Friday, September 12, 2008

In this moment

Thank you for all of you who made a comment to me, mostly personally, about my last blog. The days have gone by so fast since I wrote it. I thought I would have had several other entries, but I have not done so. I have been preparing for this weekend where I have a private student all weekend, plus getting ready to go to Alberta for exhibit in the Body Soul & Spirit Expo. So the days seem to get eaten up, and I don't get to write in my blog. It seems every day there is something which is interesting, or a new thought, or new idea germenates for me to consider, but they don't get written about. Now I'm going to be away and I won't be able to do so anyway.
At the moment, I have just completed and submitted my answer to the Votto game quiz. Some of you are aware I play this game daily (when I'm home) and I like to solve the problem (quiz). Especially now that if you solve it you share in the prize for the day. If anyone wants to check this out (I have so much fun with this - more than I ever imagined I would) you can go to
Plus my friend Norma who is currently living in England and whom I planning on visiting over Christmas has just completed a phone call with me and I'm working on getting an email ready which gives her information on a soccer game I want to see while there. Plus she is looking into going to Southern Spain for a few days and I want to visit Rome (life is full of interesting things).
Then I just had a phone call from a client, which needed a 'prayer' to realign and create relaxation and ease in her life.
All this in 15 minutes. Life certainly has its moments. Soon I will be out the door to go meet friends for dinner and take one to see my wonderful friend Ted - the crystal healer here in Penticton who does great work.
Also I was lucky today to fill up my car with gas at the old price. Yesterday when I was out I had the inner nudging to fill up my tank (I leave Monday for the beginning of the big drive) and I talked myself out of it. Then this morning I woke up to the news the gas price was going up 13 cents today. I gave myself a mental kick for not listening, then while I was out, there was the old price at the gas station I often use. So I'm gassed and ready to go.
So must away, life is good, the sun is shining, and although for those who get my meta-zine have read its fallish, its very pleasant out. Its just me, who loves the heat who misses the hotter weather. I look forward to seeing friends and clients both in Edmonton & Calgary next week.
You enjoy.

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