Sunday, February 05, 2012

Back on New Zealand Shores

I must admit I was really nervous about making this long plane trip.  My back still not 100% but the seat had been booked, and thanks to Dr. Ron Rose's wonderful chiropractor skills he felt I was stable enough to do it. Jeannie picked me up at 9.00am and soon I was at our small Penticton airport waiting for the flight to Vancouver. The hour went quite fast and I had a wheel chair waiting for me, that really helps not hauling all the hand luggage through the airports. Rob was there waiting for me and we went back to his place, met up with Melanie then picked the kids up at school and went for lunch at White Spot. Once again I wanted Salad (this is very good) and once we finished eating we went back to Rob and Mel's where I laid down and the kids got to open their Christmas presents.  A bit late, but better late than never. They enjoyed their watches I had for them plus their usual Walt Disney Shares. This time, because I was late they got to see their dividend checks. One day they will truly understand what I'm trying to teach them with the shares and dividends etc.
Then it was time for Rob to take me back to the airport and check in Air NZ. The big flight 14 hours long and my nervous stomach at the thought. Dr.Ron had said I would need to get up and walk often. Luckily we were early enough for the me to have my seat changed to the bulkhead seat.  I got myself settled and it wasn't long before we were in the air and my stomach settled down for the long trip. They fed us quite soon once we were in the air and the first few hours were quite bumpy. I soon did not know a thing. I had taken a sleeping pill, a Tylenol 3 and some other nervine tablets. I was soon asleep. I slept for quite a while, woke up, visited the ladies room, took some more pills and slept some more, waking up as it was time to get ready to eat breakfast and land. I pretty well slept the whole way. Who would believe it, the best trip ever made. I think I've found the answer drug the hell out of yourself
Mal & Jan were there to greet me, and we stopped for them to have breakfast at a beach we frequented when we were kids. I soon realized I was still 'groggy' which I remained for most of the day, but heh I was here, no pain, no trouble.
I am so used to the routine os what to do when I arrive. Early afternoon I had a shower, had sleep and woke up to visit with my nephew Calvin, his wife Kelly and the three kids, Olly, Sam and Bella. All have grown in the last year of course. Slept well last night and so I'm now I'm connected back to the Internet.  The weather was cooler than I was expecting, but the sun is out between showers this am.  I'm giving myself today and tomorrow to get settled. Then I have some phone psychic tarot card readings appointments to do back home (thanks to Skype) and then off to visit my childhood friend Lois who recently became a widow and then onto a cousin's place for some tarot card readings. Back in the saddle again.  Love it.!!!!!
I'm pleased to begin this journey once more.  Keep in touch.
PS  you can contact me through or Skype: norma.cowie also. 

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