Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mid way through the NZ trip

Here I am in the middle of my NZ trip.  Three Sundays from now I will be flying home.  The family visiting part of my visit is mostly over. Now it is the work section.  Last blog brought you all up to when Norma T. and I were leaving for Tauranga. We had a lovely trip down and we stopped at the Mt. Maunganui beach and Norma T who loves to walk beaches spent some time doing that, while I relaxed lying on the sand. Luckily we did that then, because the next two  days were not pleasant. My niece Raewyn and her husband Dennis allowed us to use their Papamoa house (city next to Tauranga). Dennis arrived in the late afternoon the first day and I suggested we have pizza, and we had great pizza and then watched TV.  I slept very well.
The next day, Norma and I took off to visit a second cousin of mine who I like to visit when I'm there. Berice does my mothers side genealogy and its always great to hear what latest bits she has dug up. Her sister Gayleen joined us and we sat and talked for around three hours, and then it was time to leave to go SHOPPING!!!  My first real day shopping. Stopping for lunch in the mall, and then visiting several shops where I did a minimal bit - couple of tops and tights - and then back to the house to relax as Dennis cooked up a most magnificent lamb dinner.  Oh how good that was.
The third day - Thursday - we were driving back to Matamata to see my sisters one last time and we were staying at my nieces Sheryl's place. Now Norma T got the 'family' full on. We first dropped into my sister Beryl's place, caught up, had a cup of tea and chocolate cookies and then all of us off to see my elder sister Nancy in the 'home' she lives in, which my niece Lynette runs.  Then we went for lunch, stopped to look at some shops and our hostess to be Sheryl found us so more chat and made some arrangements to catch up with her later.
What I have not said this particular day was RAIN. I drove from Papamoa to Matamata in rain, then while we were walking across the street looking at stores it POURED RAIN, I mean tropical type rain and my top was quite soaked just crossing the street. Of course stubborn me won't use an umbrella. So when we got back to Beryl's I took out one of the new tops I bought and changed. Then I was feeling a bit tired so laid down and slept for 2 hours.  Upon waking up it was time to go to the local watering hole to meet up with Sheryl and then drive her home, picking up KFC for us all - Beryl included. That night I did a reading for a friend of Sheryl's, always a delight to 'read'.
I did not sleep well that night so spent a lot of it on the chesterfield in the living room with the TV going, but the next morning Friday - we went and had a big breakfast, and then I drove Norma T to the airport for her to fly back to Brisbane to complete her Australia holiday. She returns to TO end of March.
I was quite tired arriving back at Jan & Mal's, so watched TV for a while and then off to bed.  As my back, hip and leg has become sore and stiff, I decided rather than driving back down to Napier (two day drive for me) I would fly, so booked my flight, and tomorrow will see me fly.  So I have been here, taking it easy, working on my appointments via my Skype phone and just plain Skype.
Sunday, I went and did a workshop for the New Zealand Tarot Guild. It was primarily on Court Cards and I always enjoy imparting a different way of looking at them from the traditional way. Plus it was great to make contact with several I knew from before. Now I am working, resting, sleeping and getting ready for my busy week away. Napier, two groups, one workshop, one lecture and then off to Palmerston North for one group before flying back to Auckland.I want to make sure I am 'good' the whole way.
The sun is coming back out, so will sit out for a short time.  Only a short time because the sun is still very hot when it comes out.  But my arms are tanned and that is good.
Blessings to you all

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