Monday, June 11, 2007

History repeats itself – How one lifetime can affect another!

The more I have read the book The Rebels of Ireland by Edward Rutherfurd the more I have been touched. First I have come to understand the history of Ireland much more deeply than what I knew before. When I was reading about the potato famine it touched me deeply because I have experienced the energy of women whose children were dying of starvation during this potato famine and how their consequent decisions affected them in this life.

In my Soul/Source Connection work as I clear the blocks and transform the energy, many times I have experienced the Irish mother’s sad, hopeless energy as they watched their children die one after another. Remember in the 1800’s Ireland, a catholic country had large families. During the potato famine it was not uncommon for a whole family to be wiped out. The old and the young usually went first and then one by one other members of the family. Can you imagine what this might be like to watch your children die? I can, because I have run into the despair and the consequent decisions made at a soul level by these mothers.

The first few times I ran into the energy was when I was working with women who were finding it difficult to get pregnant. Often there was nothing physically wrong as to why the difficulty and they would come to me and we would look at the energy as to what was blocking them getting pregnant. It would be during the checking the blocks I would run into the energy of an Irish Mother in despair over the death of their children deciding "never again to bring a child into this world", or "never again to be a mother" or something similar. Once these decisions were released and the energy transformed, the woman often went on to get pregnant. Since my work as expanded I will sometimes run into this energy affecting other blockages as well. All I know is I’m very familiar with it and recognize it immediately when I find it.

Therefore, while reading this historical novel and reliving the despair it also had me contemplating the plight of Darfur, where once again women are watching their children die of starvation and the horror which starvation brings, the hopelessness and the consequent decisions we, as mothers make. I wonder if in 50 – 100 years another transformation therapist will encounter decisions made from this time. Many souls lived through that time in Ireland and many souls are living through Darfur and other places, especially in Africa where children are dying. These circumstances are not just influences of this time, the decisions made during this time will effect their lives in other times and places.

It seems strange and very sad that over 100 years later in this land of plenty and the time of enlightenment, we still have starvation on this planet, we still have hopelessness and we still have massive grief. Or do we just keep on repeating history, having the same scenario happening over and over. All I know is that the decisions made in one time, does affect another. The starvation of children over 100 years ago has effected some people today and I’m sure what is happening today will effect some people in the future. Today I send out a prayer for this to stop. Starvation, wherever it is on the planet is ceased. There is enough food for everyone and everyone gets to partake of it. Please join me in this prayer (below). Prayers are thoughts and the more people think the same thought, the more powerful it is.
Norma --

Please read this outloud -- spoken word has more power in the moment than just the thought.
Divine Essence, the one power in and through all things, I know this power links every person on earth and as one in this unity I know that sustenance for all on a physical level as well as a spiritual level is done. In this planet of plenty I know distribution of food, shelter and physical wellbeing for every inhabitant is done. Miracles can occur and I know right now, that the miracle of food is here, that every person, is fed, that every person has shelter, that every person feels satisfied within their physical wellbeing. They are comfortable, warm and fed. It is with gratitude in the knowing of miracles that I am able to release this thought, knowing that everyone is fed and has shelter. I am filled with gratitude in knowing the world unites in this thought, food for all, shelter for all and the healthy wellbeing for all. I release this now, knowing miracles take place and this one will. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And So It Is. Amen.
Norma Cowie
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