, we went to a very heavy time period, where I was told she spent 10 turns (not lives, but turns whatever that meant) where it was rough and tough, heavy bodies, then she went to several other dimensions and places, never staying too long, and then finally into the Venice (as I called it) environment. 

Then back into earth and through to this lifetime. When asked how many lifetimes here my client has had I received the answer 53. At the end, my client was feeling connected and peaceful.
Since speaking with her again she says the feeling has persisted.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Tarot helps make a decision

Most days I go for a walk by Skaha Lake. Over these winter months, sometimes the wind has been so cold and strong that my friend Jeanne and I have opted to walk along the street beside the lake so the houses protect us. It seems since November, when the temperatures were quite reasonable, the wind began to blow cold. Then of course the temperatures dropped and so the wind chill got really cold. But that never stopped us. Most days (unless our schedule doesn't allow it we walk even when our faces would be quite cold when we finished our walk.
As we walk beside the lake, we get to see the lake in its many moods. Calm, with the hills reflected into it, choppy, which is when it is grey and moody and then rough, with white caps wherever you look. One cannot but think about how life is like that. Some days are just calm, peaceful and easy, others moody and choppy, and then every now and again you have a day when it seems nothing goes right.
What we do with these different days is the important thing. I found myself saying to my Tarot class last night one of my favorite sayings "its not the event which is important, its how you handle it". We know that thoughts create our vibration, and that vibration goes out and brings to us our reality. Whether we like the reality when it shows up, we must deal with what comes. Sometimes we can see how our thinking has not been the greatest in the last while and the choppiness of our thoughts and feelings get reflected,but sometimes, out of the blue (as the Tower symbol signifies) something occurs, happens or we perceive something which is different. Then we have to decide how to handle it.
This morning, when doing my cards I had the Tower, and as usual I looked to see how much of the Tower was falling down - not much. Then later when I was looking at my emails there was an email saying a booth had come up at a Health & Wellness Fair which I had neglected to register for and had written to say, "if you have a cancellation, let me know". Here it was, there has been a cancellation. Now comes the second part of the quandary. Do I take this booth, it is not where I would prefer, it is smaller than I would like, yet do I trust the Tower, which always states: "accept, let go and rebuild".  Therefore, I decided to do a reading, on accepting the offer or not.  For those that know the Tarot I got the following:  Hermit (answer lies within me) Hanged Man (I needed to accept what has been offered) Ace of Cups (change my attitude), High Priestess (make the decision) and Empress (Abundance).  If we put these together, it says, you know the answer, by accepting and changing your attitude, then you can decide and create the abundance that awaits.
Because I always like to look at both sides of the story this is what I got for not going: Page Pentacles (absorbed in material things) Three Wands (projecting my ideas out) Three Pentacles (frustration and waiting) Eight Wands, (waiting for things to manifest) and Three Swords (disappointment).  This then was saying, if I became absorbed in worrying about the money (I still have to pay for the booth) then I would not be projecting what I wanted, but rather staying in lack and frustration, as everything would be up in the air and not manifesting and I would be disappointed and unhappy.
From these two readings, I would say I need to go and accept the placement and smaller booth size and let it unfold as it will. Like the lake, let my mood become at ease and see the beauty of what is offered. Today our walk by the lake was wonderful. The wind, although cool was quietier than usual, and the water was calm.
I'll let you know how the weekend goes (next week March 2 & 3).
You look around and see what nature is telling you about yourself and life.

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Friday, February 08, 2013

Soul Origins Readings

I did my first Soul Origin Reading/Clearing and Aligning yesterday. I was nervous, for although I got this ideas because during my Clearing work I run into the soul holding onto energy which is blocking and go back see what the energy the soul came into earth with, I had not until yesterday just concentrated on that alone.  I was not disappointed in myself. In fact I found it interesting to say the least. I think the story which unfolded could be written up as a novel.
When I first tuned into the Soul of my client, I picked up alot of sadness, which ended up into grief. When checking she affirmed that yes she did have an underneath sadness. As I was clearing that I determined a number of lives in which husbands, children and family were lost - hence the sadness. I then began to follow the soul back to when it first arrived in earth's vibration and it was so enthusiastic (which is surprising as I often run into the opposite, nervous, scared or angry about being here).
Then I went back to what brought the soul here. Things got interesting. I saw a very white tall structure in which a tall, thin, male energy sitting above (like a judge does in some court rooms)talking down to five people before him and they were leaving on a journey to Earth. So off in their spaceship they went, happy, enthusiastic about their journey. They spent 2 1/2 years wandering around earth (unseen). 
Now this part I found interesting. They were invisible to humans yet were among them. It reminded me of how entities are here but we don't see them, because they are on a different vibration than our physical one.
When their exploration was over, they met back at their space craft (which seemed long and sleek) they could not get it started to return back to where they came from. Therefore, they had to integrate themselves into the human vibration and began the reincarnation cycle. 
My client said it answered a number of questions, especially the one in which she felt she needed to get 'home'. She always thought it was about rejoining into the 'one', but now she realized it had another meaning. Other understandings came as well. 
All in all, an interesting and wonderful session.  I look forward to many more, maybe not quite as interesting, but wonderful as we unravel why we are not living in peace, harmony and joyousness today.
Have a great day!

