Friday, December 03, 2010

We are a battery!

I always find it interesting how ideas and concepts come together. This final awareness of being a 'battery' came through several concepts coming together. Finally, when listening to The Power while driving home from Calgary I put the final thought together.  The steps went like this.
The Yuen Method: In the Yuen Method you are taught about coming to neutral. I loved this concept, because it fitted in with my 'power with' concept. I teach not to be power over (dictator) or power under (victim) but to be power with.
Trish's comment about a negative chakra system, and my guide RaMa saying that the front was the positive and the back the negative, similar to a battery in order to find balance. This fitted in with how I teach about the chakra energy moving through the body connected 360o all around, but utilizing the visualization of front through the body and reconnecting the each chakras source energy at the back.
Then the CD The Power, where she was saying how one needs to move from the 'negative' to the 'positive' and if you are 51% over towards the positive then you were at the 'tipping point' in your life. Oh yes she is talking about 'love' and how you need to come from 'love'. Something once again I agree with, and again something RaMa taught us in one of his classes several years ago and was instrumental in me not drinking any more.
It was contemplating what she was saying, when all the pieces dropped into place. When your are in neutral (Yuen) your 'battery' is totally charged and you are ready to go.
One of the aspects of Yuen which I love is how you do not look at the world as negative or positive (again something I teach) but rather you work to have everything equally strong, so nothing has power over you. You are balanced, you are in your power, you can move forward easily.
I have loved this new awareness of the thought of being a battery. If we move into the 'negative' we are low in power, but also if we are too much on the other tend, we are not in a full power. (Think of someone who is in denial of their 'negative' emotions). The understanding was there for me all the time, but with these three comments coming from three different directions, and with help of clarification from RaMa I once more understand the importance of being in your own power.
I recommend you listen to the CD or read the book just out The Power (the sequel to the Secret). A friend had sent me a copy and I thank her for it.
Blessings to all and may you find your 'neutral' your 'power' and create.

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