Sunday, July 22, 2012

Where does Bullying come from?

For those of you who know me personally, you know I'm a bit of a TV (as well as a movie) addict. As a Glee fan, I found out about The Glee Project TV show during the year, and even though I missed last years show, I have watched this one with great enjoyment. One show though left me feeling unsettled, it was the show on 'bullying'. 
This show came on several weeks ago, and its only now I can write what I came up with as my hand will stand up to the typing.  Anyway, for several days after the show I contemplated what I had seen, heard and of course my mental computer went into overdrive.  What is behind this bullying aspect of life - then it came to me. The Sit Com Shows!!
Why them you may ask? Well, I stopped watching sit com shows many years ago, although I have begun to enjoy The Big Bang Theory. But most of the half hour presumably comedy shows I found were people putting one another down. (I'm told Modern Family is not like that - but I have not got around to watching it regularly).
For years the children of our society have been watching shows in which other people sit around laughing at one person making another person wrong. Why do we need to feel better when another is put down or made to look insignificant as though they do not matter?
In my intensive Plug Into Your Power, I teach the Inferior/Superior Game. How often when you feel hurt or put down (inferior) you will do something to put the other person down, which in turn has you feel superior. This game is not a good game. It hurts everyone, especially yourself because you are in a defensive position and therefore respond either via a reactive (ego/defensive) stance or just a straight knock down and out get out of my face stance.
I truly have come to believe, that the children and many adults believe this put down behavior is acceptable. So today, when bullying becomes an issue they look at the children, but they are not looking at the base cause - Sit Com TV shows. (This attitude is also repeated in many movies - those ones I don' go see either).
Until we as adults make a stand not to support these kinds of shows and make shows where people respect and honor differences (perhaps that is where Modern Family comes in) then we cannot expect our children to see and know the difference.
I want to see bullying end - no matter if it is children or adults. I want to see us respect and honor each other and support each other in our life journey. We are all different and we need to honor that difference so we can honor ourselves.
Let me know what you think.

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Jorja said...

I think you make an excellent point in this blog re sit coms and their influences. I've never liked or watched most of them but never thought to question why not. I, too, watch the Big Bang Theory sometimes, mostly because I really appreciate Sheldon's sense of humour. I haven't yet checked out Modern Family either, tho' I will now just to see if it really is different from the rest of its genre. I find the popularity of America's Funniest Home Videos very hard to understand. I see so many children (and adults) watching this show and laughing at other people's painful experiences. Baffles me.
Thanks for posting this blog on bullying, very interesting.

Sheryl Ann said...

I totally agree with what you are saying. Also, whilst growing up many of us were told, "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" and so what can we expect?. There were many TV sitcoms I would not let my daughter watch while raising her and at times I would be unhappy as her father then allowed her to; that's the kind of parental action that makes it difficult. I also see messages in the Bachelor/Bachelorette show. I feel it actually teaches me how come the different sexes act the way they do and it has taught me some things to be careful of for sure.
Thank you once again for your wisdom with your Blog. Sheryl Ann