Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cycles Plus Bits & Pieces

We had our first snow the other day. Luckily it did not stay, although there is still snow ontop of the hills around. I also had a new fridge delivered and what a difference. I wanted one with the freezer on the bottom and now I have it. I had a little struggle with myself in how could I get a new fridge and take my trip away, but I decided I would get it anyway.
Every day brings delights and wonders, thinking and contemplating. As I go about purchasing a few Christmas Items, clothes for the trip, plus planning and working with the basic pre christmas business. Went to a wonderful local resturant for wine (don't drink anymore, but a club soda was given to me) and wonderful appetizers. Tonight I'm off to have supper with a new friend. Wednesday is my meditation class and then Thursday and Friday I will have company here. Next thing it will be Sunday when I will have a christmas pot luck here. Life is good.
I wanted to write a little of cycles as often people forget some basic cycles. If you have a cold or flu like symtoms, go back in your mind to ten (or a day or two before or after) days and check out what you did not process emotionally very well. When you remember what it was that you did not deal with emotionally, you can take yourself back there and work it through. The cold or flu symptoms will disappear. True I do it all the time.
Regardless of how people speak about three weeks, I find that six weeks is the usual cycle for change. If you are attempting to stop smoking, drinking, biting nails or any other habit (ie eating certain things) then you can usually be on track for six weeks and then you will fall off the wagon (so to speak). The cycles as I see them run like this: 6 weeks, 3 months, 9 months, 18 months and 3 years. Often a person makes it to 18months, then they seem to fall back into the old habit. The one I find the most likely to 'catch' you is three years. By three years you are not even aware or even thinking about the old habit, and then all of a sudden it has caught up with you once more. Awareness is the key here.
We are so intelligent, and the program reinstillers (my term for the reinstatement of programs) that we have seem to work with these cycles. I am never surprised when people tell me they went back smoking after a certain length of time and 9 out of 10 times it is within the cycle parameters I have listed.
These cycles are not only for habits, but also for changing. Stay clear on your new goals, keep seeing the end result and you will be surprised at how the new will begin to take place.
Have a great day! Enjoy every moment!
Be at peace with yourself and the world can then find peace.
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