Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Acceptance (Mental) vs Embracing (Emotional)

In life we all go through times of difficulties, hardships and sorrow.  Yet, how we handle these situations is what tempers us into being a 'strong' person, a person who realizes they can handle anything they create or comes their way. 

The Hanged Man of the Tarot, as he hangs upside down, has always represented Acceptance to me. Acceptance of things as they are. To me the Hanged Man as being No. 12 is an aspect of No. 3 the Empress, the Law of Love, which I always see as being part of acceptance and forgiveness.

A short while ago I heard a talk where the speaker delivering the talk spoke of Embracing the difficulty, the situation and while I sat there listening I realized something. Acceptance is the mental approach, (which is where I tend to hang out) while Embracing it is the emotional feeling approach. After being to look a Embracing situations, I found myself being able to dig a little deeper. Not just accepting, but totally embracing what is occurring.

Recently I had a client whose bottom line came up (the same one as I had) 'I'm not good enough". This is the mental approach.  I then explained to my client that the 'feeling' of "I'm not good enough" is "I'm unlovable". 

Now we are in the season where many of us have emotional difficulties with the holidays....either our families are gone, or we have had disappointment which we have not let go of. It is a time of embracing the situation, of not approaching it from a mental approach of acceptance, but embracing it, understanding it, forgive yourself and others and allowing the LOVE to grow within to embrace it all.

This season, embrace it all. The Love, the feeling of forgiveness, and enjoy the magic of it all.
Enjoy the season - embrace it.

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