Saturday, December 03, 2011

Christmas Tea Party

Today was the day I had my Christmas Tea Party. 16 women joined together where we had the opportunity to drink four different kinds of tea. Buckingham Palace Tea, always a big favorite, Casablanca Rooibus, (a vanilla tasting tea - one I enjoy alot), Market Spice a regular Tetley. Once more the Buckingham Palace tea was the big favorite with the Casablanca Rooibus not far behind. But the good news was the 'goodies' which everyone brought for us to share. What a lot of Christmas treats for us to eat. With  my new chesterfield in the living room, all 16 people had a place to suit with the addition of a couple of other chairs. At one point the phone went, and I held the receiver up and the chatter of the women could be heard. It was a lovely time, and then again when it was time to leave, the kitchen had several elves which washed everything up, so I did not have to do too much at all.
Then I went out and eight of us had supper at a local Japanese restaurant celebrating a friend's 60th birthday. That was a fun two hours, and then after I was back home, settled in watching a movie, the phone went and someone who I had been attempting to find, as I had misplaced (lost) her information,  was calling - all the way from New Zealand. She had been trying to get me, and had an incorrect phone number.  There she was, we had a lot of talking to catch up and I will be seeing her when I'm there in February/March. She has a friend who is coming to Canada April/May and he will be exhibiting with the Body/South & Spirit Expos, which I used to exhibit with. A small world. Hopefully I will be meeting him also while in NZ his work with music sounds wonderful.
I was wondering how come I was so chatty (probably loud too) at the restaurant and then when I got home and before the phone call, I realized I had been drinking black tea...something I don't usually do. Oh well, eventually I will get to sleep tonight.
Tomorrow will be an interesting day too, as 10 of us are heading from Penticton up to Kelowna to participate in a Tao Ceremony. It will be interesting to see how I'm going to get down on my knees to bow (3 times) getting down I believe I can do, but getting up - well that will be interesting. Tomorrow will tell.
One thing about Christmas is the lights. As I sit here I can see my lights I have in my living room, the lights outside and because I did not have room for my small Christmas tree this year, I have put it outside on the porch for all to see and enjoy.
I trust you will enjoy and have a great weekend.
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