Thursday, April 02, 2009

Home Again!!

I've been home for a couple of days now and how wonderful it feels to be in my own bed and look out at the aspen beyond my bedroom window. I'm still unpacking though, and I'm sure it will take me a couple of more days to get it all sorted. In the meantime, I'm having to get ready for another furniture change in my living room as another chesterfield and chair arrive, plus making the small room (which was a bedroom) into a consulting / reading room and also ensure everything is ready for the Intensive class beginning Friday night. Ah, back into the regular life.
It was great to see the sun on Tuesday and feel the heat in the sun for the first time, and then it was back to regular weather. We even had a snow shower this morning. Then the sun came, and now its all cloudy again and the temperature is dropping.
A couple of things I had forgotten to mention which I thought some of you may enjoy. First one is how a dream made me remember to put in my passport. As I'm sure you are aware traveling by air these days means that you have to show identification. I was so busy getting ready for the different aspects of my trip away. Vancouver - chiropractor and day with my daughter Friday, readings Saturday, Church speaking Sunday, teaching to Yvette Eastman's reflexology class Monday, flying Tuesday to Edmonton, Group Readings Tuesday & Wednesday nights, Thursday shopping day, Expo Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Flying home Monday. I was so filled with details about what I needed, what to pack (clothes in particular) etc. and then I had a dream about going to the airport and leaving my ticket behind. When I awoke I realized I had forgotten about my passport which I would need. Thank goodness for dreams.
Also during the time away I saw three movies. People who know me know I love movies.
The first one I saw was Race to Witch Mountain with 'The Rock'. I must say I enjoyed it. Its a kids movie, but hey I'm a bit kid and thought it was well done. Entertainment for sure. Then I saw The Reader. I had not gone to see it before, but a long story short I ended up watching it and was amazed at how wonderfully acted and what a great movie it is. I was moved. I think I did not want to see it originally because I knew an older woman seduced this young man. In the movie it was done with such respect and I did not feel uncomfortable about it once. Kate Winslett definitely deserved the Oscar for that performance. Then while in Edmonton I went to see Knowing. Well that's one be on the end of the seat movie. The topic ended up being a bit different from what I friend and I both agreed we enjoyed it, but it was an adrenal drain. I came away quite exhausted. Nicolas Cage was his usual self.
Also reporting on Wednesday my radio internet program went through just fine. Thank goodness when I look ahead I see I will be here on Wednesdays. Also changed the name to Norma Cowie's Tarot World, when I realized I am speaking about what I think and perceive. Remember to tune in on Wednesdays or listen through the archives.
You all have a good day, I'm off for lunch - sushi!

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