Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting Back to Blogging

Here it is over two months since I returned from New Zealand.  I'm finally well enough to sit here and write on my blog. Its been a long two months and its not totally over. But, I'm feeling better and can now expend the energy to type a few words bringing you up todate.
When I arrived back from NZ I was in quite a bit of pain in my arm muscles, leg muscles and unable to lift my arms over my head. I was also just tired out. Through a visit to my Dr and examining how I was with my massage therapist, we came to the conclusion that when I had some hot stone massages while in NZ, they released toxins into my body (which it is meant to do), but because of my travelling I did not drink enough water to help my body clear the toxins and they got stuck in my muscles.  So far that is still the best explanation I have had, which makes sense to me.
I have spent time with the Chiropractor, who helped a lot, and my massage therapist who is 1 hour away from me (so a good friend drove me there and back). One of the reasons for this is because I have not been able to sit for very long. Long enough to service my clients. Long enough to check my emails every day, but mostly I have spent the days lying down. Sleeping was difficult because of the aches and pains, pains especially in my shoulders. But since last Monday I visited a friends massage therapist here in Penticton and she worked with my shoulders in a different way and the pain subsided. Thank goodness, as it helped with my sleep.
During this two months it was also discovered that I was anemic and even with a course of iron pills from the last blood test I still am. So still on iron and other vitamins and minerals. These seem to help me feel a lot better, but not clear the aches and pains. It seemed every time I got to feeling well and had some energy everything came back and it was like I was back in the beginning. The last few days I have been feeling better so let's hope this time it lasts.
Oh yes, seeing I'm going on about my health, three weeks ago the aches and pains in my arms moved down into my wrists and then hands, especially my left one. This meant when I awoke my hands were almost useless for quite a few hours and then as the day went by they got stronger. The last two days my right one seems almost normal, and my left one is sore.  Typing this is certainly a strain for it. I'm sure you can imagine the panic that put into me - my hands - handling tarot cards etc. But I managed.
I thought it was time I began once more to post. For those of you who follow the movie blog I have not been able to sit long enough to go to a movie. I may try one this afternoon - will have to see.
But thanks to many friends who have been sending healing, my health practitioners, hopefully I will be fully mended soon. As it was I have had to cancel everything I had planned. Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver all had to be cancelled I just could no get there plus I did not have the energy to do what I had planned on doing. The only thing I have been doing, as stated is attend to my clients. When the phone rings I'm there. Usually one maybe two clients a day.
I have had some interesting clearing sessions and thoughts lately, so before my left hand totally ceases on me I will stop until next time.
See you soon

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