Friday, February 01, 2013

It's February Already

I sit here on Friday February 1st, wondering where January went. Usually I find January a long month, but this year - no. It went incredibly fast. Perhaps it was because I was busy with clients, classes and movie going, but still it did seem to go fast.
I must say I have had some interesting psychic clearing work this last month. I found several even had 'curses' to release. We sometimes forget that when a person has a not very good intent to another and sends to energy that it can land, which classifies as a 'curse'.
Over the years the 'curse' concept has gotten a bad wrap. Most of all because some readers use this to get more dollars out of their clients. What I have run into over the years is often generational curses. A thought form attached which comes down generation after generation. Others though is in this life. A couple I can think of which I remember is:
 1) a girl around seven years old in the school playground had another young gal become really jealous of her. This resulted the the jealous gal's viscous thoughts penetrating into her system and she thereafter was afflicted by this jealous gals thought. After I cleared that, she emailed to say that the next day she awoke feeling 'like herself'.
2) Is a family generation curse, going back many generations to Ireland, where one woman again was jealous with a girl winning the man she wanted and sent out a viscous thought about them not succeeding. Since then the family had not done well financially. Again releasing that thought form has made a difference in that woman's life.
I have found that clients will come often with the same issue. Its like bunches at the same time. Not every client has a curse, but I have run into several this last month.
On a personal note, I began a diet program January 1st and so far it is working really well..  I'm committed to this program which will take approximately a year to complete. I do believe for my health and being able move better I needed to drop the extra weight I am carrying. When I was ill last year, I dropped quite a bit, but once I began eating again I put on around 20 lbs, so that needed to come off plus more. Part of this program is to walk 30 minutes per day. I usually walk 20 - 25 minutes a day anyway with my walking partner Jeanne. Its been interesting with snow, ice and a very cold wind. We prefer to walk outside than inside, and the wind has been very cold since December. The odd, very odd, day there is no wind, which is like heaven.  This morning I awoke to blue skies and that was great too. Living between two lakes we get a lot of grey skies, so when those blue skies arrive....wonderful!
I was also happy with the workshops I did during January. I was especially excited about the Skype attendees forthe Manifesting Your Goals a two hour class. Three on Skype and three in person, was exciting. Therefore I'm looking forward to the workshops coming up this month. As I'm on an Internet Radio Program on Spiritual Prosperity, I'm doing a follow up course on Saturday following again with Skype. Plus a workshop on reading, drawing and interpreting auras.
I also through January did a few channeling groups with a few people each time. I'm happy to report that is working well, and I'm open for private 1/2 hour channeling sessions, and groups. My life is pretty well back to normal. I still can get tired, but I rest. I do not push myself and I very rarely need a nap. Yes, life is beginning to feel 'normal' whatever that is.
I'm trusting I will be able to get to blog more often in the future than I have the last few months.
Until next time, remember - ENJOY what you are doing.  Life is here to ENJOY fully. 

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