Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 is here.

Happy New Year everyone. 2011 is a number four year. A year of consolidation and therefore, a releasing of the old and consolidating with the new. Remember to work out your own personal year by adding the month and day of your birth with the number four, bring it down to the lowest and there you will be for this year. For me personally a four year has always been a work year, but also a time of creating new foundations for myself. Therefore, I look for the world creating new ways of making things work.
As I was looking back I realize that since being on face book, and having my movie review page, I don't get to write on this one as much. Facebook keeps up with the daily bits and pieces, and then the movie reviews (which I love doing) takes care of when I go to movies, and although I have lots of great thoughts and perceptions I don't always get to the computer to share them with you.
To bring you up todate with some wonderful material things which have happened Santa Claus (me) was very good this year. I bought a new stove, which was on the agenda for this year, and now I'm enjoying my new stove. I also bought a new car (well payments don't begin to April) but I'm now the proud owner of a bright red Kia Soul 4you Car. Its not the big luxury car I've been used to, but its got lots of things which work for me. The monthly cost being one. But it sits higher up, which makes it easier to get in and out, has lots of other bits, like heated seats, so I'm sure I will enjoy it.  Then I also bought a small HD TV with a connection Karaoke machine, so hopefully will find time to practice some karaoke songs.
Now its time to consider the New Year. I have decided not to do the large Body Soul & Spirit Expos this year, but rather am traveling doing three hour Past Life Regressions in different towns and cities. They will be posted on the site as soon as I have it totally organized.  I'm also off to New Zealand for three weeks leaving here on the 18th. I am looking forward to seeing the family and friends again.
I also have been practicing doing clearing on the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records do show up as I work on what needs to get cleared, and I decided that I would see how just doing the Akashic Records would work. Well it does, of course, but I'm not sure I really just want to do that.  Will have to do some more and see.
I will be once more letting you know how much trip goes when I'm back downunder. Hopefully enjoying the mid 20's they are having.....summer clothes once again.  Its been cool here, and my most day walks the wind has been super cold. But the walking is great!
You have a great 2011.  Remember it is the goals you decide and commit to, which come into reality.
Blessings to all!

Norma Cowie
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