Thursday, November 24, 2011

Teaching Continues

This last weekend I facilitated the four day (Friday thru Monday) the PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT INTENSIVE. From my perspective it went really well. The comments written at the end were good - thank goodness. Five people were in my living room, learning how to use many of the different personal tools I teach as they began to discover how their minds worked and how to transform their thinking and feelings. We also explored past lives and after a few past live regressions they were ready to move into transforming their frozen inner children. This process I have always found very helpful in clearing beliefs which have been created. Usually when these beliefs are locked in they are held in our memories as frozen children.
I wrote about this process in my book CONNECTING TO THE LIGHT, and  through the DVD Connecting your Soul. I found that after I created the process, I worked with it for a long time, and it made a huge difference to how I felt about many aspects of my life and many of my old beliefs left.
I also loved the part where I am able to lead everyone back to pre-conception and they redo their conception, ensuring that their egg and sperm are filled with their mother's and father's self love. Then by connecting to their source energy and feeling the love, they are able to bring all three loves together. This exercise really makes a huge difference to a person's life. Its like recreating a new base to work from. The final day, when the students have done this exercise always brings everyone together in the 'love' vibration and a sense of being aware of how each one of us has the potential to love  ourselves and therefore others.
It is always sad when we get to leave and go on with our lives, some of the people I do not get to see again, but others come to the drop in meditation group or take other courses I offer.
Next month, three of the five are proceeding on to the PSYCHIC/SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT INTENSIVE, and they will be joined by some of my graduates coming to reaudit.  In another few weeks we will be doing the four days again, this time with a whole new  focus.
Besides the four days, I have also been teaching a four week SPIRITUAL PROSPERITY AND WEALTH course. Only one more week to go, and then I am facilitating a three week course on Numerology.  Then it will be Christmas.
I have a couple of Christmas Events planned, my Christmas Tea Party, and Christmas Pot Luck. Then of course the usual, one evening of Channeling Your Guide,  clients and the ongoing Wednesday night meditation. One cannot help  become a bit nostalgic about this year coming to a close, and the new one coming fast.
The learning of new things, the coming to understand them, truly makes a difference in our lives. There is often something to come and understand new concepts, new awarenesses, new growth. That is what makes life interesting and enjoyable. After all these years I still enjoy sharing what I have learned on my path, sharing concepts, attitudes and beliefs which have come to me in many, many ways.
Enjoy whatever it is you are learning right now.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Adventure of Life

Sometimes I wonder if I should not tweet. I have these great thoughts and ideas and think, must put that in my blog and then something else occurs and then I forget the wonderful insight as another comes in. I don't want to think its just age, that I can't remember them all at will, but dang it all these last few weeks I have had some wonderful insights.  So let's see what I can remember now I'm actually sitting down and writing.
Last Tuesday night I began a four week Spiritual Prosperity and Wealth class which I teach from the four spiritual principles of wealth, Forgiveness, Goal Setting, Tithing and Divine Purpose (as I learned from Edwene Gaines). Also I'm going over my Abundant Creation Triangle (if you just want to read about the Triangle just ask for me to send you the report on it). Over the years one of the hardest things to teach is Tithing. I myself Tithe, and then don't tithe, and I must admit when I am tithing my life works better.  A few weeks ago while thinking about my life and where I was I realized I had stopped tithing (its something that sometimes creeps up on me) and decided to do something about it. So I began, well in a few short weeks my client base is working well, students are signing up for classes and generally unexpected monies has been arriving.
During the Tuesday night class I was mentioning that Tithing is mentioned in the bible when Melchizedek says to Abraham "bring your tithes to the temple" (or something like that).  Now the word tithe means 10% just in case you are not sure. The next morning I awoke from a dream in which I saw the reason Melchizedek said that was because he was the 'watcher' - the 'prayer person' if you like, for Abraham. He kept the high watch. He was praying for Abraham. He prayed for whatever Abraham wanted. He prayed for his 'highest and best'. And as reported in the bible Abraham became a very wealthy man.
I teach you need to tithe where you are 'spiritually fed' and therefore you need to be aware of where you are being fed. Now I realize that we also need to acknowledge, through tithing, those people who also see our 'highest and best' being done, activated or whatever you want to call it. I used to do a lot of prayers for people years ago and yes it worked.  I did have clients who paid me to pray for them. So thanks to the dream, or the message I received, it added some new information to me and reminded me of what I can also do.
Then this last weekend, my friend Trish (often my movie companion) was facilitating/presenting an event here in Penticton, titled Stargate Penticton 11-11-11.  What a day!  She spent the morning getting us ready for 11am on the 11-11 and had invited a friend of hers a well known musician Paul Armitage, to do the music. The whole day was very life changing. I don't believe a person in the room did not experience some shift of energy especially from the morning. Trish also did some DNA alignment, and I most definately felt that happen.
After lunch, she had different speakers, of which I was one of them, and Paul Armitage played. Again I enjoyed all the presenters, my friend Ted Lund, did a wonderful job clearing us all of blocks and I have a CD of his presentation, which I will play for my meditation group so they can experience him.
Sunday saw me back at the Celebration Centre where Trish was chairperson, and Paul Armitage did the address and played more music. Then the afternoon he facilitated a 2 hour workshop, where we silently sat while he played.  Again I felt transported and left feeling full and a 'little out of it' after three days of music, shifts and just being.  This is the Adventure of Life.  Experiencing insights, feeling shifts of awareness and tomorrow when I go for my massage it will be interesting if Caycee finds anything new as in one piece Paul was playing I was feeling my sore shoulder which we have made huge inroads on. Also other parts of my body, and old, old memories came popping up. A wonderful releasing time period.
The Adventure of Life, continues, and with it grows more fulfillment of life. Happiness in so many areas. Sometimes it just bubbles up inside of me.  As I look out my office window right now we have snow falling for the first time. Another new experience for this fall, its actually more like sleet and my friend Ted is up on the roof fixing the cover for my swamp cooler, which we won't need until next summer. He came and put together my new chair and removed the other one out onto the covered back porch. The Adventure of Life never stops until our final breath and then its the new Adventure of the after life.
Trust you have had an enlightening weekend as me.
Love to everyone, everywhere!
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Monday, November 07, 2011

