Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall is coming fast!

Hi: I sit here with the skies grey and the wind swinging the tree tops like crazy. This is Monday, only Saturday I walked out of the Ultimate Women's Show here in Penticton, where I was exhibiting to HOT! It was really hot, it had reached over 30 degrees during the day, and the night was wonderfully warm, totally summer. I had been in an air conditioned building all day, so missed most of it. Then Sunday came and the temperature dropped, even had a little rain, and now today my yard is covered with leaves, bits of trees etc.  Oh yes, Fall is here.  Mind you, its the 26th of September and that is into Fall.
I also know its Fall because my schedule has begun to get busy, shows, although I've cut back on those to local ones this year, I still have one next month. Classes, an Eight week Tarot class is in progress, and then Oct 7 - 9th I have a three day Tarot class, which begins the PLUG INTO YOUR PERSONAL, PSYCHIC AND SPIRITUAL POWER INTENSIVE. The other classes are four days in November for the Personal Power, and four days in December for the Psychic/Spiritual Power. Also at the end of this month I have a week in Vancouver faciliating workshops, channeling evenings and private appointments, which are booking fast. Oh yes, Fall is definately here.
I managed to see a couple of movies, and I will be writing up their reviews on the other site. I truly took the summer off, but miss expressing my views on the movies I see.  I heard word that they will be building a new seven theatre here very soon. Can't wait, but still wish they had daytime movies during the week. The only time they have that is when school holidays are on. This is a senior area, and I think they would do well if they showed movies during the day. Which is why I do love to visit the coast - daytime movies - lots of them to choose from.
While at the Women's Show, which was very quiet (lovely show, great selection of booths etc) just not enough people. On Sunday I was sitting there watching a young mother with her baby in the stroller walking along with her mother. The baby took my attention. He had the most turned down mouth I've seen on a person for a long time. I could not help but ask 'Is your baby really serious'.  'Oh yes' replied the Mother and the Grandmother agreed. I could see this young 8 month old baby, already being so hard on himself and life. To have such a turned down mouth at 8 months makes you wonder what he came in with on his soul.  I truly wish him well in his life.
I was woken (sleeping late) with a phone call saying a check I had given my CD production person I had forgotten to sign. As she said she was lucky she found it before trying to deposit it.  Oh my, where was my head. Now will go and sign it so she can get her money.
I am enjoying teaching Tarot one night a week, and look forward to doing the three day. It is always great to revisit the basics again.
In the meantime, still having trouble accessing this blog. I have a gmail account now, and it insists on trying to open it under my gmail email account, and I still am not sure how I get into it so I can finally put my other email address in to open this up. But truly, I feel like I'm in a merry-go-round, going round and round.....but I'll keep on till whatever it is I figure it out, or they forget trying to tell me I don't have a blog. 
Life is good - cool or not - (at least I know I will get sunshine in Feb/Mar).
Lots of love

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