Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Vancouver visit coming to an end

Just a quick note for those wonderful people who read my blog. Thanks again I appreciate it when I hear you have read this one or the movie one. Makes the time spent worthwhile.
I have been in Vancouver one full week tomorrow. The days have been full and busy, and also filled with unexpected things. First on the 2nd night I was here, my drivers side window was smashed in and although a few things were taken, the most important items were not. Also, the man across the street saw someone in the car and stopped them and I eventually got my `reading`suitcase back with my travelling crystal ball and drawing materials. I was thrilled about that, especially the crystal ball as it travels with me. I had to cancel what I had planned that morning while I went and had a new window put in. Then my friend Sonia, with whom I am staying, went to see the movie Johnny English Reborn and we laughed our heads off (see the movie review).  Then coming home from son Rob`s place Saturday night (really tired) I ended up with a speeding ticket.  Messages of this. First of all use your head and don`t leave suitcases and other stuff in your car (with it being a Kia Soul its all open no trunk) and second slow down even when you want to pass someone who is not driving well.
Other than that a very busy week. Three evenings Channeling Your Guide - total number of people 34. That`s a lot of different energies coming in, so had to do some realigning, then two workshops, and the final one tonight. Two Past Life Regression ones and one Clearing Blocks. So far all has gone well, and I expect no less tonight. Plus....always clients and seeing friends. Had three meals out yesterday with friends, and a client thrown in. As it was Halloween (Happy Halloween everyone) I did not book anything except a client (supposed to be three but reduced to one) which I was happy about.  I had breakfast with Rita in Richmond, lunch with Margaret Anne in Vancouver and then picked up Anne and we went to see Puss n Boots (again read the review on the other blog) and had supper at a lovely Greek restaurant. I made it back to Sonia's in time for Dancing with the Stars one of my favorites.
All in all its been a good week, even if I feel a bit tired.
By 8am tomorrow I will be driving home to get ready for the usual Wednesday night drop in meditation at my place.  I`m expecting to see my back lawn covered in leaves, they began to drop in earnest the morning I was leaving.
Hope you week as as pleasant and productive as mine has been.
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