Monday, December 13, 2010

Your Conception

This last weekend was the third month of the Plug Into Your Personal, Psychic and Intuitive Power Intensive. It is the weekend where we discuss the Frozen Inner Children (my book Connecting to the Light and DVD Connecting to your Soul). We utilize memories and emotions to contact the frozen inner children and unfreeze them, integrating them into source energy and back into the present with a new job to do. Also during this weekend we go and visit the conception and preconception space.
Preconception is where we can determine what a person is coming into this life for, how connected to source we are and do the reconnection to source. Also we can tell how much LOVE is in the egg and the sperm at conception and if there is not 100% in each one and often there is not, we can have the egg and/or the sperm return to the parent and fill up 100% with the self love of that parent. Then we can have the egg, the sperm and the soul, now all 100% filled with LOVE come together. 
It is one of the favourite things I love doing. Watching people's faces as they reconnect with source in a strong way. Learning aspects about themselves and their conception they did not know. Plus, often when they are filled with loving connective source energy they change the purpose of their lives.
Once the conception is done in the new energy, then we can bring that back on through to the present, transforming the blocks along the way.
Yes, conception can show many things, sometimes when the egg or sperm does not have any love within it, and the parent does not have any visible self love, then we use universal love. But I always think it is important, if possible, to use the natural self love.
I have found over the years whenever I have done this with a student and/or client change. They can not help but change because their base has now changed. They are now created in love.
Next month the students begin clearing their psychic systems.  Life is so much fun!

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