Forgetting Prayer

In my last posting I talked about the events that happened to me while in Vancouver. When it was time to come home I drove away from my friend's house at 5.30am in the morning. It was still dark and yet I was wide awake wanting to get on the road before the 'traffic' began. Actually I was amazed as to how many cars there were on the road at that hour, but it definitely was easier than leaving at 7.30am. 
On the drive home, with the quiet and only my mind for company I went over the events of the last week.  As I was pondering how come my car got broken into and I got the speeding ticket - even though there was a logical explanation - what was the metaphysical thought, what was breaking down my window (yet not losing too much) what was saying 'slow down'. The thoughts rolled around my mind, just free wheeling when I remembered. I had forgotten to do something which I thought was a large part of my life PRAYER. I usually automatically say a prayer for the outcome I want. Every morning, every time I leave my place, every time I go to bed. I had forgotten PRAYER. (Prayer, the intent of putting out a thought of the result you want).
Once I made that connection, it was like something in me relaxed. Although coming through the interconnector (I decided to drive home that way as it said the road was dry and although I don't usually go on that road at this time of the year, the direct driving was appealing to me).  Well of course that interconnector goes so high there was slippery icy sections at the top. I was quite happy when I was heading down towards the Valley. I passed one car which had obviously gone off the road and was stuck in a ditch.  So instead of driving at 110ks I drove at 80.
Anyway, made it home by 11am (that was stopping for breakfast, gas and groceries) and was able to 'rest' the rest of the day before getting back into stride. Now its back to regular routine, which of course is including my prayer time.
Right now I'm getting ready for my Spiritual Prosperity and Wealth course which begins Tuesday night (that's tomorrow). My Spiritual Prosperity of Wealth books to be made up, handouts to be completed.  Plus my daily walk and a couple of other things I doing out of the house. So tonight I still will be busy as I watch my Monday night TV shows. 
Can you believe so many good shows come on a Monday night. What is wrong with everyone that they compete this way. Good shows get left behind because there is no time to watch them.  So my PVR works overtime on Monday night which sometimes takes me a few days to catch up. Then the other day I saw a new show beginning, guess when, you guessed it Monday night. Why they don't put them on other nights which are not filled up with top knotch shows I don't know. Anyway, at least the boring job of making up books is made easier with the TV on.
This week I'm also speaking at my friend Trish's event Stargate 11-11-11. This looks like being a wonderful day to celebrate the anchoring of the new energy onto the earth. Interestingly I have been seeing 11:11 often when looking at the clock. I also found it on my mileage gauge the other day. So enjoy your 11-11-11 day!
Have a great day, remember to use PRAYER in your life.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Vancouver visit coming to an end

Just a quick note for those wonderful people who read my blog. Thanks again I appreciate it when I hear you have read this one or the movie one. Makes the time spent worthwhile.
I have been in Vancouver one full week tomorrow. The days have been full and busy, and also filled with unexpected things. First on the 2nd night I was here, my drivers side window was smashed in and although a few things were taken, the most important items were not. Also, the man across the street saw someone in the car and stopped them and I eventually got my `reading`suitcase back with my travelling crystal ball and drawing materials. I was thrilled about that, especially the crystal ball as it travels with me. I had to cancel what I had planned that morning while I went and had a new window put in. Then my friend Sonia, with whom I am staying, went to see the movie Johnny English Reborn and we laughed our heads off (see the movie review).  Then coming home from son Rob`s place Saturday night (really tired) I ended up with a speeding ticket.  Messages of this. First of all use your head and don`t leave suitcases and other stuff in your car (with it being a Kia Soul its all open no trunk) and second slow down even when you want to pass someone who is not driving well.
Other than that a very busy week. Three evenings Channeling Your Guide - total number of people 34. That`s a lot of different energies coming in, so had to do some realigning, then two workshops, and the final one tonight. Two Past Life Regression ones and one Clearing Blocks. So far all has gone well, and I expect no less tonight. Plus....always clients and seeing friends. Had three meals out yesterday with friends, and a client thrown in. As it was Halloween (Happy Halloween everyone) I did not book anything except a client (supposed to be three but reduced to one) which I was happy about.  I had breakfast with Rita in Richmond, lunch with Margaret Anne in Vancouver and then picked up Anne and we went to see Puss n Boots (again read the review on the other blog) and had supper at a lovely Greek restaurant. I made it back to Sonia's in time for Dancing with the Stars one of my favorites.
All in all its been a good week, even if I feel a bit tired.
By 8am tomorrow I will be driving home to get ready for the usual Wednesday night drop in meditation at my place.  I`m expecting to see my back lawn covered in leaves, they began to drop in earnest the morning I was leaving.
Hope you week as as pleasant and productive as mine has been.
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