Monday, August 06, 2007

Fear VS Trust

I have done a lot of thinking about fear lately. Mainly because I have seen it reflected in language and actions all around me. It upsets me sometimes how often people will take the fear road, rather than the trust road. They will slide down the slippery slope and become fearful of ‘everything’. Fearful of making a mistake, fearful of taking the ‘wrong’ road either in life, or just the one they are traveling down. What happened to the life warrior? What happened to the trust the process, trust the universe? Something ate it up. That’s what I am seeing and hearing!
People seem to be putting their faith into fear, the acknowledgement that something is going to go wrong. That someone out there is out to ‘get them’. It seems like that thought form is BIG. I run into it all the time. It seems like the Victim mentality, that something is out there …. some unknown person, corporation, system, energy, et’s or something. somewhere is out there and will get me. If not terrorists, then someone else.
I know I have had to fight the ‘fear’ monster in my life. When I had to leave my victim state behind. When my life did not seem to be working and I had to make choices about whether I stood for fear and trust. I think we all come to those crossroads often during our path. I like to think most of us will eventually choose trust.
For centuries we as a race had a lot to be fearful of. We were persecuted by our own kind for our beliefs, our attitudes, for fighting back against injustice when we saw it. That persecution became part of our genetic code….but now it is time for us to stop supporting fear and turn our vibration into trust. Here in the western world, we have a lot of room to speak our mind (although I must admit it is shrinking). We need to learn the language of how to speak our truth and have it understood without fear. To stand in trust that life is supporting us. The universe is not one of fear, but one of love, support and understanding.
It is not only speaking our truth in which fear reigns it is trusting life (the universe – god) is supporting us. It is the knowledge that each and everyone of us is connected to an energy which is there. The question is “do we use it”? I am thinking as I watch people go into fear about everything, that we as a group do not. The personal journey of raising above fear makes the difference of personal peace, or uncertainty. Prayer, meditation, anything which connects you with the universal love force, helps to bring you out of fear and into peace and trust.
Trust the process, is something I was taught in my studies. Trust that whatever it is will work out ‘right’ for you. Many times in my life when everything looked dark and dismal and I was at a dead end, I would just trust. Trust the force of life which is bigger than me, would lead me out of the dark ‘the wilderness’ into light. Each time it happened. I placed myself in situations and realized this is not working, or is not good I would tell myself “trust the process”. I would let go my stubbornness and my single mindedness, ask inside for answers and direction and they would come. I would then be able to make new and different decisions which would allow me to be back into unity, back into peace. Over the years I came to realize - trust is the key, not fear! In fear I would be stuck, not moving forward. In trust I moved and grew.
One of my statements my students know well “It is not the event which is important, it is how you handle it”. Therefore, when you feel the fear, know that is what it is, and reach for the strength which is inside, so you can walk ahead in faith.

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