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Friday, February 01, 2013

It's February Already

I sit here on Friday February 1st, wondering where January went. Usually I find January a long month, but this year - no. It went incredibly fast. Perhaps it was because I was busy with clients, classes and movie going, but still it did seem to go fast.
I must say I have had some interesting psychic clearing work this last month. I found several even had 'curses' to release. We sometimes forget that when a person has a not very good intent to another and sends to energy that it can land, which classifies as a 'curse'.
Over the years the 'curse' concept has gotten a bad wrap. Most of all because some readers use this to get more dollars out of their clients. What I have run into over the years is often generational curses. A thought form attached which comes down generation after generation. Others though is in this life. A couple I can think of which I remember is:
 1) a girl around seven years old in the school playground had another young gal become really jealous of her. This resulted the the jealous gal's viscous thoughts penetrating into her system and she thereafter was afflicted by this jealous gals thought. After I cleared that, she emailed to say that the next day she awoke feeling 'like herself'.
2) Is a family generation curse, going back many generations to Ireland, where one woman again was jealous with a girl winning the man she wanted and sent out a viscous thought about them not succeeding. Since then the family had not done well financially. Again releasing that thought form has made a difference in that woman's life.
I have found that clients will come often with the same issue. Its like bunches at the same time. Not every client has a curse, but I have run into several this last month.
On a personal note, I began a diet program January 1st and so far it is working really well..  I'm committed to this program which will take approximately a year to complete. I do believe for my health and being able move better I needed to drop the extra weight I am carrying. When I was ill last year, I dropped quite a bit, but once I began eating again I put on around 20 lbs, so that needed to come off plus more. Part of this program is to walk 30 minutes per day. I usually walk 20 - 25 minutes a day anyway with my walking partner Jeanne. Its been interesting with snow, ice and a very cold wind. We prefer to walk outside than inside, and the wind has been very cold since December. The odd, very odd, day there is no wind, which is like heaven.  This morning I awoke to blue skies and that was great too. Living between two lakes we get a lot of grey skies, so when those blue skies arrive....wonderful!
I was also happy with the workshops I did during January. I was especially excited about the Skype attendees forthe Manifesting Your Goals a two hour class. Three on Skype and three in person, was exciting. Therefore I'm looking forward to the workshops coming up this month. As I'm on an Internet Radio Program on Spiritual Prosperity, I'm doing a follow up course on Saturday following again with Skype. Plus a workshop on reading, drawing and interpreting auras.
I also through January did a few channeling groups with a few people each time. I'm happy to report that is working well, and I'm open for private 1/2 hour channeling sessions, and groups. My life is pretty well back to normal. I still can get tired, but I rest. I do not push myself and I very rarely need a nap. Yes, life is beginning to feel 'normal' whatever that is.
I'm trusting I will be able to get to blog more often in the future than I have the last few months.
Until next time, remember - ENJOY what you are doing.  Life is here to ENJOY fully. 

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mid January Report

How wonderful it feels to be back in the saddle, so to speak, clients, classes, planning trips etc. As winter has descended here, the ground is covered in snow covered ice. So one walks very carefully. Luckily the roads are clear. The last few days the sun has been shining and the wind chill not so bad, which makes the daily walks more comfortable. I like many at this time of the year have chosen a new food program (not using the word diet). This one will be for the long haul, hopefully to get to the weight I truly want to be.  I also am still taking my Jusuru Life Blend daily, and feel the benefits of that. Otherwise life is pretty much the same.
My downtime is spent watching TV and Movies. I especially like a new TV series called Switched At Birth, found it almost by accident and love it. It is about two girls switched at birth and one became deaf. Therefore you have a large deaf component with sign language and learning about their difficulties. Mostly its about the parents, the children (teenagers) and relationships. If you see it, check it out.
I believe everyone has felt some of the changes in vibration that have gone on and will continue to go on. Sometimes, I wish everything would just settle down and then we would know where we are going - but of course now everything has to resettle and we, us humans, have to decide how we want to show up in this new vibration world, which so many people do not realize has changed.  But I guess thats the fun of it all. Growth sometimes is not easy, but we need to make it interesting and fun. Don't you think?
Before the end of the year, most of the readings I was doing for people showed the need for letting go, and we need to remember to 'let go' of 'stuff', which I'm doing as I begin to declutter my house, but mostly ideas, beliefs and attitudes we have had.  I listened to the book DEEP TRUTH by Greg Braden, in fact gave it to my son and son in law for Christmas, because he speaks alot about how many of the held ideas and beliefs are not true. Are proven not true, yet we still act like they are.  Yes, time to change, let go, be open to newness.
January has begun with a number of classes for me to teach.  I have my usual Wednesday night drop in group, plus I'm finishing up my last Tarot class as the last two classes got postponed due to the weather so this Thursday I will be completing that. Tonight I finish up a series of three workshops on Transforming Your Blocks (one per month) and as we clear our emotions away from our memories, that will be the end of that series. This coming Saturday I'm facilitating a two hour Manifesting Your Goals, by Skype and in Person.  Then on the 29th I begin another eight week Tarot Course. Will organize February in the coming week. March will see me heading to Toronto area. Already workshops and psychic parties and channeling events are booked, so that pleases me too.
I trust you are enjoying the January weather wherever you are, northern hemisphere our winter, souther hemsisphere, where I usually go at this time of the year - but not this year - the summer.
Happy times

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