Friday, June 17, 2011

Tarot Shows the Way - Again!

Recently I had a client who came in and asked about a relationship. I drew four symbols (unfortunately when I tried to place the symbols in here, it would not take). As she was in person I was able to show her, that in each symbol it was the background which was significant. That the desire she had for a relationship was coming, but she would need to shift her attitude, attention and be patient while she did that. If you look closely at each symbol and you will see that in the five of pentacles, the beautiful window shows the warmth and inspiration that is there demonstrating a relationship is there, she is not aware of it. In the eight of swords the castle of dreams is in the background if she lets go of what binds her and looks around she will see it. The same was said for the five of cups. The need is to let go of the past disappointments and turn around and see how to get to the castle of dreams. Then the ten of swords sealed it. The new dawn is coming up. The new horizon, which will take time, because I did see her in the middle of the swords and this is where a bit of time/patience would be needed. My client went away very happy, as by the time she left she knew what she needed to do.

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