Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wise Woman's Festival and other bits and pieces

Just back from a weekend at the Wise Woman Festival where I presented three different workshops. Past Life Regression, Discussion on Protection vs No Protection and today another discussion on Soul's, Guides and Channeling.  We discussed so much that we really did not do much about the Channeling, but I was thrilled with the comments I received from several of the participants.  It is days like this that make me aware of how much I enjoy teaching. My life feels full and satisfied right now.
Also every Tuesday night I get to teach Tarot. We are going week by week through my workshop, which I usually teach over three days. I have not taught this way for years, and it is fun to get back to it. I'm thinking of doing this more.
My Fall schedule for the next couple of months is set (well November and December have some room) and October brings a three day Tarot course, then I'm off to Vancouver the last weekend where I will be faciliating two past life regression workshops, two channeling groups and transforming your blocks workshop. Plus I will have private clients. Always private clients, as that is a constant.
One of the wonders of life is the technology available. In the last weeks I've branched out in several ways. One is I got an Iphone. I'm still learning about it, but love it. I just wish the volume was a little more - but wow what I'm discovering I can do with it.  An IPad is the next thing I guess.  Also, thanks to shaw (think I've mentioned this before) decided I was spamming (can you believe that - I couldn't) they did not like my phone number being on my emails. So decided I needed to send my bulk emails via another source, and so MadMimi has entered my life. I spent a lot of time entering all the emails, but now they are in they take care of so much. So my time is being freed up there.  But the most excited thing is that one of my clients who moved to Toronto and wanted her CD fast, and when I sent it on the 2 day mailing I looked at the time etc, I decided to go a different way for my out of town clients.  NOW when I have an out of town client....unless they don't have an email address. I use my mp3 player and record the session (reading or clearing) THEN...and this is where it is exciting I download that onto yousendit, and they send out an email to the client who then goes and they can listen or download it to their computer or more time freed up. 
Time....after a summer of not doing too much (this is when I usually write) this last week I have been busy getting ready for the Wise Woman (this weekend) and the Ultimate Women's Fair (next weekend) binding books, making CD covers just getting ready....etc.  Even though this is all happening (oh yes of course clients with wonderful things happening there too) I'm looking at getting ready for my new endeavors (have a few in mind, which I'm not saying too much about until they are ready) so will be working away regularly on them.
Plus, my walking, my weight watcher's meeting (not that I follow counting points but it keeps me thinking and aware) plus my plan is to take a NEW beginners line dancing class every wednesday am. I love that it is a new beginners, pre beginners, perhaps I'll make beginners next.  Also stopped by the pool to get their schedule (they redid the pool - closed for a year - and I have not got back in the habit of going) so the plan is to fit that in too. I said to a friend, boy will have to leave some time for my clients inbetween all this stuff I want to do.
I booked my flight to NZ for Feb 3 thru March 18th, so have that to look forward too.
This morning I woke up to my yard filled with leaves and a wind howling around.  I was sad, summer is leaving and Fall is coming. The heat loving person always goes into a mourning period. And even though they (the weather people) say it will be back to 26 this week, the 'heat' which I love is gone.
Well finally I was able to get into my blog. Got my new gmail account and for some reason it seems to think I don't have this account.  So lets keep our fingers crossed I will find it easy next time, took me over 1/2 hour this time.
Trust you will enjoy these coming days.  Late summer will arise.

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