Tuesday, February 01, 2011

New Zealand Trip continues

The other day I had typed up a whole lot of new info when I pressed something and it disappeared and was not in the mood to retype it.  So here goes.
Thursday saw Karen arrive from Hastings, so lots of catching up since I saw her last in August when I dropped her off at the airport in Calgary.
Friday: we had a lot of different people drop by to see me and so at 11.30 we took off for Tauranga where we met up with my second cousins Gayleen and Berice. I had a wonderful 1 1/2 hours of catching up there. Berice is exploring our family tree and I'm always fascinated by that. Then they left and Karen and I went 'shopping'.  One top, one pair of tights and some nail polish stuff later we were ready to head back to Matamata.  Now while in the mall, another rain storm was beginning to hit the area. Lots of rain and by the time we arrived back at Beryl's the rain was beginning there (already started in Tauranga) and it poured all night.
Saturday: Karen left to go on her way, I said my goodbyes to Beryl, always hard drove to see my sister Nancy and finally Les in their new 'Home' where they seem very happy and settled. After talking with them for awhile, said my goodbyes and continued my drive on back to Red Beach and Malcolm and Jan's place. About 20 minutes later I realized I had left my cape at Beryl's, thought about going back and then realized my niece is coming up this way next week and she could bring it, so kept driving. Now it had been raining hard all night, so soon I met a road closed, detour sign. Beryl & I had discussed the way to drive back up to Auckland area as flooding was going to be a problem. So once again I'm detoured all over the place, back roads up hill down dale, flooding on either side at times but eventually I end up on the number one hwy much further south than I had intended to be.  Once on the number one highway it was fairly easy driving (sailing) back north. Pearl (the 93rd old I went to the movies with tonight - see the movie blog: http://www.moviereviewswithnormacowie.blogspot.com was waiting for me as brother Malcolm and sister-in-law Jan had left that day to take two of their grandkids back home a usual 3 hour drive, which took them all day due to the floods, detours, slides etc.  Anyway, I made it back safe and sound and watched the women's final of tennis before heading to bed (12.30 at night).
Sunday:  now that I was back online I caught up with emails and discovered I had a lift to go to the Tarot Guild's meeting in the afternoon. I was so thankful to Hazel for giving me the lift - she came right to the door to pick me up - and off we went for a wonderful afternoon, of professional meeting, readings and then they allowed me 1/2 hour to speak. Many of us went out for coffee/tea afterwards before Hazel brought me home. I was able to get some readings and clearings booked from that.  Watched the men's tennis that night.  Now tennis is over, so have time to work on the blog, movie review (finally getting to see two movies today -- but ahead of myself).
Monday: I had a client who came for 1/2 hour reading, 1 hour clearing and a past life regression. We went for lunch before the past life regression, so I had lots of time with a very interesting person. While working on the clearing for her, I came across an interesting aspect I had not run into before. I asked permission to write about it, so here is what I came across. Working on trust (not trusting) and shoulder tension, I found her psychic system on super high alert. Checking and looking for an energy in order to not be found. As I tuned in more, I asked her if she would see people and have an instant aversion. She said it had happened, although not often. This fit in what I was receiving. The story to me was she was from somewhere - hiding out - so to speak and people were 'looking for her'. Because I had picked up a very definite place where there was two camps of thought and she said that it felt like you could not leave, and she managed to 'get away'. Anyway, you can tell from that it was interesting and although I don't remember everything I said that's the gist of it, and so had to do quite a bit of clearing and disconnecting. Oh yes, I just remembered I asked her if she got 'flash headaches' which she said yes too.  It was like a radio signal coming in and when it did it was hard for the brain to assimilate, so did some work around that too. I'm looking forward to seeing how she feels in a few more days, as the work assimilates.
Tuesday:  today.... this was my day with no appointments except to have lunch with a childhood friend, who I see every time I come to visit. It is always great to sit down and catch up. Although it was only a year since I was here.  I went early, to the Mall we had decided to met at and shopped. More tops, more tights...clothes!!!  Then lunch, and then the movie The Fighter, (see other blog) and then when I got back here, went and bought Fish & Chips for Pearl and me, and then took her to see The Kings Speech (see other blog). A great day.  Now I'm working away. Its hot finally, but more rain coming but did get 10 minutes in the sunshine this afternoon with my book
Wednesday: tomorrow I'm off using my newly acquired GPS to see two people for readings and a clearing and hopefully catch up with another friend. So more about that later.
Many blessings.

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