Friday, February 08, 2013

Soul Origins Readings

I did my first Soul Origin Reading/Clearing and Aligning yesterday. I was nervous, for although I got this ideas because during my Clearing work I run into the soul holding onto energy which is blocking and go back see what the energy the soul came into earth with, I had not until yesterday just concentrated on that alone.  I was not disappointed in myself. In fact I found it interesting to say the least. I think the story which unfolded could be written up as a novel.
When I first tuned into the Soul of my client, I picked up alot of sadness, which ended up into grief. When checking she affirmed that yes she did have an underneath sadness. As I was clearing that I determined a number of lives in which husbands, children and family were lost - hence the sadness. I then began to follow the soul back to when it first arrived in earth's vibration and it was so enthusiastic (which is surprising as I often run into the opposite, nervous, scared or angry about being here).
Then I went back to what brought the soul here. Things got interesting. I saw a very white tall structure in which a tall, thin, male energy sitting above (like a judge does in some court rooms)talking down to five people before him and they were leaving on a journey to Earth. So off in their spaceship they went, happy, enthusiastic about their journey. They spent 2 1/2 years wandering around earth (unseen). 
Now this part I found interesting. They were invisible to humans yet were among them. It reminded me of how entities are here but we don't see them, because they are on a different vibration than our physical one.
When their exploration was over, they met back at their space craft (which seemed long and sleek) they could not get it started to return back to where they came from. Therefore, they had to integrate themselves into the human vibration and began the reincarnation cycle. 
My client said it answered a number of questions, especially the one in which she felt she needed to get 'home'. She always thought it was about rejoining into the 'one', but now she realized it had another meaning. Other understandings came as well. 
All in all, an interesting and wonderful session.  I look forward to many more, maybe not quite as interesting, but wonderful as we unravel why we are not living in peace, harmony and joyousness today.
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