Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fall and I'm back

Hi: here it is the 7th of September all ready. The summer has flown by with lots of visitors. My sister came for five weeks, another friend was here for ten days and at the end of her visit another friend arrived for several days longer. Somehow every day was full and I enjoyed every minute of it, but I did not seem to have time for blogging, or doing many of the other regular 'office' time activities that I do. So here I am back again.
I trust your summer went well. With the visitors I had, especially my 82 year old sister from New Zealand I spent time thinking about lunches, dinners, activities etc. When you live by yourself so much of that disappears. I think it was good for me. It was a sad day when I had to leave her at the airport and then drive myself back home. Luckily I had picked up Anne to come back with me so I had company. We left Vancouver quite late and it was 1am when I finally drove into my yard. 
We seemed to have a short summer, and my two major activities I host during the summer, the tea party (this year a chocolate tea party) and my annual pot luck barbeque went off fine. Now the tea party had its fun, as the middle of it we had a storm hit. So here we were sitting under the tents in the yard with wind and rain all around. The table laden with chocolate goodies had rain come through were the tents joined, but we fixed that (as I got rain down the back of my neck - and yes it was cold). But only my sister decided inside was the best. The rest of us sat there until the rain past and the wind subsided. Can't be said we don't know how to have fun.
The barbeque for me was wonderful, as my son, wife and two children were here. Cristin had bought her son and he entertained the girls wonderfully. In fact I think the adults got a real charge out of watching them, especially my six year old flirting away with the 12 year old. I learned some lessons.
I also received the sad news my granddog Rudy passed away and so made an unexpected trip down to Vancouver, visiting my daughter on her Island get away for a memorial weekend. I had a great time and Bridget mentioned how much fun we had and how we were supposed to be in memory of Rudy, who was an incredible, wonderful dog and my daughter's faithful companion for 14 years and I said well I guess we were having a 'wake'.  As we have all seen him, we know he is happy in his doggy afterlife. Interestingly the massage therapists who work in the massage therapy clinic Bridget has said they have heard him. He was quite a presence and will be missed. The other bonus of the trip was I had an opportunity to have a quick visit with my son and his family again, plus three other friends. Then it was back home.
Arriving home with September arriving was time to sort out my Fall schedule, ensuring it is not as packed as my Spring one, in which I overdid it. Its hard sometimes to remember my age doesn't have the resiliance I had in my 40's.  But, I'm happy with the schedule as it is right now, and as I began my eight week Tarot class last night - thoroughly enjoying being back teaching it again - I'm even more thrilled. 
Not too many movies seen through the summer, and those I that I did see I did not get to write a review about. But enjoyed most. I will get back to my movie reviews because I enjoy doing them. So remember to sign up to read the reviews as I post them. If you are on Facebook, you will see the notification of them.
Well, just wanted to get back posting, so here is the first for now.
Blessings with love

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