Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Home Again!!

Just a quick note .... Home after a week in Alberta. I'm always so happy to pull into my parking spot and look at my delightful area in which I live and wonder, why do I go away. But go away I do to work mostly. I had decided to travel to Alberta (first Edmonton, then Calgary)but a circituous route which took me 2 days of around seven hours driving each day, sometimes going very fast (thank goodness I was not caught). My eyes feasted on the Rocky Mountains though and loved it. In Edmonton I had a busy, and profitable day doing personal readings, finishing in the evening with a Psychic Party for 13 people. Next day, up and off to Calgary (shopping a bit first). On the way to Calgary an interesting thing happened, we had to detour, and when arriving in Calgary I was telling Cecelia how far we had to drive in this detour. I believe a petrol truck had overturned on Hwy 2 (from Edmonton to Calgary). Anyway, that was nothing, on the way home from Calgary yesterday, just before Lake Louise (on Hwy 1 coming west)we were stopped and a very nice gentleman got to tell us (car by car) that there had been a rock slide and to go where I wanted to (Golden - which would then let me over Rogers Pass to Revelstoke and then home to Penticton) that I had to go to Radium Hot Springs and then go up the valley to Golden. Well this is a detour of over 100 kms. So I think it probably added a good 1 1/2 hours onto my trip - considering I probably had about 100 kms to go the regular way. I got to think / contemplate about detours and look at the many I have done in my life. Luckily I was given a long story on tape which kept me amused all the way home (including the detour) so my contemplations were short. But think about how often we do detour off our chosen path, or forget our life missions etc.
For those of you who read this and get my meta-zine will know I am working on growing my fingernails. After a life of biting, I figure its the next thing to tackle. I realize I usually bite them when driving and thinking. So put gloves on my hands for those first two days. After that I did not seem to need them. Perhaps when we go to break a habit, and we have done the work which fuels the habit, then we just need to make sure that we are unable to do it. I was surprising how often that first day I put my hands up to my mouth, less the second, the third I was busy, the fourth - driving to Calgary - did not seem a big issue, nor coming home. Now I will keep myself aware and if I find I'm putting them in my mouth for whatever reason if possible I will put my gloves back on till my hands know for sure .... the answer is NO FINGERS IN MOUTH. Mind you I have found I need to have tooh picks handy.
Ah life, anyway, this was going to be short to say how happy I am being home. Away again on Friday for a small Expo only 3 - 4 hours away. Life is good!

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