Friday, July 18, 2008


Summer continues. Visitors are all gone. I’m feeling more like myself with each passing week and finally I am able to catch up on bits and pieces (like my blog). So many thoughts and events – even though small have occurred and because I have not been keeping track I discover they get lost as the days go by. The aging process no doubt.
I have had some most interesting Soul/Source Connection sessions in between visitors in the last few weeks.
One of the most fascinating was a client who when I went back to reconnect her with the source I realized that she had been sent here as a penalty – just as we used to send people off to Australia, souls get sent here to do their sentence. This is not the first time I have run into this, so once I knew what it was about, I was able to move the energy and eventually, when we got to that part of releasing the ‘sentencing contract’ which had been made there was no opposition.
I remember when I first ran into the energy of someone being ‘sent’ here, I found it hard to comprehend, but since then I have had several clients with the energy of being sent off to the wonderful planet earth to work off their ‘crime’. I am becoming familiar with the ins and outs of it all.
Mostly what I have found is that people do not have their contracts cancelled, and consequently live on under the original edict/contract. Of course, like us all, they also create new blocks on their soul which when removed makes a huge difference to their lives here. I have over the years often gone in front of tribunals (on the etheric) and pleaded a case (It feels like I’m a lawyer in these cases) to have contracts made null and void or changed in order for my clients to be able to live more free and have happiness within their lives.
Besides contracts I often find oaths and vows that have been made along the way (especially during the ‘Christian’ dominate years, when we were monks, priests or nuns) which need to be released. Imagine how the vow of poverty from the 13th or 15th century can have an effect today. Well it can, and if you are attempting to have abundance in your life and you have a vow or oath of poverty running the show it does not work well.
I always enter a Soul/Source Connection session with a sense of excitement as who knows what I’m going to discover. Mostly it is fairly routine, but every now and again I discover something really interesting. The individual soul journey is something to behold no matter what.
Have a great day!
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