Friday, June 03, 2011

What a difference sun makes - little update

This week we have had all sorts of weather. Hard rain, clouds, cool and now the sun is out and I'm in here catching up on my emails and other bits and pieces I have not done.  Soon I will go outside with a book and rest awhile before driving north with two friends to watch a movie titled Dare to Dream.
My days have been restorative for me. I am not having to push myself to be ready for anything other than what is happening that day. I'm keeping my client appointments to around two per day, and although I still have quite a bit of sorting and putting away to do in a couple of rooms, I feel like I'm OK.  I'm feeling myself -- and that is the main thing.
I'm enjoying my work and my clients and noticing more and more how easy its becoming to get to the root of issues and then 'clear' them.  Ah life is good right now. Received notification that I'm presenting at the Wise Woman Festival in September being held in Naramata again. The surprise was I had forwarded three topics (usually do, and Angele picks two) well I'm listed for all three -- interesting.
I love these longer evenings and with nothing being on TV, I'm finding myself wondering what to do with myself. So I've taken myself for walks in the evening, read my book - just finished a Jane Roberts novel - Chasing Fire. As I'm up early watching the French Open Tennis I'm usually to bed fairly early. So thrilled that Nadal is in the final - hope he wins and Roger played a super game to also be in the final, but would love Nadal to win.
What I love most right now is how I'm just BEING!  With summer coming, I'll be able to do more and more and just BE!!!!
How happy that makes me.
Lots of love to all who read!
(ps  I'm smiling inside)
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