Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Tarot helps make a decision

Most days I go for a walk by Skaha Lake. Over these winter months, sometimes the wind has been so cold and strong that my friend Jeanne and I have opted to walk along the street beside the lake so the houses protect us. It seems since November, when the temperatures were quite reasonable, the wind began to blow cold. Then of course the temperatures dropped and so the wind chill got really cold. But that never stopped us. Most days (unless our schedule doesn't allow it we walk even when our faces would be quite cold when we finished our walk.
As we walk beside the lake, we get to see the lake in its many moods. Calm, with the hills reflected into it, choppy, which is when it is grey and moody and then rough, with white caps wherever you look. One cannot but think about how life is like that. Some days are just calm, peaceful and easy, others moody and choppy, and then every now and again you have a day when it seems nothing goes right.
What we do with these different days is the important thing. I found myself saying to my Tarot class last night one of my favorite sayings "its not the event which is important, its how you handle it". We know that thoughts create our vibration, and that vibration goes out and brings to us our reality. Whether we like the reality when it shows up, we must deal with what comes. Sometimes we can see how our thinking has not been the greatest in the last while and the choppiness of our thoughts and feelings get reflected,but sometimes, out of the blue (as the Tower symbol signifies) something occurs, happens or we perceive something which is different. Then we have to decide how to handle it.
This morning, when doing my cards I had the Tower, and as usual I looked to see how much of the Tower was falling down - not much. Then later when I was looking at my emails there was an email saying a booth had come up at a Health & Wellness Fair which I had neglected to register for and had written to say, "if you have a cancellation, let me know". Here it was, there has been a cancellation. Now comes the second part of the quandary. Do I take this booth, it is not where I would prefer, it is smaller than I would like, yet do I trust the Tower, which always states: "accept, let go and rebuild".  Therefore, I decided to do a reading, on accepting the offer or not.  For those that know the Tarot I got the following:  Hermit (answer lies within me) Hanged Man (I needed to accept what has been offered) Ace of Cups (change my attitude), High Priestess (make the decision) and Empress (Abundance).  If we put these together, it says, you know the answer, by accepting and changing your attitude, then you can decide and create the abundance that awaits.
Because I always like to look at both sides of the story this is what I got for not going: Page Pentacles (absorbed in material things) Three Wands (projecting my ideas out) Three Pentacles (frustration and waiting) Eight Wands, (waiting for things to manifest) and Three Swords (disappointment).  This then was saying, if I became absorbed in worrying about the money (I still have to pay for the booth) then I would not be projecting what I wanted, but rather staying in lack and frustration, as everything would be up in the air and not manifesting and I would be disappointed and unhappy.
From these two readings, I would say I need to go and accept the placement and smaller booth size and let it unfold as it will. Like the lake, let my mood become at ease and see the beauty of what is offered. Today our walk by the lake was wonderful. The wind, although cool was quietier than usual, and the water was calm.
I'll let you know how the weekend goes (next week March 2 & 3).
You look around and see what nature is telling you about yourself and life.

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