Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  2012 is upon us. Add it up and it will come to a 5.  Yes, we are entering a five year, a year of expansion and movement. A year where you need to know your priorities and be able to say no. That is the universal year - this one we are now in. What is your personal year? Just add your month and day plus the five for the universal year and you will have your personal year.  Want to know more, email me, I will give you some more advice on what your personal year means to you.
I trust you had a wonderful Christmas season. The reason why I have not been blogging or sending out ecards etc, is because as I was completing my four day Psychic/Intuitive Development Intensive, one of my disks decided to protrude which resulted in much pain and me having to postpone the last day plus the final night of the Numerology class. I'm still recovering two weeks later.
I was fortunate on many levels. I found a wonderful chiropractor here Ron Rose, who is very knowledgeable and had me out of severe pain within a few days, he even came in on his holidays to give me treatments so I could function easily. Functioning meant lying on the chesterfield without pain and being able to walk from the living room to the bedroom without pain. Slowly each day a little better and now I can actually sit a short while to type on my portable computer. Heaven. Answering emails with your computer on your chest is not fun and for some reason my IPhone would not answer the emails from it when they were sent to my 'shaw' account (which most are). Luckily my GMail worked and so was able to answer them much more easily.
I was supposed to speak at the Celebration Centre (plus do readings) this am, but woke up with my hip extra sore and the pain did not go away so cancelled as I did not want to jeopardize my recovery. This is because I did too much yesterday. Why you may ask! Well, we woke up (my new roommate Linda - that's another story for another day) woke up to the furnace fan totally busted. It was minus 3 and no heat except two heaters. I have one in the living room and one in the kitchen, so off we went to visit Canadian Tire where we bought three small oil based heaters and put them in the bedrooms and bathroom and jacked all five heaters up high.  Today our house has been warm and we are cosy.  Thank goodness for oil heaters. But, the walking around, plus sitting up for quite a few longer sessions, I just overdid it. So I know I can't do that, but at least we have heat.  Oh by the way, did not leave the Centre in a lurch, my friend Aggie, who was the chairperson and I had been discussing this on the phone and we knew this might happen, so all was covered. I just felt bad that I had to make that decision.
So now, here we are its New Years Day Evening and Linda and I are sitting here watching 27 dresses, while we work on our respective laptops. 
Wishing you all the very best for the coming year.  Enjoy!!!!

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