Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tarot - Wands

Last week the eight week Tarot for Successful Living class began.  We have one person attending on Skype. That was a new learning curve for all of us, especially as we had this wave sound which came in from time to time. The first time it was so loud that we were not sure what was happening. But, we got used to it, and knew that when it happened Jennifer, on the other end, would not hear one word of what we were saying. It added a bit of adventure to the evening. And for those who are thinking, why not disengage and reconnect. It was not that often, and it did not happen for the first hour. But it was interesting.  We will see how it goes tonight.
Last week we had the introduction, the homework etc, and we explored the journey of the Wands. The Wands to me is the thinking process.  Relates to the element of fire, which is action, doing. Everything begins with a thought and the Wands show us how we think.
The most appropriate way to work with our thoughts is found in the first four symbols. It basically says, You have a new thought, you contemplate that thought, you project the thought (action) and then you reach the reward of the thought (the goal). It would be nice if it was that easy. Then the following six symbols show what we tend to do, and how get out of it. Five shows how we scramble our thoughts and get confused. Six shows we need to 'straighten' them out and go ahead. Seven shows how we can feel unsure of our thoughts (the beginning of the defensive program) and eight shows that the thoughts have not manifested yet but are on there way. Nine shows how we can become rigid with our thoughts and defend them no matter what, while Ten shows how we worry, or over think and miss things because our thoughts are not organized effectively.
I always love going through the journey of these symbols.  It keeps me in touch with myself and my own thoughts plus of course clients.
Think about what you are doing with your thoughts. Are you thinking of your goals, keeping yourself aware of possibilities, or are you unsure, confused and wishing for the miracle, but not planning for the miracle. Miracles do occur, I'm sure everyone of us has experienced them at some time or other. We forget.

Our thoughts create our vibration, our vibration attracts what we are thinking. Often though we are not aware of many levels of thoughts we may have.  But of that to come.  Tonight I teach the Cups and will write on that tomorrow, as I am not back to writing on my blog.
Blessings to you all.
Enjoy your thoughts!

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